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[01:08] <stellar-slack> are you guys talking about changing the history chain from a single-link-list to a skip-list?
[06:29] <stellar-slack> testnet just tanked, gonna kick it
[09:57] <stellar-slack> and again. Gonna kick all 3 this time instead of letting #3 try to catch up on its own
[10:47] <stellar-slack> @zealord: Jed is the best source for milestone info. We're working hard to get the stellar-core ready for production which will definitely include additional documentation/information. Is there anything in particular you're looking for?
[11:10] <stellar-slack> i saw few update of stellar-core in public repo in the past weeks and guess there are lot of change in private repo.
[11:11] <stellar-slack> i wonder whether the protocol xdr changed slightly from public repo or not.
[12:05] <stellar-slack> @lab: there’s no private repo for stellar-core itself. But all dev is done on personal forks. Looks like jed’s had most of the activity over the past couple days. There’s also been a bit of work happening on other repos, https://github.com/stellar/stellar_core_commander/pull/5 for example
[14:35] <stellar-slack> lab: yeah it isn't a skip list exactly. but it is links back into the past: https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/issues/458
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