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[17:53] <stellar-slack> @monsieurnicolas: and @graydon you guys fine with: 5 min 6 hours 3 days 2 months for the skip list?
[17:54] <stellar-slack> I think so. I wouldn't mind making it 5 or 6 entries as well if you want a bigger safety/speed margin
[18:02] <stellar-slack> and do you guys really care if this is a power of 2. we could just say the points are: 50 5000 50000 and 1M ledgers back
[18:02] <stellar-slack> that gives us roughly the above times
[18:48] <stellar-slack> @monsieurnicolas: and @graydon I made a PR with the above offsets. lmk if you want them to be different
[18:50] <stellar-slack> I don't care enough to argue it, no. there's a little systems programmer in me that winces every time I see % instead of & and I will give him a cookie and tell him to forget about it. someone else will complain later but w/e.
[18:52] <stellar-slack> yeah & would be nicer but powers of 2 don't align quite as well and I think it will be better to know where the marks are in human terms. every 1M ledgers or every 50k ledgers for example
[18:53] <stellar-slack> *shrug* it's fine
[18:53] <stellar-slack> donovan: do you have an opinion?
[18:56] <stellar-slack> I guess I’d be more tempted to keep *all* the ledger hashes either in a database with indexes, or a file, with fixed length entries so that any ledger hash can be retrieved very quickly. I guess it depends largely on for how many years you can imagine a system will be running for :)
[18:57] <stellar-slack> we do keep them around on the nodes, in their sql stores. this is a question of what gets written to the authenticated data structure.
[18:57] <stellar-slack> the long term, hashed history chain
[18:58] <stellar-slack> The idea being that if you have a distant hash contributing to the current ledger hash, it is more certifiably correct?
[19:00] <stellar-slack> Three problems I suppose: Integrity of the ledger and fast navigation of the ledger with and without indexes.
[23:13] <stellar-slack> yeah
[23:13] <stellar-slack> it's to speed up distant verification and to add a level of integrity protection against a break in the history chain
[23:13] <stellar-slack> they had it in ripple and I thought it was weird when I first saw it but after david explained it I think it's worth reproducing here
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