Logged Conversation (all times UTC)
[02:39] <matschaffer> sync test
[02:39] <stellar-slack> emoji test :thumbsup:
[02:40] <matschaffer> (
[02:41] <Kwelstr> thumbsup or down? haha
[02:42] <matschaffer> definitely down
[02:43] <stellar-slack> :thumbsdown:
[02:43] <Kwelstr> heh
[02:43] <stellar-slack> :(
[02:43] <stellar-slack> ok, so that works. the list of supported emoji is kinda short
[02:44] <stellar-slack> <3
[02:44] <Kwelstr> but it was working before
[02:44] <Kwelstr> it does not need the extra emoji support?
[02:45] <Kwelstr> stellar-slack> :quorum_disjoint:
[02:45] <Kwelstr> :smile:
[02:45] <Kwelstr> next up: the SCP white paper as told by emoji
[02:45] <Kwelstr> David would love that :stuck_out_tongue:
[02:45] <Kwelstr> OMG
[02:45] <Kwelstr> :quorum_disjoint: = :cry:
[02:45] <Kwelstr> :quorum_intersection: = :sunglasses:
[02:45] <Kwelstr> :smiling_imp: (bad actor) + :quorum_intersection: still = :sunglasses:
[02:45] <Kwelstr> that is from before the list was added
[02:46] <stellar-slack> sync test
[02:46] <matschaffer> Kwelstr: those bits will still work
[02:46] <matschaffer> I think the idea is to swap some stuff like :smile: for the more common :)
[02:46] <Kwelstr> uhm, I see
[02:46] <stellar-slack> :) <3 :hear_no_evil:
[02:47] <matschaffer> like that
[02:47] <matschaffer> k, working again
[02:47] <Kwelstr> the old IRC yay!
[02:49] <matschaffer> test from irc
[02:49] <stellar-slack> test from slack
[02:49] <stellar-slack> okay, yeah. Seems to be lagging just a touch
[02:50] <stellar-slack> not too bad though. Hopefully will clear up. Guess what’s what you get on heroku demo dynos
[02:50] <Kwelstr> it's good enough
[02:50] <stellar-slack> agreed
[02:50] <stellar-slack> thanks for helping test it
[02:50] <stellar-slack> :)
[04:26] <stellar-slack> maybe we can redirect :lt3: to <3
[04:56] <stellar-slack> irisli: if martin picks up https://github.com/ekmartin/slack-irc/issues/35, should be pretty easy, but pretty sure it’s gonna need some sorta patch to how the translations are loaded
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