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[04:34] <stellar-slack> here are some crypto challenges a friend recommended to me: http://cryptopals.com/
[04:36] <stellar-slack> hey @connorleech :simple_smile: wow, this is great - love that it's for complete beginners to crypto
[05:24] <stellar-slack> it gets advanced rather quickly
[12:36] <stellar-slack> Could someone please provide an example stellar-core.cfg file that works out the box? Using the latest master I can’t sync an get the following repeated entries in the log:
[12:36] <stellar-slack> ```2015-05-21T13:32:02.981 b4b42b [139676393289536] [Ledger] INFO Catchup awaiting checkpoint (ETA: 10 seconds), buffering close of ledger 60944
[12:36] <stellar-slack> 2015-05-21T13:32:07.975 b4b42b [139676393289536] [Ledger] INFO Got consensus: [seq=60945, prev=9400f8, time=1432211527, txs=0, txhash=8dad5e, fee=10]
[12:36] <stellar-slack> 2015-05-21T13:32:07.975 b4b42b [139676393289536] [Ledger] INFO Catchup awaiting checkpoint (ETA: 5 seconds), buffering close of ledger 60945
[12:36] <stellar-slack> 2015-05-21T13:32:12.978 b4b42b [139676393289536] [Ledger] INFO Got consensus: [seq=60946, prev=214e93, time=1432211532, txs=0, txhash=15a8d1, fee=10]
[12:36] <stellar-slack> 2015-05-21T13:32:12.978 b4b42b [139676393289536] [Ledger] INFO Catchup awaiting checkpoint (ETA: 0 seconds), buffering close of ledger 60946
[12:36] <stellar-slack> 2015-05-21T13:32:13.082 b4b42b [139676393289536] [History] WARN Unable to anchor, restarting catchup
[12:36] <stellar-slack> 2015-05-21T13:32:13.082 b4b42b [139676393289536] [History] INFO Catchup BEGIN, initLedger=60868, guessed nextLedger=60928, anchor checkpoint=60927
[12:36] <stellar-slack> % Total % Received % Xferd Average Speed Time Time Time Current
[12:36] <stellar-slack> Dload Upload Total Spent Left Speed
[12:36] <stellar-slack> 100 373 100 373 0 0 1101 0 --:--:-- --:--:-- --:--:-- 1103
[12:36] <stellar-slack> 2015-05-21T13:32:13.429 b4b42b [139676393289536] [History] WARN Exception loading: tmp/history-fdba1140057bbb10/stellar-stellar-history.json
[12:36] <stellar-slack> 2015-05-21T13:32:13.429 b4b42b [139676393289536] [History] WARN History archive 'stellar', hasn't yet received checkpoint 60927, retrying catchup
[12:36] <stellar-slack> 2015-05-21T13:32:13.429 b4b42b [139676393289536] [History] WARN Catchup pausing for 390 seconds, until 2015-05-21T12:38:43Z
[12:36] <stellar-slack> 2015-05-21T13:32:17.985 b4b42b [139676393289536] [Ledger] INFO Got consensus: [seq=60947, prev=c266b8, time=1432211537, txs=0, txhash=a9be37, fee=10]
[12:36] <stellar-slack> 2015-05-21T13:32:17.986 b4b42b [139676393289536] [Ledger] INFO Catchup awaiting checkpoint (ETA: 0 seconds), buffering close of ledger 60947```
[12:36] <stellar-slack> I’m also confused by the relative TMP_DIR_PATH:
[12:36] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/src/main/Config.cpp#L40
[12:47] <stellar-slack> donovan: have you looked at https://github.com/stellar/vagrant-examples ?
[12:47] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/vagrant-examples/tree/master/single-peer has the steps for building & connecting to SDF testnet
[12:47] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/vagrant-examples/tree/master/full-network for a full private network
[12:48] <stellar-slack> it’s all bash so you don’t need to run it if you’re not interested in vagrant. But that covers the steps & config
[12:48] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/vagrant-examples/blob/master/scripts/configure_sdf_peer.sh#L15 for example
[12:49] <stellar-slack> or https://github.com/stellar/vagrant-examples/blob/master/scripts/configure_private_peer.rb#L21 - ruby actually for that one just cause of all the keylookup and whatnot for the other nodes
[12:49] <stellar-slack> it got pretty gnarly in bash
[12:49] <stellar-slack> Thanks, I don’t use vagrant and just want a plain old linux to work :simple_smile:
[12:49] <stellar-slack> I can’t spot any differences between:
[12:49] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/vagrant-examples/blob/master/scripts/configure_sdf_peer.sh#L16-L60
[12:49] <stellar-slack> and
[12:49] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/docs/stellar-core_example.cfg
[12:49] <stellar-slack> Am I missing something?
[12:50] <stellar-slack> what sha are you on? jed mentioned earlier that master was only back to working as of like yesterday
[12:50] <stellar-slack> I haven’t vetted the latest master myself yet
[12:50] <stellar-slack> been firefighting
[12:50] <stellar-slack> 0553effc694f82d3e4403b70c5f53d1b4584e17d
[12:52] <stellar-slack> Oh wait, it seems to have found some history now, guess you just have to leave it running for some minutes before the s3 url gets something to share...
[12:52] <stellar-slack> Still, a plain and simple config in the docs directory for running against testnet without commented out lines would be a great help :simple_smile:
[12:55] <stellar-slack> ```sqlite> select count(*) from LedgerHeaders;
[12:55] <stellar-slack> 103
[12:55] <stellar-slack> sqlite> select count(*) from Accounts;
[12:55] <stellar-slack> 68
[12:55] <stellar-slack> sqlite> select count(*) from txhistory;
[12:55] <stellar-slack> 0```
[12:55] <stellar-slack> How do you get hold of the full history?
[12:56] <stellar-slack> add `CATCHUP_COMPLETE=true` I believe
[12:56] <stellar-slack> docs required :simple_smile:
[12:56] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/docs/stellar-core_example.cfg
[13:01] <stellar-slack> To say the least
[13:07] <stellar-slack> `CATCHUP_COMPLETE` doesn’t seem to have triggered any catchup behaviour.
[13:08] <stellar-slack> fwiw 0.0.1-97-0553effc doesn’t wanna stay in sync for me either https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/stellar/stellar-core so my bet’s on master not working atm
[13:09] <stellar-slack> or at least not entirely working
[13:10] <stellar-slack> Well, I suppose the question is if it’s actually worth testing stellar-core out yet? Don’t want to waste my time banging my head if it’s not ready :simple_smile:
[13:11] <stellar-slack> if you want to get your hands into the code go for it, but it’s still too early to expect anything that “just works"
[13:12] <stellar-slack> I kind of want to get my hands deep into the data and not the code. No data, no fun :simple_smile:
[13:12] <stellar-slack> yeah, we reset data pretty regularly still so I wouldn’t do anything too interesting with it
[13:13] <stellar-slack> Well, it’s not the actual data, as such, but the format of the data. If I can’t get a full db, there’s not much point yet...
[13:14] <stellar-slack> you can confirm the sync behavior once the rest of the core folks are online (shouldn’t be long now) - but it sounds to me like it’s early for what you’re trying to do with it
[13:15] <stellar-slack> I’m thrilled when the nodes actually talk to each other right now. Full data would be mind-blowing
[18:04] <stellar-slack> Interesting feature of rethinkdb is change feeds:
[18:04] <stellar-slack> http://rethinkdb.com/docs/changefeeds/python/
[18:04] <stellar-slack> Similar to the problem of how to deal with streaming all the changes to account state after a ledger closes.
[18:06] <stellar-slack> :+1: I’ve been really meaning to do a project with rethinkdb, and one of the big reasons is changefeeds
[18:07] <stellar-slack> Haven’t used it all, but that is a killer feature :simple_smile:
[20:26] <bittrex-richie> sigh.. SFD servesr gone wonky again?
[22:31] <stellar-slack> richie: yeah bringing it back up now. The other issue was fixed. and we know what went wrong here so hopefully it will be smooth after this
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