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[03:00] <stellar-slack> hey @sungwon , @denis , @some1else , @ddmirolli , @ivanico , @thsigit , @kapziel , and @ama here's the first draft of my gateway integration guide. feel free to leave comments on it or feedback here. there is still plenty to add, but I feel like this is a good start. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JD9Mpo6xI-AfOU6fA3yJ_7BVWh0M7QxIiaoOn-e3wPs/edit#
[05:24] <stellar-slack> hi core team guys, is there a way to disable master key?
[05:27] <stellar-slack> set its weight to 0
[05:28] <stellar-slack> by default the master key's weight is 1, and all threshold levels are 0.
[05:30] <stellar-slack> well you set the weight required anything to >0
[05:30] <stellar-slack> by default everything is at 0
[05:31] <stellar-slack> it must be (signing weight) must be >= threshold
[05:32] <stellar-slack> @jed i thought the weight for the master key was initially 1
[05:32] <stellar-slack> in the database, all new accounts have this as the value for thresholds: 01000000
[05:41] <stellar-slack> hmm maybe nicolas changed it
[05:41] <stellar-slack> That’s awesome, I never could figure out how to disable the master key in stellard. I’m guessing it wasn’t possible
[05:42] <stellar-slack> @dzham: https://www.stellar.org/api/#api-accountset
[05:43] <stellar-slack> well, IIRC the flag was never propagated into the ledger flags
[05:43] <stellar-slack> there was some masking going on
[05:44] <stellar-slack> so if we change thresholds to 00010101, then master key is disable, right?
[05:44] <stellar-slack> si
[05:45] <stellar-slack> ok thats right it is: (signing weight) must be > threshold
[05:45] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/strllar/stellar-core/blob/master/src/transactions/TransactionFrame.cpp#L136
[05:47] <stellar-slack> make a PR. cause that is wrong :)
[05:47] <stellar-slack> it's ">=" now, so 00000000 won't stale an account.
[05:48] <stellar-slack> jed: if initially 0, and ">" the account will be an orphan account. so, which one is designed?
[05:52] <stellar-slack> master should start at 1
[05:52] <stellar-slack> it dos this now. andrew was right
[06:04] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/pull/506
[06:13] <stellar-slack> another question, what is "TransactionFrame::checkAllSignaturesUsed()" for?
[06:14] <stellar-slack> isn't 2-in-3 signing allowed?
[07:23] <stellar-slack> yeah that just ensures that all the sigs attached to the tx are used
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