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[16:00] <stellar-slack> @donovan: with some newly earned go chops, I’ve worked up a little proof of concept patch to go-xdr that has enum, union and optional field support. https://github.com/nullstyle/go-xdr/tree/more-support. Thoughts on it would be appreciated.
[16:08] <stellar-slack> @scott looks interesting :simple_smile: Things to consider in writing and adding to the tests: A Go struct can have embedded structs and things can get a bit complicated when reflecting over them. Also, you probably still want to test for a struct pointer as well, for the optional case.
[16:09] <stellar-slack> Might be worth opening an issue on the source repository. Dave at Conformal has always been very open to ideas when I’ve spoken to him before :simple_smile: He might have some more useful thoughts than me :simple_smile:
[16:11] <stellar-slack> The `Union` interface could do with some explanatory documentation
[16:21] <stellar-slack> Yeah, I’ll definitely be adding docs (and updating tests) as I work on it. I’m curious about your knowledge on the embedding of structs: My understanding was that embedded structs were just another field according to the runtime… that they are basically syntax sugar. Have any good material I can read?
[16:22] <stellar-slack> I’ll definitely be reaching out to Dave as the code gets into a better shape. This was just a POC hacked out while I watched tv last night :simple_smile:
[16:46] <stellar-slack> ```type Inner struct{}
[16:46] <stellar-slack> type Outer struct {
[16:46] <stellar-slack> Inner // Anonymous embedded struct
[16:46] <stellar-slack> Inner Inner // Named embedded struct
[16:46] <stellar-slack> }```
[16:47] <stellar-slack> Can get a big confusing, probably worth having a look at the json package to understand the implications:
[16:47] <stellar-slack> http://golang.org/pkg/encoding/json/#Marshal
[18:23] <stellar-slack> splitting payment PR https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/pull/494 @scott @andrew please take a look at the xdr in particular if it looks like you imagined
[18:25] <stellar-slack> @monsieurnicolas: in the case of path payment, if there is an offer for sendCurrency/destCurrency on the books, is a path necessary?
[18:27] <stellar-slack> path can be size 0, it still needs to use the order book to match the source and destination currencies (if they don't match)
[18:27] <stellar-slack> okay
[18:28] <stellar-slack> thanks @monsieurnicolas , I’ll check it out now
[18:30] <stellar-slack> looks delicious :simple_smile:
[18:30] <stellar-slack> very straightforward to me
[18:31] <stellar-slack> cool
[18:39] <stellar-slack> scott also my changes to make make the min max by Time rather than ledger # are in
[18:51] <stellar-slack> roger that. I’ll work on updating horizon, etc. after they’re all on master
[22:35] <stellar-slack> reving the testnet
[22:46] <stellar-slack> ruby libraries/horizon about 60% updated. I’ll rev them when complete
[22:55] <eldoleo> hello all
[23:12] <stellar-slack> @jed: it’s going to take me a little bit longer to update horizon… the importer is failing in some weird way. I’ll work on it when I get home
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