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[01:10] <stellar-slack> Does Stellar still have the InvoiceID field?
[01:11] <stellar-slack> hey @mj, stellar now includes a "memo" field in the transaction which can be used in several ways.
[01:11] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/src/xdr/Stellar-transaction.x#L179
[01:12] <stellar-slack> I'm doing something with micropayments
[01:12] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/mjethani/swim/wiki/Simple-Web-Micropayments
[01:13] <stellar-slack> And I have reference implementations for Bitcoin and Ripple
[01:13] <stellar-slack> there can be 1) no memo, 2) a 32 byte hash, 3) a 64bit int, 4) up to a 32 byte string
[01:13] <stellar-slack> For Ripple, I use the InvoiceID field, and I'm wondering if I could do the same with Stellar
[01:13] <stellar-slack> Basically I need to embed a 256-bit value in the transaction
[01:14] <stellar-slack> yeah you do that with the memo
[01:16] <stellar-slack> So I set the type to MEMO_TYPE_HASH?
[01:16] <stellar-slack> we have a js-stellar-lib, see http://stellar.github.io/js-stellar-lib/docs/TransactionBuilder.html
[01:16] <stellar-slack> it wil build the xdr for you
[01:17] <stellar-slack> Thanks, I'm going to try this out
[01:18] <stellar-slack> please let us know if you have questions or run into any issues we're here to help
[01:22] <stellar-slack> I posted this to Reddit a few days ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/35cnaz/simple_web_micropayments/
[01:22] <stellar-slack> If anyone has any feedback, I'd love to hear it
[01:24] <stellar-slack> I'm looking for a lightweight way to tie the server's Stellar account to its SSL identity
[01:25] <stellar-slack> So if a message is signed with http://example.com|example.com's Stellar key, you know it's from http://example.com|example.com
[01:38] <stellar-slack> yeah it seems like a really cool idea @mj.
[01:38] <stellar-slack> for stellar pub key => ssl identity, check out the ongoing discussion here https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/issues/479
[01:59] <stellar-slack> What does homeDomain mean right now? It means an account *claims* that it owns a certain domain?
[02:02] <stellar-slack> yeah, homeDomain is the field on the account you'll use to look up the memo's hash
[02:03] <stellar-slack> the homeDomain field is a domain name string
[02:04] <stellar-slack> So homeDomain is a claim that by the account that it owns a domain, and what you're proposing is that the claim be verified using the domain's SSL certificate somehow?
[02:08] <stellar-slack> yes that is the general idea, allow the owner of a stellar account to tie their stellar address to their ssl public key
[02:09] <stellar-slack> And this will be recorded in the ledger?
[02:10] <stellar-slack> So I can look up the ledger and I know that on this date this Stellar account and this domain name were linked
[02:10] <stellar-slack> And that's valid for a certain amount of time
[02:10] <stellar-slack> right, that's the idea. but i haven't thought through it enough to come up with a reasonable implementation plan at this point
[02:12] <stellar-slack> yeah ideally there'd be some expiration date in the ledger for the domain
[02:13] <stellar-slack> to prove they own the ssl key, we could just have them provide a signature of their stellar address with the ssl private key
[02:13] <stellar-slack> This is exactly what I'm looking for
[02:13] <stellar-slack> I'll keep an eye on that discussion
[02:14] <stellar-slack> If they're serving the stellar.txt over HTTPS with that certificate, then you know they own the SSL key
[02:15] <stellar-slack> So what entity is going to do the verification, the Stellar daemon? When a new account is created?
[02:16] <stellar-slack> no homeDomian isn't yours it would be the domain of your gateway or whoever does your federation service
[02:16] <stellar-slack> I see, so homeDomain would be, for example, http://stellar.org|stellar.org
[02:16] <stellar-slack> yeah
[02:17] <stellar-slack> For mailto:example@stellar.org|example@stellar.org
[02:17] <stellar-slack> Right
[02:17] <stellar-slack> yep
[02:21] <stellar-slack> right so home domain is used for federation
[02:25] <stellar-slack> My use case is this: http://example.com|example.com promises to serve you https://example.com/premium/content if you pay 1 STR to its Stellar address in the next 10 days
[02:25] <stellar-slack> And this statement is signed with http://example.com|example.com's Stellar key
[02:26] <stellar-slack> Now there must be a way to verify that the Stellar address does indeed belong to http://example.com|example.com
[02:26] <stellar-slack> Alternatively, the statement could be signed with http://example.com|example.com's SSL key
[02:29] <stellar-slack> signing with the stellar address (if possible to verify the link from domain => stellar address in the ledger) provides a stronger guarantee of security. for instance if http://example.com|example.com is compromised, it could return a bogus payment address to the customers
[02:32] <stellar-slack> mj: why doesn't http://example.com|example.com just tell you its address right there on the site like send to: pay*http://example.com|example.com this would be verified by http://example.com|example.com
[02:35] <stellar-slack> No, http://example.com|example.com does give you its address, and you know its valid because you're accessing this over HTTPS
[02:36] <stellar-slack> but why doesn't it?
[02:36] <stellar-slack> But later if you make a payment and http://example.com|example.com reneges on its promise to give you the content you paid for, then you need proof that it had made the promise in the first place
[02:39] <stellar-slack> So the client needs to store a JSON object that's signed with the server's Stellar key (linked to its domain) or its SSL key
[02:49] <stellar-slack> e.g. you click on a link that's supposed to be the latest Avengers movie, and they're asking for 100 STR for it (behind a 402 Payment Required page). If you pay, you get to download the movie.
[02:49] <stellar-slack> What I want is that if you pay and you don't get the movie, you can publish proof that this server is a fraud. You have a signed statement.
[02:49] <stellar-slack> You also have proof that you've made a payment against this statement (the memo field).
[02:57] <stellar-slack> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsA3c_-UrlI
[02:59] <stellar-slack> :smile: :+1:
[03:00] <stellar-slack> what the client needs is a signed {address, payment amount, url} with the address' private key
[03:01] <stellar-slack> why does the server's stellar key need to be linked to the server's domain in this case?
[03:46] <stellar-slack> you want to be able to 1) prove that the server controlled that stellar address, and 2) provide the signature for the JSON object that promised content for payment.
[04:17] <stellar-slack> A signature with the Stellar key doesn't say anything about the server's domain unless the key is linked to the domain
[04:19] <stellar-slack> If I gave you a Stellar signature and said that this belongs to http://example.com|example.com, I would also have to prove it
[04:19] <stellar-slack> what benefit do you see to signing with the stellar key vs signing with the ssl key?
[04:20] <stellar-slack> Stellar signature is smaller for one
[04:20] <stellar-slack> And the Stellar address is already included in the payment request
[04:21] <stellar-slack> With the SSL key, I would have to include a huge signature and also the entire certificate chain
[04:21] <stellar-slack> And I am trying to do this with HTTP headers
[04:21] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/mjethani/swim/wiki/Simple-Web-Micropayments
[05:01] <stellar-slack> So I had this other question about the http://stellar.org|stellar.org wallet
[05:02] <stellar-slack> I have this thing called 1cent: http://mjethani.github.io/1cent
[05:03] <stellar-slack> You spend a minute or more on a page, and if the page has a Bitcoin address, your browser-based wallet (Chrome extension) automatically makes a $0.01 donation to that address
[05:03] <stellar-slack> Drive-by donations
[05:04] <stellar-slack> This is a way to reward small publishers, but without having to think about it
[05:04] <stellar-slack> You just refill your wallet and forget about it
[05:04] <stellar-slack> Now with the Bitcoin version we're dealing with keys, and I don't want to that with Stellar
[05:06] <stellar-slack> In the Stellar version, the user just enters a username and a passphrase, and the client downloads the wallet from http://stellar.org|stellar.org and uses it to make the donations
[05:06] <stellar-slack> No keys
[05:06] <stellar-slack> Is this the right way to do it?
[05:08] <stellar-slack> wow, this is also really cool
[05:09] <stellar-slack> I think micropayments are going kill the online ad industry :simple_smile:
[05:09] <stellar-slack> Or at least that's what I hope :smile:
[05:09] <stellar-slack> i think our official policy on fetching http://stellar.org|stellar.org wallets on behalf of users is "discouraged"
[05:09] <stellar-slack> I see
[05:09] <stellar-slack> this is to avoid phishing.
[05:09] <stellar-slack> So right now the best way then is to generate a new address for the built-in donation wallet and ask the user to transfer a small amount to it
[05:10] <stellar-slack> yeah
[05:10] <stellar-slack> Like 100 STR, for example
[05:10] <stellar-slack> exactly
[05:10] <stellar-slack> You know any popular API for getting the exchange rate between USD and STR?
[05:10] <stellar-slack> http://stellarvalue.org|stellarvalue.org
[05:11] <stellar-slack> Excellent
[05:11] <stellar-slack> http://www.stellarvalue.org/?c=strusd5000
[05:11] <stellar-slack> er, i thought that was consumable json
[05:11] <stellar-slack> yeah just gonna have to hit their endpoint directly
[05:11] <stellar-slack> I used to get it from Justcoin until it went down
[05:12] <stellar-slack> https://twitter.com/strprice
[05:13] <stellar-slack> so you've integrated stellar before
[05:13] <stellar-slack> Yeah, a little bit
[05:13] <stellar-slack> But I want to do more now
[05:13] <stellar-slack> That was just a simple script
[05:14] <stellar-slack> awesome, have you got stellar core up and running?
[05:14] <stellar-slack> I'm running this too: https://twitter.com/coinfaucet
[05:14] <stellar-slack> No, I don't have Stellar core running, and that's the thing ... can I do it on EC2?
[05:14] <stellar-slack> Like, you know, the free instance
[05:15] <stellar-slack> @mj oh the faucet was you? cool :simple_smile:
[05:15] <stellar-slack> Yeah, but nobody uses it :smile:
[05:16] <stellar-slack> @mj did you get a lot back at launch?
[05:16] <stellar-slack> I mean people are getting free stellars, but nobody contributes to it
[05:16] <stellar-slack> *points twitter botnet at faucet*
[05:16] <stellar-slack> ohhhh
[05:16] <stellar-slack> hah
[05:16] <stellar-slack> It was just me and one other guy who contributed
[05:16] <stellar-slack> Anyway, as long as it's there :simple_smile:
[05:16] <stellar-slack> Nobody has pointed any botnet to it
[05:17] <stellar-slack> @eva: I got like 5,000 STR
[05:17] <stellar-slack> Which is a lot now :simple_smile:
[05:17] <stellar-slack> yeah!
[05:18] <stellar-slack> Yeah, so obviously that's my retirement money :smile:
[05:18] <stellar-slack> heh
[05:18] <stellar-slack> clearly
[05:18] <stellar-slack> @mj so i think the use of the 402 payment required header is pretty awesome
[05:18] <stellar-slack> have you got any websites integrating it yet?
[05:19] <stellar-slack> is it still under development? whats the status
[05:19] <stellar-slack> I just announced it on Reddit last weekend (Friday night)
[05:19] <stellar-slack> I don't think anyone is ready to use it (it totally works though, just as a proof of concept)
[05:20] <stellar-slack> And a lot of it needs to be thought through properly
[05:20] <stellar-slack> I didn't even know about BIP-70 https://github.com/bitcoin/bips/blob/master/bip-0070.mediawiki
[05:20] <stellar-slack> So my thing is kind of almost exactly like BIP-70, which makes it redundant to Bitcoiners
[05:21] <stellar-slack> But what I've made is currency agnostic
[05:21] <stellar-slack> It can work with Stellar and Ripple too
[05:21] <stellar-slack> And it's specifically for micropayments
[05:23] <stellar-slack> maybe you can make it BIP-70 compliant while still supporting stellar/ripple
[05:23] <stellar-slack> Yeah, I was thinking that too
[05:23] <stellar-slack> the cool thing about the stellar use case is sending in other currencies like USD
[05:25] <stellar-slack> Yeah
[05:25] <stellar-slack> So the server doesn't need to care about Stellar at all
[05:26] <stellar-slack> I mean as long as they have a Stellar account and they accept USD at that address, then they can just start making USD by selling premium content
[05:26] <stellar-slack> They don't really care about STR volatility and all that
[05:27] <stellar-slack> exactly
[05:27] <stellar-slack> The thing is, you shouldn't have to sit throught a 10-second YouTube ad because that's the only way Google knows how to monetize YouTube
[05:29] <stellar-slack> i would GLADLY pay a penny to skip youtube ads
[05:30] <stellar-slack> but that kind of canabalizes Google's entire revenue stream right?
[05:30] <stellar-slack> Exactly
[05:31] <stellar-slack> I don't know what it does to Google's revenue stream per se, but at least paying should be an option
[05:32] <stellar-slack> so you've got the http micropayments, the drive by donations..have you written a tip jar?
[05:32] <stellar-slack> People have written off micropayments because there's friction
[05:33] <stellar-slack> It has to be frictionless
[05:33] <stellar-slack> No, I want to make a Donate button
[05:33] <stellar-slack> Like you just embed this button on your page (say below each blog post), and anyone who has the browser plug-in just has to click on it
[05:33] <stellar-slack> Like clicking on the Facebook Like button
[05:34] <stellar-slack> You set up your wallet once, and then you can keep donating to websites you like
[05:34] <stellar-slack> Just one click
[05:34] <stellar-slack> The amount is always fixed: 1 cent.
[05:34] <stellar-slack> regarding friction, i think the biggest part of that friction is first of all HAVING a cryptocurrency wallet to pay these channels
[05:34] <stellar-slack> True
[05:35] <stellar-slack> my ideal scenario is: 1) i see a donate button on a site, 2) i click that button, 3) a wallet is created for me automatically and funded with 10 cents to give me 9 more tips
[05:36] <stellar-slack> facebook auth
[05:36] <stellar-slack> Hmm ... so that gets you started
[05:36] <stellar-slack> if they've got the facebook cookie
[05:36] <stellar-slack> Right
[05:36] <stellar-slack> yeah, as the tip button creator, you've gotta pay that small cost (like your faucet) to get people on board with ZERO friction
[05:37] <stellar-slack> one click, done
[05:37] <stellar-slack> This is a good idea
[05:37] <stellar-slack> And there should be a profile page where you can see what sites you've donated to (and optionally make that information public)
[05:37] <stellar-slack> the facebook auth dialog is another click, but perhaps you can at first just make it cookie based
[05:37] <stellar-slack> just to spread it
[05:37] <stellar-slack> Right
[05:38] <stellar-slack> And you earn badges
[05:38] <stellar-slack> Like, you know, if you donate a lot, you earn a gold badge or something
[05:39] <stellar-slack> So that way you have an incentive to do it, I mean to show off to your friends, etc.
[05:39] <stellar-slack> that's good, and that ties into the next step: focus on the viral. make it stupid easy to "tip" their facebook friends, if you've got their fb auth token
[05:40] <stellar-slack> they tip there friend, and a wallet is automatically created with that tip, redeemable for their friends facebook auth token
[05:41] <stellar-slack> So that's like ChangeTip ... sort of?
[05:41] <stellar-slack> You tip first, and they can collect their tip if they create an account
[05:42] <stellar-slack> sort of, but i don't like change tip's design, too much friction. anyway its just an idea to spread the app
[05:42] <stellar-slack> Yeah
[05:43] <stellar-slack> its the classic chicken and egg problem. you've got to get websites to use the 402 header/drive by tip/donate button, but they won't put in the time for that unless there's users actually tipping them.
[05:44] <stellar-slack> It can start with a meta tag
[05:44] <stellar-slack> Adding a meta tag doesn't cost anything
[05:44] <stellar-slack> although the incentive to get paid weighs heavily on the content creator, thus tipping the balance in that direction, so i think you're going with the right approach: stupid easy to integrate into the website
[05:44] <stellar-slack> And it might earn you some money
[05:44] <stellar-slack> exactly, focusing on the integrators first
[05:44] <stellar-slack> A Donate button takes up real estate, so that's a decision one has to make
[05:44] <stellar-slack> But meta tag is easy
[05:45] <stellar-slack> yes it is. but it also relies on the user to install a browser extension correct?
[05:45] <stellar-slack> Yes
[05:46] <stellar-slack> So some people may add the Donate button, which will get users to install the extension, which will turn incentivize the meta-taggers to upgrade to a Donate button
[05:48] <stellar-slack> yeah im just not sure _why_ the users will install the extension
[05:48] <stellar-slack> You can't pay without the extension
[05:49] <stellar-slack> streaming sites.
[05:49] <stellar-slack> chan131.so
[05:49] <stellar-slack> At least as far as I know, you have two options: (1) display a Stellar address (QR code) and the user pays to that address using the http://stellar.org|stellar.org wallet, or (2) if the extension is installed, the user pays using the built-in wallet (which is one click)
[05:49] <stellar-slack> http://firstrowsports.eu|firstrowsports.eu
[05:50] <stellar-slack> these are sites that let you stream sports or tv or movies
[05:50] <stellar-slack> http://movie4k.to|movie4k.to
[05:50] <stellar-slack> they would for sure integrate the pay button
[05:50] <stellar-slack> and people would for sure pay 1cent
[05:50] <stellar-slack> that's your niche
[05:50] <stellar-slack> right there
[05:52] <stellar-slack> I think people would pay 1 cent on a lot many more sites
[05:53] <stellar-slack> Blogs, for example
[05:54] <stellar-slack> voluntarily? maybe. paywall? not sure if blogs want paywalls.
[05:54] <stellar-slack> No, voluntarily
[05:54] <stellar-slack> It's like clicking the Like button
[05:54] <stellar-slack> 1 cent is nothing
[05:54] <stellar-slack> Plus you're building a social profile
[05:55] <stellar-slack> true, but i read hundreds of blog articles a week, read the first few paragraphs, move on and don't click anything.
[05:55] <stellar-slack> now the gamification part, there might be something there..
[05:55] <stellar-slack> Sure, but sometimes you share it on Twitter, and sometimes you save it to your http://del.icio.us|del.icio.us
[05:56] <stellar-slack> So sometimes you would click on Donate button
[05:56] <stellar-slack> But who knows, you never know what works
[05:56] <stellar-slack> indeed you do not
[05:56] <stellar-slack> well, at least the friction needs to go
[05:56] <stellar-slack> starting with getting the user that wallet in the quickest way possible
[05:57] <stellar-slack> i think a simple cookie based solution would work really well for the short term, they can start tipping real money immediately
[05:57] <stellar-slack> once they run out, "connect with facebook" for another $25 cents
[05:58] <stellar-slack> So you're saying to do this even without a proper Facebook OAuth?
[05:58] <stellar-slack> yeah why not
[05:58] <stellar-slack> Right ... a hack
[05:58] <stellar-slack> Yeah, why not
[05:58] <stellar-slack> sure, but lets assume that you only put up 1000 stellars initially
[05:58] <stellar-slack> you said it yourself, no one pointed a botnet at your twitter faucet
[05:59] <stellar-slack> No, no one did
[05:59] <stellar-slack> not because people can't, but because it's not worth it
[05:59] <stellar-slack> I mean it's so easy :simple_smile:
[05:59] <stellar-slack> Exactly
[05:59] <stellar-slack> such a small amount would let you fly under the radar of the hackers, but get people to start using your button with a single click
[06:00] <stellar-slack> giving you a great initial user base, and a test bed to expiriment
[06:00] <stellar-slack> Yeah, I know
[06:01] <stellar-slack> anyway, just food for thought :simple_smile:
[06:02] <stellar-slack> Yeah, definitely, gotta experiment with that one
[06:02] <stellar-slack> Do you know any good designers around here?
[06:02] <stellar-slack> Say I want to create a pretty-looking Donate button
[06:02] <stellar-slack> If there's anyone I could partner with
[06:02] <stellar-slack> I mean this is all experimental open source stuff
[06:04] <stellar-slack> hmm not sure, but feel free to post to facebook. you know I really liked the flattr donate button http://blog.flattr.net/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/flattr-button-example.png
[06:04] <stellar-slack> but thought it could use a bit more money theming
[06:05] <stellar-slack> like little yellow coins pilling up
[06:05] <stellar-slack> https://www.barnsley.gov.uk/media/2225087/Pile%20of%20coins_UIA%20Sub%20Page.jpg
[06:06] <stellar-slack> Design is what makes or breaks it
[06:06] <stellar-slack> you have to make people _want to click it_
[06:07] <stellar-slack> like the facebook notifcation button
[06:07] <stellar-slack> And those coins are ugly
[06:07] <stellar-slack> Yeah
[06:07] <stellar-slack> hahahaha
[06:07] <stellar-slack> :simple_smile:
[06:07] <stellar-slack> maybe some kind of food/soup to appeal to peoples kindness and sharing
[06:07] <stellar-slack> -shrug-
[06:08] <stellar-slack> Tough one, because this is new
[06:08] <stellar-slack> a fun human factor item :simple_smile:
[06:08] <stellar-slack> Nobody does money like that on the internet
[06:08] <stellar-slack> No precedent
[06:08] <stellar-slack> tech is "easy" humans are.... yeah
[06:08] <stellar-slack> @benrussell: i like that out of the box thinking though
[06:08] <stellar-slack> maybe if you equated a tip to another blog post
[06:09] <stellar-slack> or another video in a series
[06:09] <stellar-slack> Tip jar really sounds good
[06:09] <stellar-slack> I mean that's what it is, a tip jar
[06:09] <stellar-slack> maybe each website defines its own "currency". for instance, a soup kitchen: tip a bowl of soup
[06:09] <stellar-slack> yeah the jar would work, with less focus on the coins inside, but still enough to carry the theme
[06:09] <stellar-slack> ^^^
[06:10] <stellar-slack> love the individualized idea
[06:10] <stellar-slack> a lot of content creators already say things like "like my work? buy me a cup of coffee"
[06:10] <stellar-slack> Hmm ... custom themes
[06:10] <stellar-slack> tip jars bring you into that food and personal world where you're face to face with the server
[06:11] <stellar-slack> http://cdn.smosh.com/sites/default/files/bloguploads/clever-tip-jars-y-u-no.jpg
[06:11] <stellar-slack> too direct? :smile:
[06:11] <stellar-slack> Good :simple_smile:
[06:12] <stellar-slack> when you put it in "human" terms, like a "cup of coffee" or "another video", it gives it a crowdfunding like appeal, rather than just the abstract notion of money
[06:12] <stellar-slack> Yeah, I like the cup of coffee thing
[06:12] <stellar-slack> giving hapiness > giving money
[06:12] <stellar-slack> +1
[06:13] <stellar-slack> Like someone just taught you how to set up SSL with nginx (or something like that), and you say you owe them a cup of coffee
[06:13] <stellar-slack> (or a beer) :smile:
[06:13] <stellar-slack> Yeah :simple_smile:
[06:14] <stellar-slack> So maybe there should be a dropdown with payment options
[06:14] <stellar-slack> Beer, coffee, ... hug (no money)
[06:14] <stellar-slack> haha hugs are free though!
[06:15] <stellar-slack> pfff maybe yours are!
[06:15] <stellar-slack> Yeah, so there's no Stellar transation, but you still it on your profile
[06:15] <stellar-slack> And it's the last option in the dropdown, so you have to be real cheap to go for that one :smile:
[06:15] <stellar-slack> heh
[06:16] <stellar-slack> Wow, pretty good
[06:17] <stellar-slack> I think the key is to make it fun and exciting for the content creators
[06:17] <stellar-slack> Yeah, it shouldn't really be about money (nothing is really about money, says Gordon Gekko), it should be about people showing appreciation for your work
[06:18] <stellar-slack> i'm in .au and one of my problems is purchasing any digital currency
[06:18] <stellar-slack> easiest ive seen so far is PurseIO to get some BTC
[06:18] <stellar-slack> Hmm ... and you got some STR for free, right?
[06:18] <stellar-slack> i did
[06:19] <stellar-slack> i'm only a few hours of research into STR so i cant really comment much on it's market utility
[06:19] <stellar-slack> BTC you can buy a pizza with in at least some places of the world, use an ATM at others
[06:20] <stellar-slack> Stellar got my attention because of Stripes involvement, and it seems to have more "official" support and interest
[06:20] <stellar-slack> haven't found much use for it yet
[06:21] <stellar-slack> i understand the distinction between currency and infrastructure/services/protocols too :simple_smile:
[06:22] <stellar-slack> You can't buy much with it yet
[06:23] <stellar-slack> @benrussell the more gateways (entry/exit points) come on board, the more useful and robust the network will become. Ultimately, it shouldn't matter if you can buy digital currency or not- you can just put Australian dollars on the network and go from there. But yeah, it's definitely just starting out right now :simple_smile:
[06:23] <stellar-slack> Early days
[06:23] <stellar-slack> the currency itself isn't the main draw though, imo. It's the ability to use any kind of value on it.
[06:23] <stellar-slack> yeah :simple_smile:
[06:23] <stellar-slack> well my bank of choice is very pro technology so i hope they choose to participate
[06:23] <stellar-slack> hope so too, @benrussell
[06:24] <stellar-slack> also, random things you can use STR to buy: wine, VPN services, mobile minutes
[06:24] <stellar-slack> I can find links if you're interested
[06:25] <stellar-slack> i'd seen the mobile minutes, but it was limited to Indonesia in the story i found
[06:25] <stellar-slack> @benrussell: which bank are you referring to?
[06:25] <stellar-slack> @benrussell: this is the one I was referring to https://www.piiko.com/
[06:25] <stellar-slack> @andrew Commonwealth Bank Aust
[06:25] <stellar-slack> @eva thanks!
[06:27] <stellar-slack> no support :smile: .au is an afterthought in the global market, numbers just dont matter (california is bigger..)
[06:27] <stellar-slack> shoot :confused:
[06:27] <stellar-slack> sorry about that
[06:27] <stellar-slack> it's funny you say that - some of the most innovative finance folks seem to be in Australia
[06:27] <stellar-slack> you guys may just surprise the world
[06:27] <stellar-slack> yeah but the telcos....
[06:27] <stellar-slack> eesh.
[06:27] <stellar-slack> yeah
[06:28] <stellar-slack> whats the story with the telcos?
[06:28] <stellar-slack> same as all telcos worldwide? :wink:
[06:28] <stellar-slack> lots of space between urban centers
[06:29] <stellar-slack> you wanna lay a cable you're gunna spend a lot of money
[06:29] <stellar-slack> im on ADSL that's good for about 330 kilobytes/second max
[06:29] <stellar-slack> down
[06:29] <stellar-slack> :neutral_face:
[06:30] <stellar-slack> http://twitch.tv|twitch.tv stream? cant even watch.
[06:30] <stellar-slack> whoa
[06:30] <stellar-slack> but we're spending 31 billion on a national fiber telco to replace the one we sold (telstra) a decade ago!
[06:30] <stellar-slack> still be on copper to the home.
[06:31] <stellar-slack> telco probably wont put a new DSL node in
[06:31] <stellar-slack> national throughput better, home speed same.
[06:31] <stellar-slack> :sob:
[06:31] <stellar-slack> :crying_cat_face:
[06:32] <stellar-slack> *sound of a thousand modems negotiating* .... could be worse
[06:32] <stellar-slack> :smile:
[06:36] <stellar-slack> on a more relevant note, consumer rejection of "tap to pay" is pretty high
[06:37] <stellar-slack> people are suspicious of NFC
[06:37] <stellar-slack> there's also delays in the transaction appearing in your account
[06:37] <stellar-slack> 1-4 days
[06:37] <stellar-slack> which can be a massive annoyance to the average persons budget
[06:38] <stellar-slack> i was doing retail work for a grocery chain when they introduced the readers, tried to "intro" a lot of people and they just didnt care or didnt want
[06:38] <stellar-slack> yeah, instant clearance is super important for a variety of reasons
[06:38] <stellar-slack> yeah
[06:39] <stellar-slack> reader failure is also _ridiculously_ high
[06:39] <stellar-slack> if you take your phone in to pay for gas (we dont have readers on most pumps) then you'll be going back to your car for your cards.
[12:26] <stellar-slack> hi, i am running stellard and trying to connect to as many peers as possible but with no luck. i set [peers_max] in stellard.cfg to 1000 but can only connect to 3 peers. am i missing something?
[13:21] <stellar-slack> there aren't 1000 nodes running
[14:12] <stellar-slack> @jed thanks! i know there are probably no 1000 nodes running, but i expected to connect to a few more, because without specifying peers_max explicitly, i connected to 3 peers. with it, i still connected to 3 peers. i'm wondering if there's something wrong with my settings
[14:13] <stellar-slack> I think it is probably ok
[14:17] <stellar-slack> ok, thanks
[16:04] <stellar-slack> horizon testnet going down for a while while I update it to the latest schema and re-import history
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