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[05:38] <stellar-slack> hrm… guessing this is a graydon question, but is there some chance the way stellar-core calls history commands doesn’t propagate env vars?
[15:19] <stellar-slack> @matschaffer: I may not be reading the docs right, but it seems like the call to posix_spawnp is configured to not inherit the parent processes environment. the `envp` param’s value is set to `char* env[1] = {nullptr};`. From the docs, you signify inheritance by using a bare nullptr. Not sure if it is intentional or not, though :simple_smile:
[16:21] <stellar-slack> congrats on the release. wasn't expecting it this fast. nice!
[16:36] <stellar-slack> Thanks @cryptojoe !
[16:37] <stellar-slack> Looking forward to in-production launch
[16:43] <stellar-slack> so are we!
[20:01] <stellar-slack> @monsieurnicolas: @jed It seems we have an implicit protocol regarding result codes, zero or positive being successful codes, negative being failure codes. Could/should we make that a guarantee?
[21:21] <skeuomorf> scott: Result codes should definitely be standardised, lest this falls into a situation like OpenSSL's
[22:37] <stellar-slack> @scott: yes, I made that change a while back as it's easier to distinguish success codes from error codes. So yes, consider it standard
[22:37] <stellar-slack> awesome, thanks!
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