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[09:19] <stellar-slack1> just a heads up that looks like testnet isn’t closing ledgers at the moment. Will confer with the core team when they’re back online
[10:32] <stellar-slack1> ```2015-05-01T02:56:20.284 1e6e68 [140493538252672] [Herder] INFO Lost track of consensus
[10:32] <stellar-slack1> 2015-05-01T02:57:31.740 1e6e68 [140493538252672] [Overlay] ERROR TCP::Peer::getIncomingMsgLength message size unacceptable: 417954178 [TCPPeer.cpp:247]
[10:32] <stellar-slack1> 2015-05-01T02:57:32.158 1e6e68 [140493538252672] [Overlay] INFO New connected peer
[10:32] <stellar-slack1> 2015-05-01T02:57:52.320 1e6e68 [140493538252672] [Overlay] INFO New connected peer
[10:32] <stellar-slack1> 2015-05-01T02:58:34.250 1e6e68 [140493538252672] [Overlay] INFO New connected peer
[10:32] <stellar-slack1> terminate called after throwing an instance of 'xdr::xdr_bad_message_size'
[10:32] <stellar-slack1> what(): xdr_generic_get: message size not multiple of 4
[10:32] <stellar-slack1> Aborted (core dumped)```
[10:32] <stellar-slack1> ~ 17hrs ago
[11:54] <stellar-slack1> Yeah nicolas reported something similar on our own cluster earlier today
[17:20] <stellar-slack1> @epsilon - what you see is most likely a broken connection causing a truncated message, can you share the stack trace please? I opened issue https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/issues/468 to track this in general
[17:51] <stellar-slack1> horizon-testnet may being coming and going for a while as I work on it.
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