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[14:59] <stellar-slack> So for my weekend project I worked up https://github.com/stellar/stellar_core_commander, a system to automate an isolated stellar test network, for help in the horizon test suite
[15:05] <stellar-slack> scott: nice! Now I want a way to run this against a testnet (i.e., provisioned machines rather than scc-managed processes)
[15:06] <stellar-slack> the recipe syntax is kinda fantastic
[15:06] <stellar-slack> should be pretty straightforward to modify. Generalizing the `Process` class (which I really need to rename to `Instance`) would probably make that doable.
[15:07] <stellar-slack> I’ll keep it in mind as I make additions to it
[15:08] <stellar-slack> scott: this just talks straight to stellar-core, right? no horizon needed?
[15:08] <stellar-slack> yeah, it specifically avoids horizon, since it’s meant to drive the test fixtures for horizon
[15:08] <stellar-slack> makes sense
[15:09] <stellar-slack> I’m kinda tempted to try using this to make something that continually passes money back and forth between two accounts as a sort of “ping” monitoring
[15:10] <stellar-slack> totally. that would be cool to see
[15:11] <stellar-slack> I think the biggest hurdle right now is that scc really wants to control ledger closes… let me think about how it should operate when stellar-core is closing them as would happen in a real network
[15:11] <stellar-slack> ah. yeha
[15:11] <stellar-slack> seems like it’d need some wait_for
[15:13] <stellar-slack> I’ve got some code like that in horizon from the system that scc is replacing… We should be able to wrangle it in.
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