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[04:54] <stellar-slack> reading through whitepaper: i don't understand how "v blocking sets" are formed
[04:54] <stellar-slack> also If v1/v2 vote to accept a and v3/v4 vote to accept a' how does the system reach consensus
[09:29] <stellar-slack> Hi folks
[09:31] <stellar-slack> Just following up a support request I raised with Eva (1196) - the friendbot is giving me a HTTP 502
[09:31] <stellar-slack> (screenshot on its way)
[09:32] <stellar-slack> gah can't work out how to post an image in slack :$
[09:33] <stellar-slack> https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ctvskd54lq7o3q/Screenshot%20from%202015-04-16%2010%3A29%3A21.png?dl=0
[09:34] <stellar-slack> I'm on Firefox 37.0.1 on Ubuntu 14.04
[09:48] <stellar-slack> Thanks for the heads up! Does it happen every time @paulfurley ?
[09:48] <stellar-slack> I believe so
[09:48] <stellar-slack> (I wasn't watching the network when it happened yesterday)
[09:48] <stellar-slack> Oh api-stg. Yeah I need to fix that. I'll ping here when it's done.
[09:49] <stellar-slack> OK :simple_smile:
[09:49] <stellar-slack> On another topic - just a heads up that your Cloudflare settings make it basically inaccessible for Tor users
[09:50] <stellar-slack> Not sure it's your Cloudflare configuration or just Cloudflare in general, but I get an impossible captcha :disappointed:
[09:51] <stellar-slack> Oh that's a bummer. Should a copy of the tor browser bundle be enough to reproduce it?
[09:52] <stellar-slack> Yes should be. It might be the particular circuit I happened to get today, but I bet if you re-open it a couple of times you'll hit the same thing.
[09:53] <stellar-slack> Check this out for an awful captcha! https://www.dropbox.com/s/xem7l5v9zl74q80/Screenshot%20from%202015-04-16%2010%3A51%3A16.png?dl=0
[09:53] <stellar-slack> :simple_smile:
[12:34] <stellar-slack> holy cow. I’m guessing the exit nodes really foul up whatever sort of classification recaptcha tries to do
[12:35] <stellar-slack> like if you happen to get one that’s also been a channel for abuse recaptcha probably cranks up the difficulty
[12:38] <stellar-slack> I’d venture it’s not cloudflare doing this but recaptcha itself. Just a guess though
[13:11] <stellar-slack> @matschaffer: Yeah you could be right. I believe there are only ~1300 exit nodes at present between about 2 million daily users so it's tricky.
[15:47] <stellar-slack> hi @nchinda2, welcome. Glad to hear you are reading the whitepaper.
[16:00] <stellar-slack> I'm not sure I understand your first question. v-blocking sets are defined on page 17. Nodes make statements which are flooded to all other nodes. Each node makes different checks of the entirety of the statements it has received: are they v-blocking? are they a quorum? and so forth, depending on the rules of the protocol.
[16:00] <stellar-slack> You can find the code implementing the check here: https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/src/scp/Node.h#L27
[16:12] <stellar-slack> In your v1/v2 - v3/v4 vote split on ballot `b`, what happens next depends on how the nodes' quorum slices are configured.If v1/v2 don't trust v3/v4, they will agree on `a` and continue. If all nodes are configured with quorum slice `{v1,v2,v3,v4}`, then the nodes will notice that ballot `b` is stuck, abort `b` and start ballot `b+1` with value `a` if `a < a'`, with `a'` otherwise. Absent of ill-behaved nod
[16:12] <stellar-slack> ballot `b+1` will reach agreement.
[16:15] <stellar-slack> It's described in more detail in section 5.6
[16:24] <stellar-slack> okay, I understood the idea, but not how it was implemented in SCP
[16:24] <stellar-slack> thanks
[16:52] <stellar-slack> Cool, there are a few more key spots in the code i can point you to, depending on what you are curious about.
[18:34] <stellar-slack> restarting the testnet
[18:38] <stellar-slack> jed: clearing as well?
[18:38] <stellar-slack> yeah
[18:38] <stellar-slack> kk. I’ll repopulate friendbot/clear horizon afterwards
[18:38] <stellar-slack> should be up now
[18:39] <stellar-slack> @mat: got a response back from the torquebox devs. They’ll at some point add a system like warbler to run rake tasks… it will unpack the jar into a tmp directory and then run the task from there. I
[18:39] <stellar-slack> I’ll build a similar system as a one-off, and then perhaps contribute it back to torquebox
[18:39] <stellar-slack> @matschaffer: ^^^^ (regarding rake tasks in horizon)
[20:01] <stellar-slack> Ah, duck-typing and parameter normalization:
[20:01] <stellar-slack> `responder_id = responder_id.responder_id if responder_id.respond_to(:responder_id)`
[20:12] <stellar-slack> scott: wow, that’s worse than java
[20:12] <stellar-slack> well, maybe just about the same
[20:13] <stellar-slack> lol, yeah
[20:14] <stellar-slack> scott: gotcha. Let me know if it would be simpler to just deliver unpacked to begin with. The single jar isn’t a hard requirement
[20:14] <stellar-slack> or maybe something like a war deployment on tomcat? Since tomcat would unpack the war for you anyway
[20:16] <stellar-slack> yeah, I’ll look into them both. I’ve got a branch that switches to warbler for packaging which could solve things. I’m partial to the “just download this jar” method of distribution, but I’m not married to it. I’ll circle back onto it when I get this streaming response system working
[21:56] <stellar-slack> :thumbsup:
[23:36] <nopaaswordnoreco> hey, whoever can help/advise: I had an acount wallet v2 with 30k stellars. now I can no longer authenticate, and when I use recovery code, it says it has been disabled. email seems to have been changed as well. am I hacked? would be suprisiing as I have(had) strong password
[23:57] <stellar-slack> Hit an assertion:
[23:57] <stellar-slack> ```015-04-16T23:06:46.632 9c0066 [Overlay] INFO New connected peer
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:06:50.200 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Got consensus: [seq=3404, prev=ab9653, time=1429222007, txs=0, txhash=c02abc, fee=10]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:06:50.207 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Closed ledger: [seq=3404, hash=a350c0]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:06:55.012 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Got consensus: [seq=3405, prev=a350c0, time=1429222014, txs=0, txhash=8a8fb6, fee=10]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:06:55.018 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Closed ledger: [seq=3405, hash=3e3e84]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:06:56.930 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Got consensus: [seq=3406, prev=3e3e84, time=1429222017, txs=0, txhash=9fa4b3, fee=10]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:06:56.936 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Closed ledger: [seq=3406, hash=5c510a]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:07:01.444 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Got consensus: [seq=3407, prev=5c510a, time=1429222019, txs=0, txhash=d5ed4f, fee=10]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:07:01.450 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Closed ledger: [seq=3407, hash=4aad49]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:07:05.075 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Got consensus: [seq=3408, prev=4aad49, time=1429222024, txs=0, txhash=9bc352, fee=10]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:07:05.082 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Closed ledger: [seq=3408, hash=6396d9]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:07:07.169 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Got consensus: [seq=3409, prev=6396d9, time=1429222027, txs=0, txhash=ea66c1, fee=10]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:07:07.175 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Closed ledger: [seq=3409, hash=62e9bd]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:07:10.444 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Got consensus: [seq=3410, prev=62e9bd, time=1429222029, txs=0, txhash=17378a, fee=10]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:07:10.450 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Closed ledger: [seq=3410, hash=4b1bfb]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:07:15.100 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Got consensus: [seq=3411, prev=4b1bfb, time=1429222032, txs=0, txhash=8bb149, fee=10]
[23:57] <stellar-slack> 2015-04-16T23:07:15.106 9c0066 [Ledger] INFO Closed ledger: [seq=3411, hash=16817e]
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