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[17:18] <stellar-slack> Just wanted to understand the implementation of this from the paper:
[17:18] <stellar-slack> ```Let H be a cryptographic hash function. For a given slot i and ballot
[17:18] <stellar-slack> number n, define the permuted id of a node v to be H(i,n, v).```
[17:18] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/src/herder/HerderImpl.cpp#L257-L326
[17:21] <stellar-slack> so that's the old thing: https://github.com/stellar/stellard and that's the new thing: https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core?
[17:21] <proppy> oh nice, slack bot :)
[17:21] <stellar-slack> @proppy: yeah, stellar-core is the new
[17:26] <stellar-slack> donovan: This mechanism will be changing slightly over the next couple weeks. I'll give you more details tomorrow. But I'm super burnt right now from getting ready for this launch... so I'll explain tomorrow if that is ok.
[17:27] <stellar-slack> @jed: Sure, don't worry :simple_smile: Code looks nice and readable and am having fun going through all the docs. Nice job so far :simple_smile:
[18:53] <stellar-slack> SCP is really cool, are you considering applying it in a broader context?
[18:55] <stellar-slack> It seems like a good fit for certificate transparency. Especially if email providers start rolling out end-to-end email encryption, it would be nice to use FBA to make sure they can't issue duplicate certificates overwriting users' public keys.
[18:56] <stellar-slack> cool. what did you think of the tendermint paper?
[18:57] <stellar-slack> I like tendermint, but essentially I view it as a better way of doing proof-of-stake. It would be hard to apply in a context like certificate transparency where you don't have a notion of stake like coins.
[18:59] <stellar-slack> huh.
[19:02] <stellar-slack> isn't proof of stake just "voting"?
[19:06] <stellar-slack> isn't a vote in any consensus system a stake?
[19:06] <stellar-slack> I haven't been studying this stuff for decades or anything so most likely i'm just confused.
[23:44] <stellar-slack> graydon do you feel like checking out that core file. If not I'll just keep doing my thing on there
[23:44] <stellar-slack> I'll take a look
[23:48] <stellar-slack> Hey fellas, is this stabl-ish enough to whack up a node or two?
[23:49] <stellar-slack> jed: it's hitting assert(!mIsCommitted && !mIsExternalized); in Slot.cpp:235
[23:49] <stellar-slack> epsilon: you can build it and run it, and +/- some level of bumpiness it should sync to the testnet and/or support running your own testnet
[23:49] <stellar-slack> epsilon: beyond that, I would not run a live payment network on it just yet :simple_smile:
[23:50] <stellar-slack> graydon: Sweet! Might give it a crack later on today.
[23:50] <stellar-slack> graydon: thanks
[23:50] <stellar-slack> Gotta say I'm in awe with how fast you blokes pushed this work out.
[23:50] <stellar-slack> epsilon: you'll need a rather new clang++ (>= 3.5) or g++ (>= 4.9)
[23:51] <stellar-slack> thanks, it was a bit of a sprint. it's also much smaller than the previous one, does less in some ways (though more in others)
[23:54] <stellar-slack> we also gain a lot of mileage out of using XDR for the serial data model / xdrpp for the protocol-level of it, and SQL for the live data model. reduces the server's scope of responsibility quite a ways.
[23:55] <stellar-slack> @graydon: I enjoyed greatly reading the architecture document here:
[23:55] <stellar-slack> https://github.com/stellar/stellar-core/blob/master/docs/architecture.md
[23:55] <stellar-slack> I think you've very well appraised some of the prior issues that have been well solved in you new design :simple_smile:
[23:56] <stellar-slack> donovan: glad to hear it! further suggestions welcome, there's still some wiggle room around the edges
[23:56] <stellar-slack> though if you hate everything we did, I'm not certain we're in the mood to *completely* rearchitect again :simple_smile:
[23:57] <stellar-slack> Only real concern I had was committing to postgres LISTEN/NOTIFY for the event handling of transactions reaching the store...
[23:57] <stellar-slack> I love what I've seen so far, no complaints so far :simple_smile:
[23:57] <stellar-slack> I don't think we're really committed to that, it was more of a suggestion
[23:58] <stellar-slack> we'll need something to "push" change notices to horizon, eventually
[23:58] <stellar-slack> I think at this point no such pushing occurs, it just reads at its leisure
[23:58] <stellar-slack> Something like along the lines of appengine's prospective search would fit nicely between stellar-core and the db itself:
[23:58] <stellar-slack> https://cloud.google.com/appengine/docs/python/prospectivesearch/
[23:59] <stellar-slack> I suppose what you really want is to be able to do ad-hoc subscriptions to selected groups of accounts and/or orderbooks. That would be great!
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