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[03:25] <stellar-slack> Hi everyone, just joined the channel:) Are people expecting us to have the paper out today?
[03:26] <stellar-slack> absolutely yes!
[03:26] <stellar-slack> draft or preprint is ok
[03:26] <stellar-slack> Why today?
[03:26] <stellar-slack> according to https://www.stellar.org/faq-integrators/
[03:26] <stellar-slack> Phase 1: draft release of novel implementation on the test network (April 2, 2015)
[03:27] <stellar-slack> G'day potty mouth! :stuck_out_tongue:
[03:27] <stellar-slack> I saw that Melb gig on Vimeo - it was frikken awesome
[03:27] <stellar-slack> HAHAH
[03:27] <stellar-slack> :blush:
[03:28] <stellar-slack> dm joined slack. it's a signal?
[03:28] <stellar-slack> helping us reading
[03:28] <stellar-slack> I was told 2nd April
[03:29] <stellar-slack> ahh ic, so sorry guys, that was a placeholder in there but I think it never got removed before publication. Its supposed to say April
[03:30] <stellar-slack> Let me update it
[03:31] <stellar-slack> @epsilon: let me know if you have any feedback on the rest of the melbourne talk. im still working on ways to make the importance of these systems very clear to the public
[03:32] <stellar-slack> I enjoyed it. Hammering in the underserved aspect is def the way to go, so I reckon you nailed it.
[03:33] <stellar-slack> Ya, a lot of people don't connect the dots on why infrastructure impacts access to services
[03:33] <stellar-slack> We're a different world, that's fer sure.
[03:33] <stellar-slack> I feel like i should move this convo to #general
[03:34] <stellar-slack> good call
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