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[20:56] <matschaffer> hey folks, just as a heads up this channel should now be mirrored to the #irc channel in http://slack.stellar.org/ so feel free to join the conversation either way
[20:57] <matschaffer> …. or not :)
[20:58] <matschaffer> a moment while I sort that out
[21:35] <stellar-slack> k, _now_ things shoud be mirrored. Let me know if you run into any issues! :simple_smile:
[21:37] <irisli> hi
[21:37] <stellar-slack> wah
[21:37] <andrewstellar> Hi
[21:37] <irisli> trippy. it now shows up on stellar-public #irc
[21:38] <stellar-slack> kinda neat right?
[21:38] <irisli>
[21:39] <stellar-slack> If this is mirrored in stellar-dev, why don't we just make this the #dev channel
[21:39] <andrewstellar> rawr
[21:39] <stellar-slack> andrew: easy enough. Do we have a non-dev irc channel?
[21:40] <stellar-slack> nope
[21:40] <stellar-slack> kinda. there is #stellar
[21:40] <stellar-slack> no one goes on there
[21:41] <stellar-slack> maybe we mirror #general to irc #stellar, and create #dev here on slack and mirror it to irc #stellar-dev
[21:41] <stellar-slack> and then delete this #irc channel on slack
[21:42] <stellar-slack> sounds like a nice plan
[21:42] <stellar-slack> this is awesome, thanks for setting it up Mat :smile_cat:
[21:42] <stellar-slack> `stellar-public #dev` or the private #dev?
[21:43] <stellar-slack> all public
[21:43] <stellar-slack> +1 to mirroring 2 separate channels for devs and general
[21:45] <stellar-slack> andrew, eva, irisli : done
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