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[10:21] <getgems> hello
[10:52] <getgems> what is the best Stellar Faucet?
[11:03] <getgems> anyone from stellar team here?
[11:12] <Kwelstr> getgems, I have not used it, but this is the one I know: http://freestella.rs/
[11:12] <Kwelstr> remember never to use the same password as your wallet's in any site
[11:13] <Kwelstr> you can also check https://stellartalk.org/
[11:18] <getgems> thanks
[14:48] <getgems> anyone from stellar team here?
[22:24] <Eva__> @getgems hello :) I'm the community manager at Stellar. Nice to meet you.
[22:28] <Eva__> @moo-_- welcome to SF! We do host meetups & speak at some crypto meetups in the city. Our next one is slotted for April 9th. http://www.meetup.com/Stellar-Developers-Space-Camp/events/220979320/. Andrew (one of our devs) will also be speaking about Stellar at the SF Bitcoin Dev Meetup on March 30 http://www.meetup.com/SF-Bitcoin-Devs/events/220906142/
[22:28] <Eva__> @moo-_- if you're still around, it'd be awesome to see you there
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