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[00:12] <Stellargold> Hello all
[00:15] <Stellargold> Anyone?
[09:09] <andreip> hello! I have some problems building ripple. I suspect I might have a different nodejs version. http://pastebin.com/mWrrh1tX I'm following this tutorial on Ubuntu 14.04 https://wiki.ripple.com/Rippled_build_instructions
[09:10] <andreip> is there a recommended nodejs version? what version do you use?
[09:33] <andreip> sorry, wrong irc channel :P
[10:42] <Kwelstr> andreip, this is the right IRC channel, I don't know that answer buy just idle here and see who else will read you.
[11:16] <andreip> Kwelstr
[11:16] <andreip> ok, thank you
[11:34] <andreip> it appears I am a total n00b :P I had to run "npm test" not "node test/module-test.js"
[11:38] <matschaf-> andreip: I don’t see a module-test.js in https://github.com/ripple/rippled/tree/develop/test so guessing the instructions are a little out of date
[11:38] <matschaf-> oh, I see
[11:39] <matschaf-> the “module” is in italics. So I think you’re supposed to replace that with whatever single test you want to run
[11:40] <andreip> yeap, I need to replace the module with a particular one
[11:41] <andreip> I just want to build and run all the tests for now
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