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[00:36] <Kwelstr> Bekki: http://i.imgur.com/T5qE2ZU.png
[00:36] <Bekki> hrm
[00:36] <Kwelstr> I think I'll just remove that gateway and add it back, it should then show the full set of supported currencies
[00:36] <Bekki> have you tried transacting in DRK?
[00:37] <Bekki> (though this is odd and I'll file a bug report)
[00:37] <Kwelstr> nope, I see that it's showing on the API, so it has to be something with the client
[00:37] <Bekki> https://www.stellar.org/viewer/#live/kwelstr
[00:37] <Kwelstr> If you want to follow the conversation on Stellartalk, the guy from dividendrippler says he had the same issue
[00:38] <Bekki> but transacting works, or doesn't work?
[00:38] <Bekki> (on the client)
[00:38] <Kwelstr> https://stellartalk.org/topic/6853-dividendrippler-now-supporting-stellar/#entry69270
[00:39] <Kwelstr> I have not tried to deposit the coin as yet
[00:39] <Kwelstr> it should deposit, if the trustline is set through the API
[00:40] <Kwelstr> but then it probably will give me an issue with the trade tab not finding the coin
[00:40] <Bekki> so i would suggest, if you have another account, transfer the IOUs issued by dividendrippler -> remove/replace trust lines -> transfer IOUs back.
[00:41] <Bekki> but if it is okay, one of our devs may reach out to you when they try to id and fix the bug
[00:41] <Kwelstr> Ok, the workaround was to remove the gateway and add it back, now it shows all the supported currencies
[00:41] <Bekki> also, not sure how much liquidity is in the market for DRK but I'll try to send you some STR and have it arrive in DRK...
[00:43] <Kwelstr> the coin is still there, removing the trust did not remove the IOU, I knew that's how it works in ripple but I was not sure with stellar, it is the same
[00:43] <Bekki> not enough liquidity for me to send you DRK...but glad it seems worked out. will file a bug
[00:43] <Bekki> thanks for the heads up
[00:43] <Kwelstr> it is done now, don't worry about the DRK, I will be the first to deposit :D
[00:43] <Kwelstr> just the small issue with the client to fix for future reference
[00:44] <Kwelstr> you're welcome and thank you for following up! cheers
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