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[00:00] <Bekki> everett!
[00:00] <Bekki> everett!
[00:58] <everettForth> Hi Bekki !
[00:59] <Bekki> sorry, was disconnected from irc there for a hot second...
[00:59] <everettForth> oh yeah, no worries
[00:59] <everettForth> any chance have you seen joyce?
[00:59] <Bekki> all the time:)
[00:59] <Bekki> what can i do for ya?
[00:59] <everettForth> she hasn't responded to any of my emails in the past week. I'm sure she's busy
[01:00] <everettForth> but i'm hoping to clear the onecred balance and she has almost half of what's left
[01:01] <Bekki> of note, i also have not cleared my onecred balance (oops)
[01:01] <Bekki> what is the deadline?
[01:01] <Bekki> (and yes i can ping her)
[01:01] <Bekki> i guess we're just really hopeful that it won't be going away!
[01:02] <everettForth> well, i'm not a lawyer, but i checked out california state law, and I think you have 4 years to sue me for the balance
[01:02] <Bekki> consider this my personal protest, ha. I'm leaving my ten cents of BTC in onecred.
[01:02] <Bekki> oh no, that was just a joke ^^
[01:02] <everettForth> but it would be easier to go away now
[01:02] <everettForth> yeah, i know it's pretty funny
[01:02] <everettForth> all these little microbalances
[01:03] <everettForth> I really want to pay everyone back, but people are like, "I have better ways to spend my time than redeem your 14 cents"
[01:03] <Bekki> well, i'll do my part and move my microbalance out of onecred. i can also bug joyce.
[01:04] <everettForth> ok, thanks, I basically asked people to do it in a week so it would happen faster
[01:04] <everettForth> but I'll redeem any requests I get.
[01:07] <everettForth> I worry way too much about these kinds of things which is why onecred is not a good business for me
[02:32] <Kwelstr> everettForth: I don't know if it is you buying but the bids for the remaining Onecred bitcoin seem pretty high: HIGHEST BID PRICE
[02:32] <Kwelstr> 80000
[02:32] <everettForth> yeah, that was me Kwelstr, just trying to buy up remaining credits, and offering my users a premium
[02:34] <Kwelstr> ok, I thought it had to be you doing that. And thanks, that's very generous for whoever has a balance left
[02:36] <everettForth> if some people tried to cashout to BTC, it wouldn't even cover the transaction cost
[02:36] <everettForth> so at least they can cashout to STR
[02:36] <everettForth> the btc transaction fee, that is
[02:37] <everettForth> The problem is, I don't want to deal with emails or letters from people in 6 months saying I owe them 12 cents or whatever
[02:37] <everettForth> I mean, I want to pay everyone, but it's time consuming to deal with it if the automated gateway isn't up
[02:39] <Kwelstr> uhm I see, it's like a catch22 type of situation
[02:40] <everettForth> no, i don't think so, Kwelstr
[02:42] <Kwelstr> well, you give them a good price now (pay in cash) or deal with the email aggravation later... catch22?
[02:43] <everettForth> oh i guess, but in this case the small premium I pay far outweighs potential hassle in the future
[02:43] <everettForth> i'm happy to give anyone that premium now
[02:45] <Kwelstr> -2.290326 BTC is your IOU balance
[02:45] <everettForth> yeah, 1.0 of that is to joyce
[02:46] <Kwelstr> LOL
[02:46] <everettForth> 0.59 is to another customer I've been trying to help them redeem for several days
[02:47] <Kwelstr> huh
[02:48] <everettForth> last time they tried, the stellar client gave them a path not found error
[02:48] <everettForth> the stellar client is tricky with rounding issues
[02:49] <Kwelstr> really? I've never encounter that issue
[02:49] <everettForth> i've seen it all the time
[02:49] <everettForth> it was much worse a few months ago
[02:50] <Kwelstr> maybe they're trying to send too much or they don't have enough STR in the balance
[02:50] <Kwelstr> open orders + gateways + reserve?
[02:50] <everettForth> I think one issue is that if the balance says 0.59002, but you really have 0.5900199999
[02:50] <everettForth> i'm not sure if the client is rounding up ever
[02:50] <Kwelstr> ah yes, that's true, they round up
[02:50] <Kwelstr> i've known that for a while now
[02:51] <Kwelstr> tell them to leave a little BTC and ship the rest
[02:51] <Kwelstr> then they can just trade the BTC for STR
[02:51] <everettForth> i tell them these things
[02:52] <everettForth> but people only spend a few seconds trying software before they get frustrated and give up
[02:52] <Kwelstr> true
[02:53] <Kwelstr> where some find joy trying different things to find a way, others just get frustration
[02:57] <Kwelstr> but check their STR balance to be sure they have enough, else they'll also get an error
[02:58] <everettForth> oh they have enough STR
[03:04] <Kwelstr> ok
[03:06] <irisli> hmm, maybe they can just set a huge offer and you can eat it up. One can place an offer greater than what they have
[03:06] <irisli> (but I guess thats what you were trying to do)
[03:12] <everettForth> they also prefer btc instead of STR
[03:12] <everettForth> I also assume it's not really a top priority for them
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