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[04:54] <alicef> hello, what is the most simple way to send money from my bank account to my stellar account?
[05:01] <Kwelstr> alicef: depends where you live, what country
[05:01] <alicef> im living in japan
[05:02] <alicef> but my mother is living in italy
[05:02] <alicef> and sometime she want to send me some money from italy
[05:02] <Kwelstr> uhm can you buy bitcoin first?
[05:02] <Kwelstr> ah I c
[05:02] <alicef> i would like to make it more simple than use italian governament structure that 90% of the time dosen't work
[05:03] <alicef> or thay close the circuit
[05:03] <Kwelstr> true
[05:03] <alicef> like recently thay close mastercard circuit and postepay
[05:03] <alicef> and i call the callcenter they are like
[05:04] <alicef> we have no problem on both, you can get your money from any atm...
[05:04] <alicef> no atm here accept my cards :D
[05:05] <Kwelstr> I am not aware of any Stellar Japanese gateways
[05:05] <alicef> so i hear about stellar and is great service i like many things from what i read, just i'm not good on virtual currency :/
[05:05] <alicef> never did bitcoin or similar
[05:05] <Kwelstr> but if you can buy bitcoin in Japan then you can send the bitcoin to your Stellar wallet
[05:06] <alicef> mmm that's nice, you know any simple service that my mother from italy can use ?
[05:07] <alicef> for do eur -> stellar
[05:07] <Kwelstr> I am in the US and I think the Europeans are sleeping at this hour
[05:08] <alicef> oh thanks anyway :D
[05:08] <Kwelstr> you can try posting a message on the stellar forum: stellartalk.org
[05:08] <alicef> you are stellar developer?
[05:08] <Kwelstr> that way many other people will read it and you could get the right answer there
[05:09] <Kwelstr> I am not a developer,
[05:09] <Kwelstr> and i gotta go now, but try stellartalk.org
[05:09] <alicef> ok thanks
[05:10] <Kwelstr> welcome and good luck
[05:17] <alicef> oh i have one problem on the stellar interface, i cannot unlock send stellar achivement
[05:17] <alicef> also if i have sended some stellar
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