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[02:31] <aech22> anyone around?
[02:35] <aech22> I'm having issues sending STR. Had no issues on last attempt 19 hours ago
[02:45] <joyce_> what happens when you try to send?
[02:50] <aech22> no send button appears after I fill in the details
[02:50] <aech22> so i can't initiate the send
[02:50] <aech22> wallet address is found, my account is funded, destination tag is correct
[02:51] <aech22> its essentially the same send request i made yesterday, but the send button doesnt appear no, with no indication why
[02:59] <aech22> thanks joyce, i see you helping on reddit too =)
[03:00] <joyce_> in your webclient?
[03:00] <aech22> yes
[03:00] <joyce_> can you post a screenshot?
[03:00] <aech22> sure
[03:00] <aech22> one sec
[03:02] <aech22> http://i.imgur.com/Nko0Sfn.png
[03:03] <aech22> no send button appears below the amount, as it did yesterday
[03:05] <aech22> earlier when i tried to login, the https://launch.stellar.org/#/login site wasnt showing any CSS or images, just gave the menu in straight html. I cleared the browser cache and then was able to login normally
[03:05] <aech22> but cant send
[03:06] <aech22> http://i.imgur.com/nPT3PDu.png
[03:07] <joyce_> do you trust that gateway?
[03:08] <aech22> yes, but im okay removing the gateway if you think it will enable send
[03:08] <aech22> i trust it in as much as i read on forums
[03:08] <aech22> and had made succesfull transfers both ways
[03:09] <aech22> i cant send to *any* wallet though
[03:13] <aech22> if i put in a send amount that exceeds my wallet balance, it gives no indication that the entered amount is too large. its like the form stops processing anything entered past the wallet address
[03:16] <joyce_> ok give me a moment, am finishing up a call then i can poke around
[03:16] <aech22> k, thanks
[03:18] <aech22> I just send 1 STR from my ripple wallet, and confirmed that my stellar wallet can receive without any issues
[03:20] <Kwelstr> aech22: my stellar wallet is working, I just tried and it sends OK
[03:20] <joyce_> can you try to refresh and try again
[03:20] <Kwelstr> hi joyce
[03:21] <aech22> sure
[03:22] <aech22> no change. no send button appears
[03:22] <Kwelstr> disable noscript?
[03:22] <aech22> good call, dont think i have it running but ill check
[03:23] <aech22> no change, no browser addons or plugins running
[03:24] <aech22> i can create a new wallet and fund it to see if the issue is with my wallet or my browser. althought i tried different machines and browsers
[03:25] <Kwelstr> coinex had a stellar trade wallet
[03:25] <Kwelstr> lemme check if it is still there
[03:26] <Kwelstr> https://credex.coinexgateway.com/#/stellar-trade
[03:26] <Kwelstr> it is a front end to the stellar wallet, maybe that works?
[03:26] <aech22> should i disable 2fa?
[03:26] <joyce_> ok andrew figured out whats causing it
[03:26] <Kwelstr> mmm not sure
[03:26] <joyce_> he is going to find the fix and hop in here w an update
[03:27] <aech22> that was fast
[03:27] <Kwelstr> yeah that is fast
[03:27] <joyce_> andrew is speedy :)
[03:27] <Kwelstr> and credex wont work with 2FA
[03:28] <aech22> side note: great irc support team
[03:37] <Kwelstr> hi sean, the man from the future
[03:40] <aech22> i've got to run for a bit. if you get anywhere and want me to test anything, I'll be checking here: http://www.reddit.com/r/Stellar/comments/2rt8ww/anyone_having_issues_sending_str/
[03:41] <Kwelstr> aech22: not the best place to check
[03:42] <Kwelstr> you can read the channel online
[03:42] <aech22> ok cool
[03:43] <aech22> woah, cool
[03:45] <Kwelstr> https://stellarverse.org/irc_logger/index.php?channel=I3N0ZWxsYXItZGV2
[03:45] <Kwelstr> irc logger
[04:45] <joyce_> aech22 - ok it should be fixed now. let me know if you have any issues still
[04:54] <aech22> just tested
[04:55] <aech22> seemed to hang up at confirmation
[04:55] <aech22> at the option to confirm or change payment
[04:57] <aech22> "confirm transaction" button is non responsive
[05:01] <joyce_> Can you log out and try again? it is going on mine
[05:02] <aech22> will do
[05:07] <aech22> Oops
[05:07] <aech22> An error occurred: Missing/inapplicable prior transaction.
[05:07] <aech22> non responsive confirmation button if im sending with a destination tag, if im sending to a wallet without a destination tag, i get "
[05:07] <aech22> "the above error"
[05:08] <joyce_> what browser are u using
[05:09] <aech22> this was chrome, but can try firefox and safari
[05:09] <aech22> in fact, first encountered erorr in firefox, then replicated in chrome
[05:10] <aech22> inwait
[05:10] <aech22> firefox worked with non destination tag
[05:11] <aech22> but unable to send with destination tag
[05:16] <joyce_> ok so most of our dev team is out now (its 9 pm in SF), can you email me so i can follow up w you tomorrow when folks are back in office?
[05:17] <aech22> absolutely, thanks for your help and time man. go have a beer
[05:17] <aech22> address?
[05:18] <joyce_> joyce@stellar.org
[05:18] <joyce_> what timezone are you in so I know when we can find you again
[05:19] <joyce_> no worries - sorry abt the issues
[05:19] <aech22> eh, sometime around midday PST
[05:21] <aech22> its not critically urgent, but ill follow up tomorrow midday-afternoon
[05:24] <joyce_> ok got it. thanks!
[11:37] <heal_gmy> anyone know something of the new consensus protocol?
[11:38] <heal_gmy> how it works?
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