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[14:22] <bankspub> Seems like there are some difficulties when currencies have odd characters in their names -- such as "+". https://www.stellar.org/viewer/#live/jstr@stellar.org
[17:50] <Kwelstr> bankspub: uhm who is issuing XRPs? I don't have that gateway
[17:54] <bibbit> Kwelstr: I think Coinex is issuing XRP, or at least plans to. I'm pretty sure it was them
[17:59] <Kwelstr> well, it does not show up on my wallet, the XRP IOU, maybe I need to remove and re-add the Coinex gateway?
[17:59] <Kwelstr> I'll try that and see
[18:06] <Kwelstr> bibbit: thanks, it's Coinex
[21:48] <bankspub> Is the set of characters permitted in a currency name documented anywhere? I searched for a while but couldn't find it; I haven't started looking in the source yet. I'm just asking because I'm getting a lot of buggy behaviour (i.e. unable to post trades) for my test currency "+1S", which also appears as a string of numbers at https://www.stellar.org/viewer/#live/jstr@stellar.org
[21:50] <bankspub> It was issued via https://banks.pub/stellar.txt / the account federated at j@banks.pub. I'm unable to post trades for it from either account, although I am able to send it, and it appears correctly as "+1S" in the sending UI.
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