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[01:37] <vincenttide> I'm trying to test out the Stellar API's subscribe method, but it's giving me a No Permissions error, do I have to run my own stellard to do this?
[08:21] <everettForth> is there a good place to report phishing sites?
[08:22] <matschaffer> everettForth: this works. Forums are pretty closely watched too.
[08:24] <everettForth> I hate to post phishing links to the forum. but I think this is one. Please be careful where you click: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stellar-Foundation/1586571804896029?sk=likes
[08:24] <everettForth> that's actually just facebook, so it won't directly phish you
[08:25] <matschaffer> yeah, you had me wondering for a second there
[08:25] <matschaffer> oh, I see. It’s the co.nf one. I saw this pop up on medium.com just before christmas
[08:28] <matschaffer> everettForth: thanks for the heads up! I’ll relay it to some folks in SDF so we can work on a plan
[08:29] <everettForth> thanks, matschaffer
[08:29] <everettForth> are you new at stellar? What do you work on?
[08:30] <matschaffer> yep, started last week. Mostly doing ops stuff
[08:30] <matschaffer> reliability engineering is my specialty
[08:31] <everettForth> that's cool
[08:32] <everettForth> I'm curious about the new consensus algorithm that's being worked on
[08:32] <matschaffer> me too. Folks are working pretty furiously on it
[08:33] <everettForth> I recently set up a private ripple testnet for a client, and the logs are pretty noisy
[08:33] <matschaffer> tell me about it :)
[08:33] <everettForth> I don't know if you worked with ripple / stellar before, but it seems like quite a challenge to maintain a reliable system and understand all the logs
[08:34] <matschaffer> nah, I’m coming into it fresh. That statement is true of any distributed system though
[08:36] <matschaffer> one thing I feel like we’re hurting on right now is metrics. I’m trying to work out a plan to have the new version have the ability to ship statsd metrics or something like it
[08:37] <matschaffer> well, beyond the already-well-documented pain points that is (e.g., forking)
[08:37] <matschaffer> ;)
[08:38] <everettForth> I've been getting these errors the past few weeks sometimes when sending onecred payments: tefPAST_SEQ
[08:40] <matschaffer> mikesofaer hit that as well. My understanding is that it can happen if you send more than one txn per ledger close without specifying sequence numbers
[08:41] <matschaffer> so anything faster than 3/min will need you to specify your own sequence numbers
[08:43] <everettForth> aaah , you may have solved it for me, thanks matschaffer
[08:43] <everettForth> where do I get those sequence numbers?
[08:44] <matschaffer> I’m still just parrotting Jed here, so don’t thank me yet :) - I got the impression they’re kind of arbitrary
[08:45] <matschaffer> not sure if you can leave gaps or not
[08:45] <matschaffer> but account_info will show you the current one for the signing account
[08:46] <matschaffer> everettForth: starting with that and incrementing is probably the way to go. Hopefully that’s feasible for the way your generating txns
[08:47] <everettForth> that is so weird, but ok, thanks, matschaffer
[08:50] <matschaffer> that you have to set them before ledger close? I think it’s since th main point of consistency happens during the close. So if you don’t specify then multiple nodes could end up with transactions and no deterministic ordering for them
[08:51] <matschaffer> just an educated guess though. Haven’t read much of the code yet
[08:52] <matschaffer> everettForth: anyway, about time for me to turn it in. Here’s hoping my guesses pan out. But if not you know where to find me :)
[08:56] <everettForth> thanks, matschaffer!
[08:56] <everettForth> goodnight!
[08:57] <matschaffer> np. goodnight to you too
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