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[01:41] <everettForth> stellar is up in value today
[01:55] <everettForth> ok, it's surprising that no one is talking about this to me. Does anyone know what's going on?
[01:55] <everettForth> Did someone in china decide they need to buy a lot of STR?
[03:05] <Kwelstr> everettForth: theories are the chinese yep
[03:05] <Kwelstr> but is it another pump n dump or is it here to stay?
[03:16] <everettForth> Kwelstr: where did you hear these theories?
[03:16] <everettForth> wow, a big drop in the past hour
[03:29] <Kwelstr> it's on the background noise, forum chats, etc
[03:39] <everettForth> It's surprising to me how much more activity there is on the bt38 exchange
[07:43] <matschaffer> wow, STR is nearly 1/1 with JPY
[08:31] <Max> is the stellar wiki removed ?
[08:32] <Guest76129> Is the stellar wiki removed ?
[08:32] <Guest76129> as it redirects to https://www.stellar.org/developers/
[08:32] <Guest76129> can anyone help with installing stellar in centos
[08:32] <Guest76129> centos6
[08:33] <Guest76129> after building it using scons ... it is showing "rippled" ...
[08:33] <Guest76129> instead of stellard
[08:33] <Guest76129> is this a flaw ?
[08:33] <Guest76129> i need urgent help on this one
[09:04] <Bekki_> hi, all of the content has been ported to the stellard readme on github
[09:04] <Bekki_> the build instructions, in particular, are here: https://github.com/stellar/stellard/blob/master/doc/building-stellard.md
[09:05] <Guest76129> is it normal to get a "rippled" binary instead of "stellard"
[09:05] <Guest76129> ?
[09:06] <Guest76129> i have checkout out the release branch btw
[09:06] <Guest76129> and then built
[09:06] <Guest76129> checked*
[12:06] <Stellarfan> Connecting to: { "result" : { "peers" : null, "status" : "success" } }
[12:06] <Stellarfan> can anyone help ?
[12:07] <Stellarfan> it does not seem to connect to any peer
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