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[15:04] <stelldev> I need a bit of help setting up a gateway, can anyone help?
[15:45] <bibbit_> I read somewhere that the guys at One Million Gateways are prepared to handle stellar gateways in addition to ripple gateways. stelldev, give them a ring: http://onemilliongateways.com/
[16:54] <kliown> how to get invite code?
[16:55] <kliown> how to get invite code?
[17:18] <kliown> oioioi
[17:38] <alty> hello, taking another look at stellar today because of recent price surge... there is a foundation that holds x amount of coins but does anybody know who controls the other 94 (approx) billion?
[20:34] <andrewstellar> stelldev, what questions do you have specifically?
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