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[02:56] <so> is the validator down?
[03:20] <asyn> Any idea why there was no ledger close for the last 3 hours?
[03:23] <so> good question
[03:34] <everettForth> omg
[04:27] <everettForth> irisli: is stellar down?
[07:32] <strllar_> sdf guys disappeared these days.
[07:40] <everettForth> looks like stellar.org is back up at least
[11:14] <everettForth> hi bogavante
[11:14] <everettForth> stellar.org wasn't working for a good part of the evening, so I wouldn't be too hard on Poloniex ;)
[11:26] <bogavante> who's being hard?
[11:43] <everettForth> oh you pointed out their site was down
[11:47] <bogavante> yes, on a thread on our forum where a user is asking for help because he is not able to deposit/withdraw
[11:48] <bogavante> so me posting in that thread that I found their website was also down is being too hard on them, is that what you are saying?
[11:51] <bogavante> anyway, message me privately if you require to continue this discussion, or feel free to post your opinion in the forum. I rarely use IRC for more than a few times a day
[11:51] <bogavante> cheers :-)
[11:55] <bogavante> and BTW the stellar network seems to have been down for quite a while now, wallet, explorers... all down since a few hours
[12:13] <everettForth> yes, bogavante it came back up for a little bit
[16:06] <asyn> They fixed it for a few hours but now we didn't have a ledger close for 7 hours again. Do they have to approve every ledger manually now?
[22:15] <Eva__> The Stellar network had several hours of downtime. During this time no ledgers closed. The validator is now back up and closing ledgers normally.
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