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[08:05] <everettForth> how's it going? anyone awake?
[08:05] <joyce_> mooooo
[08:06] <joyce_> ;)
[08:08] <everettForth> hey joyce_ , how's the week going? I keep running into usability issues when I try to plan out onecred services with stellar.
[08:10] <everettForth> We talk about making services where people don't know they're using stellar. They're just using a fast way to send money. But the cost in STR to fund each wallet might be 20+20 for trust lines, plus fees = 50 STR, or about 10 cents per user
[08:11] <joyce_> ya but we are funding everyone
[08:12] <everettForth> It's just hard to fund people in STR initially without people gaming it to take the stellars
[08:14] <everettForth> So, if someone gets an email, "you've got some bitcoin", just go to onecred, and they don't have a stellar account, I could give them a funded stellar account, or tell them to go to stellar.org and make an account, and they might not get any free stellars right now
[08:15] <everettForth> but if I just track all of the bitcoin internally, I can just send it to them on the bitcoin network, and it simplifies things
[08:16] <joyce_> This is in the situation where someone is sending btc to someone who is not on stellar and you want to send them an email informing them?
[08:17] <everettForth> Right, so If I want to send 0.01 BTC to youremail@gmail.com putting stellar in the loop complicates things. You could give people free stellar in the background, but people could abuse it.
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