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[01:07] <Eridius> Eva_: I would say that for a password to be "okay" it must be generated in a way that a modern password cracker can't crack in a reasonable amount of time. Randomly-generated is best, but using some scheme that produces sufficiently non-predictable results, such as the one Bruce Schneier described in that article, would be good
[01:08] <Eridius> and a "good" password needs to still be considered secure if it's left unchanged for a couple of years
[01:08] <Eridius> the primary distinguishing characteristic between "okay" and "good" is probably just length; longer passwords are harder to crack, assuming their extra length is non-predictable (as opposed to e.g. using longer english words)
[01:11] <javorszky> @Eridius: so... sentence-passwords where the length is 30+ chars are bad? Them being made up of dictionary words
[01:11] <Eridius> javorszky: those were never good, unless the words were chosen randomly by a computer (randomly by a human doesn't count, humans are notoriously terrible at being random)
[01:11] <Eridius> the XKCD advice of "correct horse battery staple" was actually decent at the time, but it's not good anymore
[01:12] <Eridius> (even random, 4 words like that isn't very secure)
[01:12] <Eridius> it was only good because password crackers didn't really expect to find passwords like that. After the XKCD comic, they adapted because people started doing that
[01:17] <Eva_> @eridius Got it. I think I was operating under a different definition of good/okay, so I will adapt that. And I really love the Schneier article - thank you for showing it to me!
[01:18] <Eridius> Eva_: yeah, it's easy to think in terms of okay/good, as in an okay password is better than a bad one but not _great_. The problem is "better than a bad one" is meaningless if your password takes an hour to crack instead of 30 minutes
[01:19] <Eva_> Sure
[01:20] <Eva_> That's definitely important to remember
[01:20] <Eridius> I know I've been guilty of using bad passwords in the past. And for the longest time I justified it as "it's so annoying to type these passwords on my iPhone, I need to use a scheme I can remember instead of randomly-generated ones". But with iOS 8 and the 1Password extension, that excuse doesn't work anymore
[01:24] <javorszky> ACTION what about zubikey et al?
[01:24] <javorszky> didn't mean to /me that
[01:24] <javorszky> also, *yubico
[01:24] <javorszky> not zubikey
[01:24] <Eridius> javorszky: not familiar with that one. 1Password is my password vault of choice. I haven't looked at the others to see if they offer any kind of iOS 8 integration
[01:24] <javorszky> Eridius: https://www.yubico.com/
[01:25] <Eridius> oh it's a dongle
[01:25] <javorszky> it's a physical thing that is in essence an external keyboard
[01:25] <Eridius> that's cute. It's a one-time password device that pretends to be a keyboard typing the keys
[01:26] <Eridius> but that just solves OTP, unless you want to talk about using smart card based logins
[01:27] <javorszky> one of their products can be used as an nfc smartcard. You touch the phone with it, and are authenticated with app
[01:27] <javorszky> obviously apps need to know how to handle that auth
[16:05] <Vinnie_win> Morning
[17:20] <bogavante> hi guys
[17:21] <bogavante> I am still experiencing this strange behaviour on my wallet with the missing transactions on the dashboard. It's always the same lat 16 transactions that disappear from the list
[17:22] <bogavante> This is a screenshot of my wallet right now: http://imgur.com/W0Um2jE
[17:23] <bogavante> the last transaction shown is from 2 months ago. There are 16 transactions that are "missing"
[17:23] <bogavante> has anybody else had this problem?
[18:23] <andrewstellar> hey bogavante what's your stellar address for that account??
[18:27] <bogavante> gwbGQoee3y6VFyfnyuZm1TCRgdqcNxvGon
[18:28] <bogavante> I just found out that those 16 transactions have disappeared not only from stellar wallet's dashboard
[18:29] <bogavante> or maybe it was just a hiccups from stellarchain.io
[18:31] <andrewstellar> so you're seeing them now?
[18:33] <bogavante> when you asked me for my address, I quickly checked it in stellarchain.io
[18:33] <bogavante> and the same transactions were not being displayed there
[18:33] <bogavante> they were shown when I refreshed the page
[18:34] <bogavante> as I said yesterday when I first mentioned this, it comes and goes
[18:34] <bogavante> I'll check my stellar.org wallet now
[18:35] <bogavante> I cannot login now. I get "Login credentials are incorrect"
[18:36] <bogavante> I'´ll triple-check
[18:38] <bogavante> I cannot login to my wallet now. Getting "Login credentials are incorrect"
[18:40] <bogavante> I must go now, I can continue in a few hours
[18:40] <bogavante> ok?
[18:43] <bogavante> ok, bye :-)
[19:11] <andrewstellar> sorry bogavante had to step away
[19:12] <andrewstellar> did you enabled 2factor auth after migrating to v2?
[19:18] <Bekki> hi bogavante, ping us when you are back - feel free to send me a priv message, and i'll be alerted.
[19:53] <bogavante> hi I'm back
[20:10] <bogavante> I can login now to my stellar wallet
[20:10] <bogavante> I enabled 2FA when v2 was on staging
[20:13] <bogavante> there's somebody else in the forum reporting also trouble with "Login credentials are incorrect"
[20:14] <bogavante> Seems to be two separate problems("disappearing transactions" vs. "Login credentials are incorrect")
[20:15] <bogavante> I´ll be around, let me know if you need more info from me
[20:26] <bogavante> and here I managed to reproduce it also on stellarchain.io as you can see in the screenshot taken just now: http://imgur.com/nQpqYS4
[20:26] <bogavante> it's missing the same 16 transactions that disappear on ocassions on my wallet dashboard
[20:31] <bogavante> right away I refreshed the page and the missing 16 transactions are shown again: http://imgur.com/RCPJ82J
[21:09] <Bekki> hi bogavante, glad to hear that you can log in
[21:10] <Bekki> the intermittently "disappearing transactions" do not appear to be related
[21:16] <bogavante> yes, I think the same
[21:18] <bogavante> do you need me to provide you any more info?
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