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[02:53] <proteusguy> My company is looking for an independent person/team to audit our Stellar "Contract" which has been developed in Python3 and is currently operational. If you have experience auditing code of this nature please contact me here via PM or by email to scherrey AT proteus-tech.com . Would like to get this done ASAP.
[10:35] <xaguilar> Hi guys, I have a small question regarding HPX that you might now. So I'm running a runtime that is built on top of HPX, and this runtime tries to do thread throttling. However, when the runtime tries to suspend a thread, the application crashes with this message "this thread pool does not support suspending processing units: HPX(invalid_status)".
[10:36] <xaguilar> Do you know whether I have to compile HPX with some special flag to allow thread suspension or whether this problem comes from my system libraries?
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