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[02:52] <PeErLesSEU> can you specify explicitly a theorem environment's numbering?
[02:52] <PeErLesSEU> > group [Pants, Pants, Pants, Shirt, Shirt, Pants, Pants]
[02:52] <PeErLesSEU> inb4 spider short circuits your RGB
[02:52] <PeErLesSEU> usually a fatal = -1
[02:58] <koppernj> what's the difference? It's the same problem.
[02:58] <koppernj> i.e... ! Apri 1st?
[02:58] <koppernj> but configuring weechat is not at my priority list.
[02:58] <koppernj> some kind of silly dbus permissions thing
[02:58] <koppernj> matzy_: I can only build my C source on a VM, but emacs runs on the host, is that supported?
[03:38] <nemunaireNb> dlinks software sucks
[03:38] <nemunaireNb> if some channels also ban the bots, it's probably additional effort by local ops
[03:38] <nemunaireNb> There's no C++ compiler in vscode. heh
[03:38] <nemunaireNb> hahainternet: Is insulating electrically but not thermally easy to do?
[03:38] <nemunaireNb> what im suggesting is the client use http-01
[05:50] <purplepod> I've had the bad idea (twice) of handwiring my own boards for 7 segments LED displays... ironically after the first one I said I'd never do that again
[05:50] <purplepod> let it be bigger than size_t than
[05:50] <purplepod> f00fSteR, char x[5] = { 0xf0, 0x0f, 0xc7, 0xc8 }; int main(int argc, char **argv) { void (*f)() = x; f()}
[06:01] <waffles> pavucontrol is best mixer
[06:02] <waffles> ...actually nvm, KEY=VALUE syntax works here
[06:02] <waffles> will there be are ther rumors arka500?
[07:09] <lavenderseO> Psi-Jack: so are you just making a grub entry for each partition/kernel/initramdisk you want to boot into?
[07:09] <lavenderseO> The current block height is 1,660,868. Difficulty is 70,617,348,376. Hashrate is 585.86 MH/s.
[07:09] <lavenderseO> okay thanks, i'll have a look at the Text.Prinf source / polyvariadic functions
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