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[00:33] <lilanlYP> Yeah, nothing @thiago
[00:33] <lilanlYP> Okay, thats what I feared, so I'll need to de-centralize this process
[00:33] <lilanlYP> it's pretty much the same, but they're all unified into one
[00:42] <a3DmaniJ> greycat: What about pasting bash scripts by converting them to Data Link URIs?
[00:42] <a3DmaniJ> iterm can be made to do the same
[03:10] <KottizenpU> that's sometimes written C^2_n or something like that
[03:11] <KottizenpU> MrElendig: A silly question perhaps: I need t create the directory, where to mount the drive right? And after unmounting it, I must delete the directory (udiskctl wont do it)?
[03:11] <KottizenpU> you can do some wizardry with `curl` and `jq` if you're using GitHub
[03:11] <KottizenpU> https://boards.4chan.org/g/thread/67321632
[03:11] <KottizenpU> lavalike: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/mueval
[05:38] <dibasqq> Luminax: why would you need both?
[05:38] <dibasqq> greycat: the git command seems fine indepently
[05:38] <dibasqq> kwmi*
[05:38] <dibasqq> eeeeeta: could you show the logs?
[05:38] <dibasqq> https://pastebin.com/svdy7FWb also RhodiumToad I never declared ocallay variables either
[05:38] <dibasqq> but yeah, any decent registrar provides free DNS hosting
[07:57] <bluemeaniedf> except i can't figure out how to set up my firewall :)
[07:57] <bluemeaniedf> teward: I generated id_rsa and uploadd it to github
[07:57] <bluemeaniedf> jim: thanks! I was thinking that grub would probably work, its just such a new thing, I wanted to make sure it's supported
[07:57] <bluemeaniedf> Seems like they support Snaps now or at least that's what Snapcraft is.
[07:57] <bluemeaniedf> notepad has bugs that for make it unusable
[07:57] <bluemeaniedf> and add their names to /etc/modules
[09:05] <CrazyyMaxxZl> like... why would someone want to do that?
[09:05] <CrazyyMaxxZl> crimson_king: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
[09:05] <CrazyyMaxxZl> it used to be available as an apt binary
[09:08] <KaarecF> WQL: see PM
[09:08] <KaarecF> http://lpaste.net/
[09:08] <KaarecF> c4017w_: Right. That kind of anonymous union does not have to be directly addressed. You can just refer to the contained elements.
[09:08] <KaarecF> heres what i use
[09:08] <KaarecF> syncing time from your isp dns server
[09:09] <KaarecF> Although tar (even without xz) will use less space.
[10:01] <alankilawa> might be possible to make the camera usable without the app though.
[10:01] <alankilawa> 2018-09-25 11:43:57] use pool
[10:01] <alankilawa> switching to bind9
[10:01] <alankilawa> solar: got that w/ metin money back in the day
[10:04] <latzwJ> It's that disgusting. :p
[10:04] <latzwJ> I don't like this at all
[10:04] <latzwJ> centril: I'm with you
[10:37] <caw_________> Gerrymandering by republicans is a form of homosexuality.
[10:37] <caw_________> It's undecidable because it's more powerful :P
[10:37] <caw_________> phinxy, it's cd -
[10:37] <caw_________> just found it eating ~8GB RAM
[10:37] <caw_________> tawr, oh. My question was entirely unrelated!
[10:37] <caw_________> whatever that's called, System Preferences -> Keyboard
[14:41] <imoutont> blackk: H_n(X,Z) is usually means homology
[14:42] <imoutont> like i said on xmpp few minutes ago: the good thing about this situation is that with new system (whatever it will be) we will most probably get rid of abusers, which means open door to either encrypted mailbox (server side) or proper end to end encryption (but then no impa/pop3)
[14:42] <imoutont> It just need a textual I/O
[14:42] <imoutont> Matthew_: I'd go with that, yes (it's at staff discretion)
[14:42] <imoutont> pragmaticenigma: you're mostly right... this is kind of a fruitless endeavor on my part... I think the directive, regardless of the spelling, is ignored since `ini_get` always returns false
[14:42] <imoutont> dgp: they're call bitcoins, and I'm going to memorize an offline private key and send all my bitcoins there.
[14:48] <loekenAq> that's because there isn't a way to wipe the entire thing due to wear levelling.
[14:49] <loekenAq> So I hope we can talk another time...
[15:35] <d3lxauU> Well that rules out penguins and dinosaurs
[15:35] <d3lxauU> more efficient?
[19:04] <RickPH> Mekely: it will, every year, freenode has some hard time
[19:04] <RickPH> so i want to use a raspberry pi device as a firewall for a small home network. what are the basics of such a feat? how do i redirect the outgoing traffic to raspberry pi then back to router?
[20:06] <bgardnerfR> so i need to put them in dom0 i guess
[20:06] <bgardnerfR> after that error I get a normal prompt for password to decrypt my container
[20:14] <kraftto> B132: but for real though, ideally you would want to think of groups as geometrically as possible
[20:15] <kraftto> aalm: oh, that sounds nasty :)
[20:15] <kraftto> me too ;)
[20:15] <kraftto> of course the difficult part is to get them with really good T1/T2 characteristics
[21:50] <teadrop___Uh> Then I suppose the eigenvector associated with the smalllest eigenvalue is the best solution.
[21:51] <teadrop___Uh> GROUP BY question_id;
[21:51] <teadrop___Uh> bbugyi201: tee within the script...
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