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[00:17] <snehringOG> onkel chron0 gib aio for my room or custom loop
[00:17] <snehringOG> i'll just handle failure of git archive instead to sort out the edge case of people not having made a commit yet
[02:53] <jmaki_> oh i know. it's annoying
[02:53] <jmaki_> python476: presumably the SMPS powering the 5V suddenly had to sink a lot of current, decided it didn't like that and shut off
[03:58] <Hayate> swerlx: /sbar topic disable
[03:58] <Hayate> Nei
[03:59] <Hayate> but it's always confusing whether those should be considered as characters, or bytes in the stream
[08:11] <enenkO> okuu: it's easy to formulate it
[08:11] <enenkO> MarcelineVQ, i mean to replace my distro haskell
[08:12] <enenkO> hexoroid: fun fact: there are multiple implementations of 'rename', each with different syntax
[08:12] <enenkO> thanks for all your help guys :)
[08:12] <enenkO> No, mine is not released.
[08:12] <enenkO> https://i.imgur.com/rwcqqj1.png
[09:05] <TheNavigatZg> tbh, most of the time you dont need to worry about the linker anyway
[09:05] <TheNavigatZg> sunrunner20: I do think getting at individual cells would be better
[09:05] <TheNavigatZg> p3rL: chinese secret police come for you yet?
[12:31] <stubbersBw> yeah i probly did
[12:31] <stubbersBw> So, for example, you have an isomorphism between the additive group Z/2Z and the multiplicative group (Z/4Z)^*.
[12:31] <stubbersBw> Yeah, the OS X download is right where it's always been.
[12:31] <stubbersBw> Wasn't there a paper someplace that even just overwriting a harddisk with all zeroes once makes it effectively unrecoverable?
[12:31] <stubbersBw> it was bash-completion
[12:43] <vemacs_> see panama papers
[12:44] <vemacs_> Hello, trying to understand more about bash and /dev/stdin. So when I use for example cat file.txt | grep something, I always though that | send the output of the previous command as arguments for the second, but reading about /dev/stdin it's actually sending them to /dev/stdin and the following command reads from /dev/stdin
[12:44] <vemacs_> hi all, im running ubuntu server 18.04.x (just downloaded and installed) in a virtual box environment and setup a nat network thru VBox with the wrong address (10.0.2.x/24) versus 10.2.1.x/24 which is the correct scheme for my DHCP... well DHCP seems to be offering an address on 10.0.2.x/24 anyways and i re-configured the nat settings in vbox to be 10.2.1.x/24 but dhclient wont issue a 10.2.1.x/24 address, it keeps saying it's
[13:20] <duck_whisperer> Is that a true RNG?
[13:20] <duck_whisperer> zachoooo: a parser?
[13:20] <duck_whisperer> thats text only
[13:20] <duck_whisperer> it's a basic cash for clicks. scheme.
[13:20] <duck_whisperer> Although it might be nicer to only act on it when it's actually of that format with a regex
[13:21] <duck_whisperer> inside
[13:37] <paws__> backnforth: Pricewise def. ouchie
[13:37] <paws__> 4yˆò¹ȁ )ñ7Ѫ¢Wi¦ n†ÓMÛyGQS[Ï(ާ-÷”9
[14:15] <austin987> purnifire: edit your ~/.bash_history by hand, or using sed, then clear your history and re-read it
[14:15] <austin987> spaces: ssh + screen + .screenrc
[14:18] <Guest25239> I never considered it to be like 'inheritance' before but, reading about it, it makes a lot of sense
[14:18] <Guest25239> I can't just say "yes" or "no" because it depends on _which_ Riemann-Hurwitz theorem you mean
[14:18] <Guest25239> fkn 18 years old now.. its old enough to drink here
[14:51] <zyextant> all because you folks are afraid of just handling root responsibility
[14:52] <zyextant> Siecje: Are you sure sudo crontab -e edits root's crontab?
[14:52] <zyextant> pingfloyd: that works, but it messes with my being able to interpret it since it uses the beginning anchor character for something else
[16:45] <InPhaseKW> they are..
[16:45] <InPhaseKW> they're united conceptually
[16:45] <InPhaseKW> @catphish detecting which voltage are we talking about? the one that supplies the Pi?
[16:45] <InPhaseKW> what if i were to split the aria into two areas?
[17:02] <TwixHC> meaning i need to have a dns a record for *.aroonilabs.com => ip address
[17:02] <TwixHC> There was a channel for general talks about db. can anyone remember it's name?
[17:02] <TwixHC> the USA should lead by example, but instead they bomb by example :P
[17:02] <TwixHC> solar: the dirty ass hoe hippy?
[17:02] <TwixHC> Also what doesn't work -- quoting it?
[17:02] <TwixHC> (I hate they way they state it all: contrary to appearance, n is *not* fixed ahead of time)
[17:16] <Sandcrab> I almost always include public in my table and function definitions and references.
[17:16] <Sandcrab> is there some way in C++ (since this is arduino) that I can group a bunch of types together into one object-style lump
[17:16] <Sandcrab> any better ways to factor out common code into lib files?
[17:53] <rainer_tmKN> FunkyBob i don't even know if that sthe issue
[17:53] <rainer_tmKN> i mean gearbest.com
[17:54] <rainer_tmKN> jeez, why is let even in there
[17:54] <rainer_tmKN> johto: Yeah, you mean for test environment, use one of the replica, promote it to master and pg_upgrade it.
[20:18] <TeguFn> altura señorita
[20:18] <TeguFn> ladsd: that seems overly simplistic, but i get it
[20:18] <TeguFn> I'm just not sure how to do that.
[20:50] <thbltKs> this one uses cherry low profile blue clones
[20:50] <thbltKs> Thank Goodness cause they shoulda done this years ago
[20:50] <thbltKs> BCMM: Thank you, but the main thing is not to show a notification, but run a graphical application. A notification is just for test, so adding a service for notification would be unecessary
[20:50] <thbltKs> after installation, it will never again be connected to the internet
[20:50] <thbltKs> Well, BBL - got to reboot :(
[20:51] <thbltKs> how is it off?
[22:32] <matt-hjx> he gonna take your book?
[22:32] <matt-hjx> docs know :)
[22:32] <matt-hjx> SyfiMalik, see if you can do that with your settings
[23:52] <pawssW> crazybit: I think we're basically saying the same thing
[23:52] <pawssW> fling: perhaps, I'll study your suggestion a bit
[23:52] <pawssW> and the price hasnt come down in the year or so since they released it
[23:52] <pawssW> So they draw a mini triangle so you know what shape they are referring to? I think that is wrong, I remember being told why before.
[23:53] <pawssW> this user is actually connected from matrix, no [m] here
[23:53] <pawssW> but they did use dragnet surveillance to target and attack dissidents
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