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[00:04] <riataman> the &> is truncate?
[00:04] <riataman> aye, absolutely, jp, but if we're curious buggers pulling back the veil so to speak, then yadda yadda yadda
[05:39] <FUZxxljF> __amine__: it sounds like the grub from 14.04 is getting loaded. Not from 18.04 as it should be.
[05:39] <FUZxxljF> Next question people, you've all been very helpful. Im trying to use the NVIDIA card to do some transcoding jobs. It works well when I set in BIOS to use offboard GPU. Is it completely impossible to use onboard GPU but STILL talk to the nvidia GPU for transcoding?
[05:40] <FUZxxljF> damn foreigners ;)
[05:40] <FUZxxljF> getting tired of this.. :(
[05:40] <FUZxxljF> dalcde: Sure. Let's say that the average employee at my company makes $100K a year, and I'm offering somebody a job. If that somebody has a basic understanding of statistics, they may realize that it doesn't necessarily mean that they'll get anywhere close to that should I employ them
[05:40] <FUZxxljF> (I don't really understand most this networking stuff :P)
[09:03] <MrNeonRB> oh, ".. versionadded:: Fluorine
[09:03] <MrNeonRB> also n generally means number of elements, should i have my first index be always 1?
[17:07] <slashfocuspQ> 'pretty hard, why?' "the only time i've seen a wear pattern like this was on a motorcycle"
[17:07] <slashfocuspQ> I just don't know if ubuntu is the right distro for me i also run debian sometimes but it's just as hacked though it worked
[17:23] <Guest85257> john's special day is definitely the best
[17:24] <Guest85257> (unreg) I have something value in a variable like this NEW=1.1.2-3 and i wanted t to converted it in this form replace the - with dot.. Some help on this would be appreciated
[17:39] <pistachiovk> if you say so, I'm just old
[17:39] <pistachiovk> codebrainz: that's what i'm saying
[17:39] <pistachiovk> Hey, how to change colors fir ":syntax on" option ?
[17:39] <pistachiovk> Viper-7: Well then I call you an idiot for a better reason then. Deal with it.
[17:39] <pistachiovk> Not my problem!
[17:40] <pistachiovk> Btw, the length is always 3 since I am generating a list with only 3 letters
[17:56] <J0hnSteelgy> dpkg-source: error: unrepresentable changes to source
[17:56] <J0hnSteelgy> thats why im waiting for the first gen 8 cores to be sub 200
[17:56] <J0hnSteelgy> Yeah, that won't work with the way people write
[17:56] <J0hnSteelgy> maerwald: can i still ask this: what would be the "expected" layout for the sample you posted, that remains in 80 columns?
[17:56] <J0hnSteelgy> yea srv shouldn't have any gui. after boot, it should display CLI login screen
[20:07] <rfigV> as long as you are 5 ft 8 or higher
[20:07] <rfigV> jcdutton: yes i should try that first
[20:08] <rfigV> Pah
[20:36] <Ammlerss> i've got one of those. i have to install a module to make python use the windows cert store, and it doesn't seem to use it in the same run it's downloaded
[20:36] <Ammlerss> escherial: i guess they would be there but with an outdated tag or is it not like that?
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