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[00:58] <Guest26852> s/probably//
[00:58] <Guest26852> Or maybe its not TH.. I have no idea what causes this.
[00:58] <Guest26852> all around system of ubuntu? ok
[00:58] <Guest26852> me and x are just too hot
[00:59] <Guest26852> appeal to authority doesn't work on the internet in anonymous chats
[00:59] <Guest26852> ebollhub
[03:14] <roschLJ> Left identity :P
[03:15] <roschLJ> how to use ubuntu man ?
[03:15] <roschLJ> sclittle: Great - thanks!
[03:15] <roschLJ> ive read that
[06:11] <a1faFE> below that I wrote
[06:11] <a1faFE> The current block height is 1,656,427. Difficulty is 69,722,438,245. Hashrate is 580.81 MH/s.
[06:36] <coyfish_> for some reason is one partition not in the not linux_raid_member but ext4
[06:36] <coyfish_> freenode will answer you, but you'll probably have to ask patiently
[07:41] <FlummixV> ;)
[07:42] <FlummixV> yea probably i should read its man page first then come back
[07:42] <FlummixV> <2nd>
[08:20] <loophole_kM> durandal_1707, when specifying options with AVDictionary, the same rule applied?
[08:20] <loophole_kM> hey i found somethng!!!
[08:20] <loophole_kM> why is VERSION_NUM an issue?
[08:20] <loophole_kM> but we didn't integrated yet so the sign can't change?
[08:41] <avalonSU> I mean function overload.
[08:41] <avalonSU> The computers would have to be using the routers DNS also
[09:08] <dsirrineUM> so for most purposes, its a good replacement
[09:08] <dsirrineUM> that fixed it
[10:28] <Sleepy_Codertt> The only thing that really matters is that |xₘyₘ - xₘyₙ| < ε and |xₘyₙ - xₙyₙ| < ε.
[10:28] <Sleepy_Codertt> Maybe with FaceID gen 2 or 3.
[10:28] <Sleepy_Codertt> if that program uses C99 features, it is unlikely that's the only problem you'll find trying to build it in a C89 compiler
[10:28] <Sleepy_Codertt> after i played with it
[10:43] <sehropeuZ> 2009 spinny metal laptop hd here
[10:43] <sehropeuZ> kyan: %%
[10:43] <sehropeuZ> Karlton: Off-topic. Move along.
[10:43] <sehropeuZ> alee: either you provide us with enough data to look at it, or stop
[12:01] <tmbergFW> why were people pushing libsodium to me earlier? it sounds weird
[12:01] <tmbergFW> ChaiTRex: Have you considered using Int32 or Int64 instead?
[12:06] <l4m8d4> It's a wiki.
[12:06] <l4m8d4> I want to get all possible statistics from chromium through chrome dev tools
[12:06] <l4m8d4> pagnol: does grub show up? can you boot into a specific kernel? "I cant seem to boot anymore" doesnt tell much
[14:36] <polux36Pv> I may be wrong though
[14:37] <polux36Pv> gu jack_rip_vim
[14:37] <polux36Pv> http://ix.io/1km4
[14:37] <polux36Pv> samueldr: the next place it is to reset it in the if(runEnv) section
[14:37] <polux36Pv> perhaps they found that it wasn't good enough.. No idea
[15:51] <podmanqq> I didn't notice that one because it rendered so badly
[15:51] <podmanqq> ѕ∪n iѕ not ԁoing Alⅼah iѕ ⅾoing
[15:51] <podmanqq> you're not even getting it from the ubuntu repositories though, so not on topic here
[15:51] <podmanqq> i mean with all the automatically redundant stuff you get these days, uninterrupted uptime of a single node seems like a rare requirement anyway
[15:51] <podmanqq> but it's really just fish
[15:51] <podmanqq> Then read in whatever will fit in an integer
[15:56] <JettaJoeyLf> Ah cool, just looks a bit cleaner than the last time I used it, I guess you can theme it?
[15:56] <JettaJoeyLf> Should be something like sys-usb:sda VOLNAMEORLABEL distappvm
[15:56] <JettaJoeyLf> I think I would have said commutative
[15:56] <JettaJoeyLf> pingfloyd: think i better re-size the whole damn thing throw / up to 15-20g
[16:13] <bwoahCQ> this is still a bit vague
[16:13] <bwoahCQ> varesa: also agreed.
[16:14] <bwoahCQ> koala_man, what do you mean "how"?
[16:14] <bwoahCQ> if that's what it's called
[17:00] <aguilbau> I can only break out of the loop by going into BIOS and exiting w/o changes, or issuing `exit` command in the prompt.
[17:00] <aguilbau> ski7777: you may wind up dropping back to a working kernel https://archlinuxarm.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=12022
[17:00] <aguilbau> [ (DE - netname: KABEL-DEUTSCHLAND-CUSTOMER-SERVICES-24)]
[17:00] <aguilbau> But then again so are almost all of my computers :P
[17:00] <aguilbau> 10-12 bit is the most "pro" formats tend to support for video
[17:00] <aguilbau> Hi… question about filter-branch and this example… http://gbayer.com/development/moving-files-from-one-git-repository-to-another-preserving-history/
[17:01] <EnlikYL> asymptotically: man you're brutal
[17:01] <EnlikYL> never doubt a competent lisper
[17:01] <EnlikYL> i don't see what the point over u is
[17:02] <EnlikYL> is putting MySQL db files in git a bad idea? xD
[17:21] <skjoldr_> the google results don't actually contain the keywords :P
[17:21] <skjoldr_> sayo-, i don't see I/O problems there; try posting 'dmesg'
[17:21] <skjoldr_> Similarly, I would have preferred English to be right-branching.
[17:22] <Guest29866> ladders: SUPER SECURE
[17:29] <mangosFe> Thus far, (I have snapshotted my VM) I have initialized a 3rd local repository "test" and I have pushed both "extend-a-clone" and "alt-reality" to it.
[17:29] <mangosFe> blackflow: memory_limit 128 M for fpm
[17:29] <mangosFe> yes, I am.
[19:38] <lost_soul> on high end POWER8s
[19:38] <lost_soul> then I can scroll, search etc and just press to get back to the old man page. so it's easier to navigate man pages
[22:57] <Dad`oJ> Looks wise
[22:57] <Dad`oJ> you dont need blazingfast
[22:57] <Dad`oJ> that's fine.. it just means the process is gonna suck
[23:30] <mrelceezP> phadej: oh, right
[23:30] <mrelceezP> probably some evil neighbour sending disconnect frames
[23:34] <JelmerDDQ> any way to check internet connection with prometheus?
[23:34] <JelmerDDQ> .calc 200 / 72
[23:34] <JelmerDDQ> hasky: hi, this is #freenode. Did you ask that in the wrong channel?
[23:34] <JelmerDDQ> fnepples
[23:35] <JelmerDDQ> you hacked a gibson, they're coming for you
[23:35] <JelmerDDQ> > If I change to anything [m] would be added at end right
[23:39] <brainwashhW> I do df -h and get this
[23:39] <brainwashhW> fking annoying
[23:39] <brainwashhW> jsievers,
[23:39] <brainwashhW> made out of MOSFETs
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