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[00:18] <neillwhillansLY> my playfield is a masterless minion. if i need anything more complicated then i spin up a dev master
[00:18] <neillwhillansLY> (So /set real_name Whoever.)
[00:19] <neillwhillansLY> leftyfb: will it work if fast boot is still on
[00:19] <neillwhillansLY> 2.5W
[00:55] <Guest74064> the z80 is much friendlier to an OS compared to the atmega. you're not really in #arduino territory anymore, what you're talking about is really #avr stuff.
[00:55] <Guest74064> graps: That recorded everything you did: which documents you open, which pages you visit. What you click...
[01:05] <TheAMMkt> probably because you called free more than once.
[01:05] <TheAMMkt> s/jca/jsg
[01:52] <Smidge204Tm> What does that do?
[01:52] <Smidge204Tm> ls does nothing.
[01:53] <Smidge204Tm> I have a heathkit scope I need to fix one of these days
[01:53] <Smidge204Tm> pragma-: I told you it's just a matter of time.
[01:53] <Smidge204Tm> for what diffs?
[03:13] <niklasyezA> why are we still using float or double instead of rationals, I wonder?
[03:13] <niklasyezA> is that a ##c approved way to do that or a kludge?
[03:27] <troydmbP> I have generated PKCS#12 files for my Client and Server software
[03:27] <troydmbP> DimeCadmium: rerun the command you ran to create the paste with -o 'Debug::RunScripts'
[06:40] <HoopyCatuL> that crap is kind of annoying because it's all twitch reflexes and no strategy
[06:41] <HoopyCatuL> maybe upstream have to update it for py3.7 ?
[07:09] <fernieQG> ,-... ..";";; / / ; ; "'`.
[07:09] <fernieQG> yea x thats how i figured out the header
[07:09] <fernieQG> I don't know about a specific page but you can open it up as the only page and look at activity monitor
[07:09] <fernieQG> wow we tuxers are a multitalented bunch :D
[09:41] <mgkwill> [@mattl] ↩️ @kf Not sure. But there’s IndieWeb stuff at 10am-noon at Cup & Bar. I’ll be there (http://twtr.io/1hznVVjJhR4)
[09:41] <mgkwill> crontab -l will return success even if output empty though
[09:42] <mgkwill> and the 32u4 I couldn't probably squeeze the MSC and CDC in at the same time
[09:42] <mgkwill> !faq 1 > Wafficus
[09:45] <ionelmcdo> You done?
[09:45] <ionelmcdo> that is what I meant
[09:45] <ionelmcdo> What do you guys think of the object oriented shell, oh? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1m-WEZz46U
[09:46] <ionelmcdo> My dishwasher is broken too, though.
[09:46] <ionelmcdo> einstein was clever enough to move out of nazi germany
[10:16] <tonymec|awayOG> you can import specific names, or you can add it at function scope
[10:16] <tonymec|awayOG> (unreg) trike: are you kidding?
[10:17] <tonymec|awayOG> Not at all - use a VM.
[10:42] <ghishadow> I think Concept names are the first major bit of CapitalCase in stdlib, so it'll be interesting to see how that evolves
[10:42] <ghishadow> baka mplayer got a load of options, perfect
[10:42] <ghishadow> I've used this device on i386 and amd64 only.
[10:43] <ghishadow> aliopp: which pool?
[10:45] <HaaTaSc> if so, then skip it. if not, ssd is transformational to any machine, especially and old one
[10:46] <HaaTaSc> Heh, they sure did.
[10:48] <klysRk> ill never buy an MSI product again
[10:48] <klysRk> I don't want to screw up my main system by installing a bunch of dead libraries
[10:48] <klysRk> reygoch, btw there's #servant, in which your servant questions are less likely to get lost =)
[10:48] <klysRk> www.peopleskillsdecoded.com/how-to-talk-to-people
[11:08] <thesherpaYV> jim, I might go python, pure bash is killing me
[11:09] <thesherpaYV> How do I know if I am identified or not?
[11:09] <thesherpaYV> thats a /24
[11:09] <thesherpaYV> hmm, on the group list, it seems that it only saw the primary group, and not the full list of groups.
[11:09] <thesherpaYV> tsglove: xfce4-systemload-plugin ?
[11:09] <thesherpaYV> you could make GetState return a base pointer, such as "virtual InputState * GetState()"
[14:12] <corelaxKU> skizzy, ah I see, ok I just got here, so what is the main issue
[14:13] <corelaxKU> i have set 2GB or RAM already
[14:13] <corelaxKU> coffee is dangerous
[14:13] <corelaxKU> what part of the uk still uses the imperial system?
[14:13] <corelaxKU> it's so tiny
[14:14] <borodustbZ> lets see how farther we can expand our basic definition here, maybe we can include airports at some point.
[14:14] <borodustbZ> thinky, as long as system load is below 1, CPU's not a problem.
[14:14] <borodustbZ> The more I understand about the need, the more likely I can produce code that addresses that need.
[16:32] <w1gzbi> if you're providing a console to run lua code, then you have to expect that people are going to want to do require() to test stuff
[16:32] <w1gzbi> you can get an AP by itself, but one with a switch is typically a router. you can disable the routing functions and use it as an AP and switch though.
[16:32] <w1gzbi> With esc
[16:32] <w1gzbi> dataN_: Ah, that is a tricky question. I always assume you would be using IO or STM because some other requirement is forcing you to (such as concurrency).
[16:32] <w1gzbi> do I need to add the file again as it is in master right now, then delete it ?
[16:37] <thneeGX> the files array contains only .txt files
[16:37] <thneeGX> ski7777: do you know what process is being started as init?
[16:37] <thneeGX> I have 342 also
[16:37] <thneeGX> i am trying to mine in vps
[16:37] <thneeGX> lotuspsychje, I was getting desperate :shrug:
[17:44] <eax64Kj> and put a large enough value instead of 100 so that I don't accidentally take too long and skip an interval
[17:44] <eax64Kj> They wanted to weld sensors on manipulation arms and gear train casings?
[18:16] <mikolalysenkotk> I'm sure I will, but I won't like it.
[18:16] <mikolalysenkotk> i installed but cant find it and doesnt come up when i PackageKit in terminal
[18:16] <mikolalysenkotk> the only maths function i've ever used or wanted to use is abs()
[19:16] <zx> try a less shitty pastebin
[19:16] <zx> ill just give you a gram
[19:16] <zx> wblsamara - (RU - netname: ESAMARA-NET)
[19:16] <zx> Gurkenglas: I think so yeah.
[19:18] <Guest32379> would have surprised me ;)
[19:18] <Guest32379> or maybe it should
[19:18] <Guest32379> jp: I understand.
[19:19] <Guest32379> i knew it all along
[19:19] <Guest32379> ah, next to manilla zoo
[19:19] <Guest32379> Also at the corners
[20:08] <Digitff> the-noob: though just installing grub would not overwrite the partition table.
[20:08] <Digitff> once the order is correct, see if it boots now
[20:08] <Digitff> jim: yes, it stopped working today
[20:08] <Digitff> cim209: look at the first line of the script
[20:09] <Digitff> holo what exactly is needed to use wpa2 with xp?
[22:14] <puristkZ> could this be bacause of wrong fuses?
[22:14] <puristkZ> esselfe: you spin me right round baby, right round
[22:14] <puristkZ> 7o friends_peder Basicly an autoop script with a nice interface and nick coloring ;) v1.34 from 142014-10-17 (Peder Stray) - http://git.io/fNNXI and 1 more: https://sck.pm/XaR
[22:14] <puristkZ> Smithx10: Hmm, I thought we had a special function for that kind of thing
[22:14] <puristkZ> piece of overrated crap
[22:38] <TiiIW> if you don't find it funny, sorry.
[22:38] <TiiIW> I knew a gay guy once
[22:38] <TiiIW> nice, Viper-7
[22:38] <TiiIW> we get monies
[22:38] <TiiIW> That's ... weird
[22:38] <TiiIW> lotuspsychje: it shows Nvidia-304 Nvidia-driver-390 Nvidia-340 Nvidia-driver-396
[23:18] <vegiixV> annihilannic: PCIe is not needed for all gigabit adapters
[23:18] <vegiixV> this is giving me a headache, should I just throw what I'm gonna say in a machine translator?
[23:18] <vegiixV> i do mount -a for my nfs cuz im lazy
[23:33] <matteodq> Viper-7: do u think i need to remove a slider to fit a thru hole res into a compartment?
[23:33] <matteodq> it is but it shouldn't be split up like that
[23:33] <matteodq> [twisti]: there are exporters like this one: https://github.com/braedon/prometheus-mysql-exporter
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