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[00:29] <eddynetweb19> sorry I forgot to precise, in c++11
[00:29] <eddynetweb19> What OS you using ?
[00:29] <eddynetweb19> you mean file extension?
[00:29] <eddynetweb19> yeah xD
[02:23] <bennofs> ah not, it isnt
[02:23] <bennofs> framerate filter blends frames only
[02:41] <jimby4> midi is basically like a piece of sheet music
[02:41] <jimby4> i am a tad on the stupid side you see!
[02:41] <jimby4> akdev: these .so files were copied from the system on which nginx was built
[02:41] <jimby4> your example though requires MPTC as MyType is multi-arg
[02:54] <byte512_> dotch: How did you add the inttypes.h?
[03:14] <notwa17> INSANU_ :D
[03:14] <notwa17> mochi101 post pic of yourself
[03:32] <minion26> which info should i send along for ghc bugreport ? this info is a bit minimal https://bpaste.net/show/65c1a44832ed
[03:32] <minion26> You dont write a webpage in c
[03:33] <minion26> Mad7Scientist: we have a new law here where you can only do 40km/h past a stopped police car... caused a few accidents because of people jamming on their brakes when they see a police car on the side of the road
[03:33] <minion26> I know I can possibly google it, but anyone know how to disable the lock screen after resume from suspend in Ubuntu 18, short on time today
[04:26] <WillPittenger19> I wonder if there is a way to cut power to that pci slot?
[04:26] <WillPittenger19> warbo: there no I in TEAM
[04:26] <WillPittenger19> sheriffs: landed a recipe change that will affect how builders & testers transfer build products; if you see weird infra failures, please lmk or ping the trooper (who i have also warned)
[04:52] <tnsepta1> atk: Because the sub-sub-sub-sub working group WG14 didn't update their website, and maybe they are upset with ISO for making changes that they don't like
[04:52] <tnsepta1> B132: the right definition of an abelian group is a group G such that G/[G,G] = 0
[05:28] <iamb28> heh that's clever
[05:28] <iamb28> I'm not a wine expert, but what game is it?
[05:28] <iamb28> Well, 1 and 7 are just the same thing mod 2.
[05:28] <iamb28> BeautifulBash: Make sure you're not in "V~" mode, you need to be in the V with the solid and dashed line
[05:28] <iamb28> I did a couple things, wish I pressed qq before doing them, I want to go to the past and press qq
[05:29] <iamb28> ah. really? shit.
[05:40] <SHODAN20> what's in here
[05:40] <SHODAN20> I don't have time for the podcasts I'm subscribed to right now anyway
[05:40] <SHODAN20> Same for the actual Pillar key I want to use, which in this case is `certbot/deploy/salt.irtnog.org`.
[05:40] <SHODAN20> sergio, ./depends/x86_64-apple-darwin11/include/QtSvg + ./depends/x86_64-apple-darwin11/lib/libQt5Svg.a
[05:40] <SHODAN20> sizeof(char);
[05:40] <SHODAN20> that trick in complex analysis works if a -> oo right? (its easy to see that the usual half-disc contour would give you a really easy ML-bound that you can take the limit of
[05:42] <Dron23> roger ver did it again
[05:42] <Dron23> https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gynjCQPxTz/
[06:05] <dmc6> you сɑn ᥒot ɡet ɑ jοb withοut thᥱ рerⅿisѕіⲟᥒ of ɑⅼlah
[06:05] <dmc6> but I've seen all kinds of setups where people do that
[06:05] <dmc6> iCookie: that comes after building up some muscle in runescape
[06:09] <hiroki24> (unreg) how do i delete lines where column1 appears more than 3 times?
[06:09] <hiroki24> ~ ~ | ; | =========
[06:09] <hiroki24> DranikProgrammer, can you get in as plain user and then su -?"
[06:10] <hiroki24> https://my.mixtape.moe/qwisdz.jpg
[06:10] <hiroki24> mce : [Hardware Error] CPU 2: Machine Check: 0 Bank 5: bea000000000000108 <- '0' count guessed
[07:07] <sunjon_21> s/trusty/a &/
[07:07] <sunjon_21> no, nixos is a secret reserved for only those truly worthy
[08:47] <pita25> why do you think it'd be a bad idea
[08:47] <pita25> _sras_: It can't, but desugaring is not a haskell function
[09:15] <epsilonvK> phogg, I don't need to get "a non-free image" or blob with suse or fedora. One download button does the job. So, again: it's the reason why debian sucks.
[09:15] <epsilonvK> TIL that deque::pop_front causes undefined behavior if the container has no elements in it. this has... stumped me quite a bit, I expected it to be a harmless no-op, like calling erase() on a empty std::vector range.
[09:15] <epsilonvK> qman__: I was debugging that's why I disabled it :)
[09:15] <epsilonvK> wireguard is being mainlined into the vanilla kernel
[09:15] <epsilonvK> robertmeta: no modifications to vimrc. I'm talking about default behaviour.
[09:15] <epsilonvK> mega::num * 50?
[10:13] <dangranospY> what if I use opendir on d_name ?
[10:14] <dangranospY> [ Die Hard - Now I Have A Machine Gun Ho-Ho-Ho - YouTube ] - www.youtube.com
[10:14] <dangranospY> soldering is fine
[10:14] <dangranospY> s1car1us: I actually want them to have the same SSID
[11:06] <lxsameerSu> You can convert Linux from UEFI to Legacy, but you can't do the same with Windows without a reinstall i believe.
[11:07] <lxsameerSu> I don't have X.
[11:07] <lxsameerSu> 4JUdGzvrMFDWrUUwY3toJATSeNwjn54LkCnKBPRzDuhzi5vSepHfUckJNxRL2gjkNrSqtCoRUrEDAgRwsQvVCjZbRyCiSoka422LpgKxDw
[11:07] <lxsameerSu> tds: yes it did set it to that indeed, thats why im asking if that all it need ? nothing else needs to be changed right ?
[11:07] <lxsameerSu> well it works on linux!
[11:07] <lxsameerSu> Anyway, different people find different things hard
[11:25] <heishabi> well, yes. you need a seed from somewhere, so it doesn't just keep giving you the same numbers over and over
[11:25] <heishabi> well.. he is a white male
[11:30] <gothicmindfoodMs> shemales make me sick
[11:30] <gothicmindfoodMs> I found it :-) using pkg-config
[11:46] <CrystalMareCe> i think i can justify it now
[11:46] <CrystalMareCe> Analogous to how Buchberger's algorithm finds simpler generators for ideals of polynomial rings.
[11:46] <CrystalMareCe> thinking that any1 in here is not a trolls is absurd
[11:46] <CrystalMareCe> c50a326: that declares a constructor
[11:46] <CrystalMareCe> hendry: does that do?
[11:54] <jamierocksYs> make it stop
[11:54] <jamierocksYs> lieven: if there is “twitch plays pokemon” and “twitch installs arch linux” why couldn't there be “twitch proves the riemann hypothesis” after all
[11:54] <jamierocksYs> there is no reason to ever have untagged traffic on a trunk
[11:54] <jamierocksYs> And then they go to Coq and show how Coq does 1/0 = 0 and because Coq is math, that means math agrees that 1/0 = 0.
[11:54] <jamierocksYs> but was video editing that bad in former times
[11:54] <jamierocksYs> guiverc: that's it - I knew there were some :)
[13:34] <Guest62326> first-order: and kept everything else testing.
[13:34] <Guest62326> inkbottle: we don't have a web front end for services
[13:34] <Guest62326> most of them
[13:34] <Guest62326> meti6: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
[13:53] <kmehalloP> I got the Sapphire Pulse RX580 8GB as defined by Apple as fully working
[13:53] <kmehalloP> it was added because people kept trying to use regexp_matches and tripping over the fact that it returns a set
[14:10] <CryDeTaankZ> Shucks. So close
[14:10] <CryDeTaankZ> zumba_ad_, no need to keep rebooting it's probably fine.
[14:26] <Guest29260> I'm trying to get the AEON community to fund a float for this game in AEON
[14:26] <Guest29260> I'd need an additional contraint to ensure at most one NULL authcode as well, but that should do it
[14:26] <Guest29260> bipul: you can in total assign $number-of-cores as maximum amount of vcpu for a single machine
[14:26] <Guest29260> the diameter of the circle is 17.4mm
[14:26] <Guest29260> DMAshura, yes. A set is just a bag of points, so you just need to preserve cardinality. But a group has more structure than that, and a ring has more structure even still.
[14:27] <Guest29260> that's the hypothesized solution that always works, and im claiming it doesnt exist, on the grounds that there is always one, and we know what it is, A^{-1}Y
[14:48] <anttoeA> skitz0: no idea sorry, I just cannibalized someone else configuration from git at the beginning
[16:26] <kstarOR> mwilson: >implying people who use betas are stupid
[16:26] <kstarOR> its already 12k
[16:26] <kstarOR> as said, before I used to for i in {1..255}; do ping.....; done
[16:32] <ironsteel> _ikke_: sorry my bad i didnt see what channel im in lol
[16:33] <ironsteel> ok cool ty
[16:33] <ironsteel> zweierpotenzen sounds good, though a bit longwinded
[16:33] <ironsteel> salsan: if you made bios changes or upgraded firmware or microcode it could also potentially cause this.
[16:33] <ironsteel> Implicitly convert arguments to Number / String / Character subclasses and store as Objects
[17:03] <arno_Ts> depending on display refresh rate float should be alright
[17:03] <arno_Ts> vegardx should i try to explain again
[17:23] <yamboOm> (unreg) hey there
[17:23] <yamboOm> autopsy, here's an improvisation; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UNWdUT8bPDA
[17:23] <yamboOm> does Apple even pay attentino to those bug reports?
[17:23] <yamboOm> "portable" can mean both "the code works, unmodified, on many/all platforms/environments", or "the code can reasonably easily be ported to a new platform without major structural changes"
[17:23] <yamboOm> (it's very expensive for some reason, but volunteers can get in free)
[17:23] <yamboOm> queeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[17:58] <zoraelsS> bomb-on-drunk!
[17:58] <zoraelsS> I think my Chrome browser is killing my internet
[17:58] <zoraelsS> Examples are essential
[17:58] <zoraelsS> No, but I already have a .deb. In that deb installing the completions is one step, so I need a place to put it.
[17:59] <zoraelsS> also, does this comply with the NEC, as well as being safe? heh
[17:59] <zoraelsS> hier
[18:09] <reynhoutjE> lays147, don't forget to replace -r 29 with -r ntsc if your content is actually ntsc
[18:09] <reynhoutjE> Hunterkll: you dont' get it.
[18:09] <reynhoutjE> !rt https://twitter.com/kongaloosh/status/1041393234440855553
[19:08] <MadDecentWF> it's all a bit opaque and unknown
[19:09] <MadDecentWF> let me try that however
[19:09] <MadDecentWF> cards, but no matter their phase difference, for two different AC signals, one will always appear negative at times in relation to the other
[19:09] <MadDecentWF> or use one of these methods: https://superuser.com/questions/304142/how-to-determine-the-port-allocated-on-the-server-for-a-dynamically-bound-openss
[19:09] <MadDecentWF> you need a routing device or a firewall to pass communication between vlans
[19:24] <BuckTurg-> VitoG: You must live near me, since all I see is nutjobs everywhere I look.
[19:24] <BuckTurg-> Even application history like your Recents
[19:24] <BuckTurg-> are we discussing openbsd.amsterdam?
[19:24] <BuckTurg-> Hi, how to change directory after run st? st - simple terminal(suckless)
[19:51] <Guest58929> bennythaboi: well yeah but contributor covenants are hard to aviod https://archive.is/FGH1s
[19:51] <Guest58929> not road workers
[20:13] <BeholddW> i can't parse that.
[20:13] <BeholddW> sending data from arduino
[20:13] <BeholddW> at that point you weigh the cost of watts vs the cost of the device
[20:28] <AmginedK> Did you even support ö?
[20:28] <AmginedK> Windshield: what's xcb_point_t ?
[21:32] <linkfanelso> Taneb, cocreature, barrucadu
[21:32] <linkfanelso> if the word hub appears in your exam, just cross it out and carry on ;)
[21:36] <Nerosme> KeithWeisshar: it takes time for a diode to switch from reverse to forward mode
[21:36] <Nerosme> s/good /good, quick /
[21:42] <ayonixrG> python476; I want to build a little desktop touch panel that just drives whats playing on my spotify
[21:42] <ayonixrG> Hi nirik!
[21:42] <ayonixrG> asymptotically2 is a stone cold killer
[21:43] <ayonixrG> Trudat
[21:43] <oyiptongGJ> right, but where
[21:43] <oyiptongGJ> [ *PART 3* AUDIO OF THE INTERCEPT TO THE STOLEN DASH at SeaTac - YouTube ] - www.youtube.com
[22:45] <bonuspunktZk> have to admit D's infrastructure looks fairly elegant
[22:45] <bonuspunktZk> Zexaron: MrElendiggles is right...
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