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[00:04] <jbicha16> all your current questions will be answered in: https://weechat.org/files/doc/stable/weechat_quickstart.en.html#irc_server_options
[00:04] <jbicha16> retran: this keyboard came with its own dongle, i just tried it and got no response from it
[00:04] <jbicha16> yeah you can't mine efficiently with a full set
[00:04] <jbicha16> tsoulus: I'm not familiar with CAD, but can it give me mathematical functions?
[00:17] <Luker4> feeding an empty line outputs default
[00:17] <Luker4> I can see around a hundred of lines in .git/FETCH_HEAD in another repo
[00:17] <Luker4> AnrDaemon: you mean concatenated or parallel?
[00:17] <Luker4> acetoline: that's our present
[00:31] <phtes_> Nobody NEEDS anything except water, food, and to poop
[00:32] <phtes_> configuring xorg 1.7.7 won't be fun...
[00:32] <phtes_> to the point where it's worse than useless
[00:56] <tukruic8> SMB Server Message Block
[00:56] <tukruic8> it is on
[00:56] <tukruic8> fierce indeed
[00:56] <tukruic8> Fausto: if you just want the number of bytes in a file, either will work. 'ls' looks at the directory structure to get file size, 'wc' actually reads the file and counts.
[00:58] <Guest84984> k_j - that's probably a better question for ##c++-general
[00:58] <Guest84984> curious, on openbsd, I have install php7 along with php_pdo then added extension=pdo_mysql.so to /.etc/php-7.0.ini then /etc/rc.d/phpfpm7.0 restart and if I do php -f sample.php where sample.php contains a mysqli_connect() it works however if I hit the same script in a browser it does not work. This says to me that php-fpm does not know about the pdo extensions. What have I missed?
[01:17] <takinbo7> hey Mochi101 post https://monero.win on reddit or something
[01:17] <takinbo7> skyroveRR: a resistor is also ok if it's rated for the power it will dissipate when across mains
[01:26] <mescalito23> heh, I never realized that GiB means gibibytes :-P
[01:26] <mescalito23> TheDcoder: Or... just display the block devices in a list with zenity and make it proceed?
[01:26] <mescalito23> heheh what happened ? :P
[01:26] <mescalito23> its a glass lens
[02:06] <|darc|1> the {1,2} vs. {1,2,1} problem just illustrates that there can be multiple ways of writing the same set; you could also write it as {1,2,3} {3} if you wanted
[02:06] <|darc|1> Atro: yup, they're worded to make you get it wrong :)
[02:45] <binaryatrocity_> Go crazy
[02:45] <binaryatrocity_> mypad$ env | grep moneky
[02:45] <binaryatrocity_> X is n x m in general
[02:45] <binaryatrocity_> that was just an example, the script even named differenctly :)
[03:22] <Akii> erhm, the last git merge should read git merge incoming-branch
[03:22] <Akii> matsaman: dark themes in apps can also cut glare
[03:22] <Akii> when I found out, I added the other domain and repeated sudo certbot --apache
[03:22] <Akii> I think the question is wrong, I gave a counter example
[03:22] <Akii> it took me about a week to forgive myself
[03:29] <qbrix27> You can just build partial funnels
[03:29] <qbrix27> its radeon
[05:12] <lebster25> that lists all their contents
[05:12] <lebster25> it's 2 in this case, since you requested value-initialization of S
[05:12] <lebster25> so it had to run on GHC
[05:36] <polyrob11> You can simplift sqrt(18)/3
[05:36] <polyrob11> V7, I have to go now, I am very sorry, I really wish i could have helped sorting this now. But I would better try with creating a bootable partition, and/or chrooting inside /dev/sdb and the removing grub completely and inside lsblk if cyou could still see /dev/sdb install grub specifically mentioning /dev/sdb something like "grub-install /dev/sdb"
[05:36] <polyrob11> foo never did it to me, though I use mac os from pretty recently
[05:36] <polyrob11> some people (probably most?) don't count any type of infinity as a limit anyway, for real functions.
[05:36] <polyrob11> bls: I'm wondering if adding something to gnome tweaks is the right place to attack the problem.
[07:58] <zamba15> no, you can use the GUI
[07:58] <zamba15> prefer a CLI tool
[07:58] <zamba15> autopsy: it is working fine, I just need to figure out what kind of card it is so I can lookup its specs
[07:58] <zamba15> also how do I mark a method like a to String ?
[08:40] <factium15> ASUS Z170-WS
[08:40] <factium15> i didn't see any real girl from the last 10 years
[08:40] <factium15> help tabmove -> http://vimhelp.appspot.com/tabpage.txt.html#%3Atabmove
[09:23] <tigermousr> i hv vps on blazinghost
[09:23] <tigermousr> can anyone find this https://www.amazon.com/Wireless-Disconnect-Latching-Anti-theft-Electromagnetic/dp/B01IVNE9MC?psc=1&SubscriptionId=AKIAIUVIENEVK2S45UCQ&tag=dash-cameras-20&linkCode=xm2&camp=2025&creative=165953&creativeASIN=B01IVNE9MC but shippable to norway?
[09:24] <SunDwarf29> electric-skeptic: if you want wired devices on your hotspot, you want a client-bridge config on the router, WISP will connect the AP and the router's clients would on their own network separate from the hotspot's other clients
[09:24] <SunDwarf29> The arduino clearly doesn't reset
[09:24] <SunDwarf29> that's all very contrived yeah
[09:24] <SunDwarf29> yo baldengineer:
[09:24] <SunDwarf29> notmike, you'd have to mount sys and dev first
[09:24] <SunDwarf29> if they arent doing anything nefarious), its really not a question for ##electronics.
[09:58] <dbe4> whats their financial numbers and shit tho
[09:59] <dbe4> I doubt it.
[09:59] <dbe4> ave Nvidia 5200m. and using the additional driver from Nvidia. I want to only use Intel GPU and turn-off Nvidia. I try to do this with " prime-select intel " all is okay. but when system reboot KDE not working and Only Show Me a black screen with mouse cursor.
[09:59] <dbe4> feisty
[09:59] <dbe4> meh... a mouth is a mouth
[09:59] <dbe4> flip .) .) .) . ((((flip .) .) .) .) . ((((((.) .) .) .) .) .) . (((((flip ((.) . (:)) .) .) .) .) .) . ((((flip ((.) . (:)) .) .) .) .) . (((flip ((.) . (:)) .) .) .) . ((flip ((.) . (:)) .) .) . (
[10:03] <madorn9> merlincorey: he says he has never used lead-free, this implies he has used leaded solder
[10:03] <madorn9> asymptotically: put the positive and negative at the right spacing
[10:03] <madorn9> (client side)
[10:03] <madorn9> ltl: Screen is designed to allow multi-user screen sharing, when you enable it.
[10:03] <madorn9> you can just use the first letter of the command actually, break => b, run => r etc
[10:03] <madorn9> crst_: not necessarily. Two processes can still share memory, they're just likely to share less
[11:15] <kbsingh0> no im trying to implement something a bit more complicated reusing that
[11:27] <chibill24> errr, I thought yes
[11:27] <chibill24> Is it a known issue if we still have to manually refresh Metadata for new movies?
[11:28] <chibill24> kurahaupo:Ok as much as I have to store an X value by endiant in a variable uint32_t from where the conversion
[11:28] <chibill24> I'm looking to install linux for the first time ever
[11:57] <RabbiBob> cinterp is one C interpreter but it has no direct exposed app, it's an internal shell
[11:57] <RabbiBob> cluelessperson, what about phishing?
[11:57] <RabbiBob> or explain (analyze,verbose) select ...
[11:57] <RabbiBob> fatal bugs
[11:58] <RabbiBob> this kind of information should not be vulnerable to preying eyes
[13:10] <Bryanstein16> 「JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.01, resolution (DPI), density 0x0, segment length 16, Exif Standard: [TIFF image data, big-endian, direntries=1], comment: "CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 75", baseline, precision 8, 375x345, frames 3」
[13:10] <Bryanstein16> So... just migrated back to fedora after a too-long sojourn in the bitter world of Win10. Any news on why the dropbox app has no selective sync option?
[13:39] <Damage-X> At 100 h/s with network diff of 7.03e+10 and block reward 3.91 you can expect 0.0005 XMR per day.
[13:39] <Damage-X> ya vengo
[14:44] <nshepperd2> iptables_rule=(-t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp -d X.X.X.X --dport 443 -j DNAT --to-destination Y.Y.Y.Y); iptables "${iptables_rule[@]}"
[14:44] <nshepperd2> Surely if you need to apply the laws, you need to evaluate them somehow.
[14:44] <nshepperd2> its totally nonconstructive nature bothers a lot of people
[14:44] <nshepperd2> The important thing about chroot is that vsftpd expects to chroot ITSELF into a directory that was specified in the configuration file
[14:44] <nshepperd2> Bonfi96_: you might need the inverse of this map, where you just replace yt+1 by 1-yt
[15:21] <onicrom> Eric^: Just to mention, disk is still readonly attribute set by DISKPART, and testdisk is scanning right now at 12%, so this is only looking around right, not confirming anything
[15:21] <onicrom> Yeah that's true
[15:23] <Xe13> any idea why it loops though?
[15:23] <Xe13> its set up to be a low-pass filter, but you could use it just as a regular op amp :D
[15:23] <Xe13> Problem is, I'm leaning towards macOS.
[15:25] <csshih_26> the state should tax it
[15:25] <csshih_26> i used hitachi, seagate, western digital
[16:15] <karab44> pewpew: probably because changing that kind of code and dependancy isn't easy, and writing alternative is even harder
[16:16] <karab44> hence why he had no kids
[16:16] <karab44> 6yup
[16:16] <karab44> well, I don't expect the average user to actually look into the mpegts file format
[16:16] <karab44> because it only is technically 2 factor if you enable a password
[16:16] <karab44> Use /connect, not /server
[16:17] <IvanBlagdan1> hmm never heard of an irc box
[16:17] <IvanBlagdan1> veverak: no.
[16:18] <IvanBlagdan1> but a pointer to a string is really just a pointer to its first element
[16:18] <IvanBlagdan1> kerframil: <2><3><4><5>
[16:18] <IvanBlagdan1> we need to name this episode "the way we were"
[16:45] <davidlenwell27> chron0: don't look at the mirror for too long, you'll die
[16:45] <davidlenwell27> lole anyone else like bittorrent amirite buy tron
[17:02] <w0rp10> So access into the pi
[17:02] <w0rp10> It's like having a trophy wife.
[17:02] <w0rp10> also perl-lwp-protocol-https
[17:02] <w0rp10> blackflow: so if I specify as FallbackDNS instead of DNS, it should act as such, right?
[17:02] <w0rp10> 40 discs with Linux this year, and another 40 in 2019?
[17:02] <w0rp10> power-fungus: I suspect the worst thing about making () an instance of Num would be that a lot more stuff would default to () in ghci.
[17:05] <your1p> it says that my branch is behind 4 commits
[17:05] <your1p> the other is still alive
[17:05] <your1p> | / : ',___,' ;
[17:05] <your1p> kerframil: and those channels need to +q $~a and enable +z.
[17:05] <your1p> hey guys on the plex android app is there any way to turn off the screen, but keep the audio going?
[17:05] <your1p> 12AM is midnight
[18:03] <Kazzy> that's not supposed to work
[18:03] <Kazzy> is that a euphemism?
[18:33] <keruspe23> only if you accept it
[18:33] <keruspe23> what AAA said
[18:33] <keruspe23> I highly recommend signing that code with something less forgeable now so proof of authorship can also be proven later. ;)
[18:33] <keruspe23> It had my alt, char, xany, grimz, my ex boyfriend(which i forgot his name), there was also raptor and some other faggot including That one guy with the dumb ass pfp of a headset which his name was DJ or whatever
[18:33] <keruspe23> but also, no regulation
[18:46] <Guest37376> I prefer to put scripts in /usr/local/bin
[18:46] <Guest37376> i mean you have sharepoint, dropbox, ---hell FTP has been around for how long??? why keep it all on the local HDD?
[18:51] <DMackey5> Apachez: sure is F5 and A10 are hardware or software loadbalancers?
[18:51] <DMackey5> tomreyn: He said that this one solved his problem on the github issue: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/374634454/0001-ASPM-quirk-for-SM-PM-EVO-961.patch
[18:52] <DMackey5> thanks PTY2
[20:39] <ryanf> perhaps gentauro wants evaluate?
[20:39] <ryanf> There are 8 white and 8 blue.
[20:52] <Daegalus_> really? it says in my notes "a metric is a (not necessarily positive definite) inner product at the tangent space on each point"
[20:52] <Daegalus_> Use one of the solutions in the FAQ.
[21:28] <d-sha> multi track drifting
[21:28] <d-sha> cukier: type "sudo chown $USER: -R /mountpoint"
[21:29] <d-sha> The rest was documented pretty much pre-Google
[21:29] <d-sha> its probable that your cpu and chipset are fine, those are recent era things
[21:29] <d-sha> okay I think I follow you now
[21:29] <d-sha> would vote
[21:54] <the_cuckoo13> batch: you need 4io for hbridge stepper driving
[21:54] <the_cuckoo13> ReedK0: I've never used RGB fans but the people in ##hardware will know.
[21:54] <the_cuckoo13> So can I just use the same tar command on it again but change -7 to -9?
[21:58] <sword16> im j/k tho, well played
[21:59] <sword16> I am just running it in virtualbox for now geirha
[21:59] <sword16> the version available depends on the system
[22:05] <boshhead13> (the generators that yield the isomorphism are for example -1=15 and 5)
[22:05] <boshhead13> maybe restart the DM from the tty?
[22:06] <boshhead13> its algebraic terms, seems so
[22:06] <boshhead13> What I mean to say is that `gq` is the entire command - it's not made up of a `g` part and a `q` part. You can also use it with text-motions, like gqip to format an entire paragraph - the same as doing vipgq
[22:11] <FooBarWidget0> Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2640 v4 @ 2.40GHz
[22:11] <FooBarWidget0> do you mean the framebuffer? these lag spikes happen every second repeatedly
[22:11] <FooBarWidget0> https://pastebin.com/XYtP81dW yall think I should make the -c command default when not executing the REPL function? -c is removing all that copyright stuff.
[22:11] <FooBarWidget0> well sine airplay 2 is software, no real need for new hardware.
[23:53] <eean25> bodqhrohro: hi
[23:53] <eean25> https://ideone.com/qmPKMW
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