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[00:37] <Nooby15> TJ-, PLease tell me how to do that
[00:37] <Nooby15> Do you have a maximum duration?
[00:37] <Nooby15> the fomula gave me 3/7 but this isn't finished right?
[00:37] <Nooby15> Could've fixed it by simply adding: sizeof sizeof 0 :)
[01:05] <sileht6> Deknos, or look at the output of mount
[01:05] <sileht6> no. im not really a fan of steam
[01:05] <sileht6> daxorid, you can maybe get 9.6.6 with postgresql-previous
[01:05] <sileht6> i m not seeing any log files
[01:05] <sileht6> (I thought that was the only way I could push to a new remote if I set a new upstream)
[02:26] <agonist11> 'ip route add something/32... why doesn't it bloody work'
[02:26] <agonist11> because then you're fiddling with transactions and all that
[02:26] <agonist11> sauvin: makes sense. thanks
[02:26] <agonist11> yeah, well even they screw up
[02:26] <agonist11> univern: Link detected = yes?
[03:18] <detseg> that's not a choice for inner-city folks is it?
[03:18] <detseg> so there's still a market for desktop vs17 c++ apps?
[03:18] <detseg> cthulchu: tell itunes to ignore that phone
[06:22] <tpope4> Armoured Roomba
[06:22] <tpope4> yeah, it seems to be dueto telegram indeed that they implemented this
[06:22] <tpope4> help v -> http://vimhelp.appspot.com/pattern.txt.html#%2F%5Cv
[06:50] <munki> data Types = forall a. Types (Proxy a) ?
[06:50] <munki> I typed in "git log --stat" but it wants to show me all the commits
[06:50] <munki> So, one is a drop in replacement for the other
[06:50] <munki> tried black and even red and it just touches the text BG as it should
[07:25] <jazka29> oh man, Konversation is really sweet
[07:25] <jazka29> aarvar: yes but a single token threaded through the one IO x doesn't fit that afaict
[07:26] <jazka29> DrOrange: That's very common - it's related to the fact that Haskell takes a very different direction - so it takes a lot of unlearning and getting used to.
[07:26] <jazka29> ok yes i do! it appears i had one `asyncBound` lacking
[07:26] <jazka29> friendofafriend just wrap it in a towel and bake it in your oven for 45 mins at 425F. worked fine for all the red ringed Xboxes back in the day. I'm kidding please don't do that, if your house burns down I assume no liability
[07:45] <feep_> wasutton3_mobile: have you tryed to jump 17.04==>17.10?
[07:45] <feep_> not many arch users i'm afraid, and arch is this combination of generating coredumps reliably (by not breaking systemd's features) and not getting their shit sorted with debug symbols
[07:45] <feep_> during scans, that error repeats in the logs. and the server is inaccessible through app.plex.tv (or any app)
[08:21] <toddf11> epony: i found some value in a couple java tools, liquibase is an interesting db vcs tool, and metabase runs off of it as well, and makes for a nice data visualization tool
[08:21] <toddf11> actually I had a look at most of my services they are things that natively run on weird ports anyway
[08:21] <toddf11> I grew up in tornado country but we had a 90's mcmansion, not an old farmhouse, so it had a usual kind of basement
[09:07] <hydragly1h19> is 8^91+5 prime?
[09:07] <hydragly1h19> letters
[09:07] <hydragly1h19> And that's an automatic fail
[09:07] <hydragly1h19> it's a bit surprising how few graphical apps are written for vt
[11:16] <Guest86691> there is a specific collection of syntax that is understood by the bash interpreter. most people call that a "language".
[11:16] <Guest86691> OtakuSenpai: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ/050 -- I'm trying to put a command in a variable, but the complex cases always fail!
[11:16] <Guest86691> [15:26:06] xd* [15:26:06]
[11:38] <dl2s45> screwsss_: cd ../
[11:39] <dl2s45> my other rigs r running perfectly on the same settings
[11:39] <dl2s45> because getting an absolute path from a relative path is a non-trivial task
[11:39] <dl2s45> Perhaps it's about how to select the commit range? The master commits aren't strictly linear, as there are some anon branches and merges inbetween the commits.
[11:42] <sepr2> mobile_c_: the answer is polyamourist
[11:43] <sepr2> people think they are all important and shit... really noone cares about your little linux box when theres so many much easier windows boxes to exploit
[11:43] <sepr2> it also might depend on how bash is invoked
[13:19] <jnt25> DISCOVER is the first stage
[13:19] <jnt25> I'll just keep it as-is
[13:19] <jnt25> h :earlier
[13:43] <Guest48603> hеɑrtѕ gеt ruѕted aѕ dοeѕ iron with wɑtеr to rеmοvе rust from heɑrt rᥱcitаtion of Quran and remembеraᥒcе of ԁeatһ
[13:43] <Guest48603> philippD: you can also just run it on your own hardware, got a spare laptop or desktop you can leave on 24/7?
[13:43] <Guest48603> meaning i can actually identify them and they're sometimes several switches away
[14:06] <chaosblade29> onto next seems to work, (both the apply, and the result)
[14:06] <chaosblade29> torne: so the plan is to provide smoothstreaming and hls playback support using chromium's own codecs in future
[14:21] <CosineDeviance> > he want the gui interface
[14:21] <CosineDeviance> ok, so how does my main fflush 2 fputc without me flushing?
[14:22] <CosineDeviance> same as my usb
[14:57] <BlackMaria23> jmalicki: Oh, I see... If I wanted to understand on a simple example, how do I get from f approx f^0 + Jx to knowing that the error of f = a*A is |a|*sigma_A?
[14:57] <BlackMaria23> by Cyril the Philosopher
[14:57] <BlackMaria23> miziel: sorry I didn't include any good German leberwurst
[15:07] <myndzi> is anyone else getting PM spam from this freenode hacker guy?
[15:07] <myndzi> but I don't want to have to go grab my phone every time iCloud wants to log in.
[15:10] <gmaxwell4> drazak: what is "computational math" then?
[15:13] <toan25> Kanye some issues are not easy especially for windows user, I think you have to start step by step then you can figure out where is the problem
[15:13] <toan25> Cannot mining
[15:13] <toan25> It does work, mancha. cos(2y) = cos^2(y) - sin^2(y) = 1 - 2sin^2(y) , so (1 - cos(2y))/2 = (2sin^2(y))/2 = sin^2(y). So (1 - cos(4x))/2 = sin^2(2x).
[15:13] <toan25> But how the OS obtains that information i'm unsure
[15:20] <p14nd419> You can always add non-steam games to the steam launcher as long as you provide the command line for it. I don't see why it would be different in Linux.
[15:20] <p14nd419> buffers are basically areas of text that sometimes have actions in them as well
[15:20] <p14nd419> @Boyette: define hot
[15:20] <p14nd419> shift probably wont work, but alt-enter probably can be mapped
[15:20] <p14nd419> cookies are WAY MORE RELIABLE for tracking users
[15:20] <p14nd419> rajrajraj: C dont has that level of abstraction as C++ does, many people think thats a good thing - I personally just think that both languages have their different uses and one shouldnt replace one with another
[15:24] <douglaswth18> miceiken: Nvidia graphics card also in this laptop ? Updated driver: http://albertomilone.com/blog/?p=670 for testing.
[15:24] <douglaswth18> sᥙn is ᥒⲟt doiᥒɡ Alⅼaһ iѕ ⅾoiᥒɡ
[15:24] <douglaswth18> Starcraftmazter: and you dd'ed it onto a usb driver?
[15:24] <douglaswth18> coming up with a bijection should be enough, but where do I start?
[15:24] <douglaswth18> mort: a sane style knows when to make exceptions
[16:18] <lamont2> Osum: are you coming to Promcon?
[16:18] <lamont2> how can I flush my root password?
[16:18] <lamont2> I'm downloading the board definition to my machine as we speak, so we'll see if it was just his machine.
[16:18] <lamont2> Monero price in USD = $103.67
[16:37] <Guest67247> so I want to wipe it and force-zero blank it
[16:37] <mupf7> yawkat: well, my concern is it's a password he can remember without needing a password manager
[16:38] <mupf7> very slow
[16:38] <mupf7> I don't know why people put up with the crap that windows is by now
[16:38] <mupf7> t fmap (uncurry zip)
[16:38] <mupf7> That should be a for loop and an if statement
[16:51] <emptynine17> you might find #gcc better, because while you will want to make avr specific considerations, how linker files are set up and work is quite cross architecture
[16:51] <emptynine17> FortKnight, 'nmcli d set wlo1 managed yes' ?
[16:51] <emptynine17> rather, I figure that's probably the right formula, but W|A doesn't want to parse it:
[17:09] <fudanshi14> yeah I thought of building powershell... got as far as getting the source
[17:09] <fudanshi14> right, but the question specifically wants to know which is greater
[17:28] <moriarty> https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-27/skyscrapers-too-pricey-for-goldman-are-full-of-crypto-startups
[17:57] <raimo_t> that's where that last one is
[17:57] <raimo_t> i feel like this is underrated
[17:57] <raimo_t> pcn not good, we have stopped working on it in favor of the complex reactor in the enterprise product
[17:57] <raimo_t> mesos_master_allocator_resources_cpus and ignoring (type) mesos_master_elected == 1
[17:58] <raimo_t> M5M400: but you and garyzeasshole are loaded so you're not the regular population
[18:18] <Reptarsaurus25> d0sc: Stop. Do not use `` for a subshell.
[18:18] <Reptarsaurus25> though it _could_ be caused by funky cards / drivers theoretically
[18:18] <Reptarsaurus25> I saw that strcmp compares the value of the strings
[18:18] <Reptarsaurus25> io creyendo que era una fruta y soy una galleta :n
[18:19] <Reptarsaurus25> splud: http://ee.david.promo/dualin7.jpeg
[18:19] <Reptarsaurus25> osse: ahh... I get it. Because Git now knows about it.
[20:26] <darth_ma1ek16> mnrmnaugh: still software
[20:26] <darth_ma1ek16> is like looking at [a,b] a restriction on f ?
[20:26] <darth_ma1ek16> Ruzzy: but does the live disk give you network access?
[20:26] <darth_ma1ek16> Apple has already shipped their closed up box the iMac Pro so hopefullu they won't feel the need to ship another one
[21:07] <b4rt016> arka500: ofc it does
[21:07] <b4rt016> BlazingBlckBeard, i am, i'm just not sure i want to get side tracked into every detail.
[21:25] <jblz> do you have another PC to test it from?
[21:25] <jblz> F_2 meaning Z/2Z
[21:38] <Crisco19> http://hackage.haskell.org/package/gitlib-3.1.2/docs/Git-Repository.html
[21:38] <Crisco19> Look at Gnome Disks on the left and you'll see I was right: https://s22.postimg.cc/p9x5ul0kh/Desktop_Seagate.jpg
[22:00] <configjunkie> the only tricky part, for someone not having much in the way of equipment, will be to set the current limit
[22:00] <configjunkie> [ (CA - NetName: TELEDISTRIBUTION)]
[22:00] <configjunkie> how can i go about debugging this?
[22:02] <lulzy16> koollman: you want to convert it in a function, otherwise you lose some of the clever regex tricks pg does
[22:02] <lulzy16> > (compare <> compare) 3 3
[22:02] <lulzy16> their money to waste
[22:48] <lordmauve21> https://paste.debian.net/1043241/
[22:48] <lordmauve21> no casting is always a good idea
[22:48] <lordmauve21> was corrupted and persists somehow.
[22:48] <lordmauve21> after that, just reset the current branch back: git reset --keep HEAD~
[22:48] <lordmauve21> hi begriffs, just talking about you :)
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