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[00:23] <ammar23> 48% in Sweden and 23% in Norway
[00:23] <ammar23> @source Expr
[00:23] <ammar23> domenkozar: trying
[00:40] <idnar13> i can mount /dev/sda1, and it seems the /boot partition
[00:40] <idnar13> }y
[00:40] <idnar13> redfoot, you rock on, dude.
[00:40] <idnar13> That cost me hours :D
[00:44] <pcspkr1> what is "typesafe" HTML?
[00:44] <pcspkr1> ayecee: I have something where I can spend time. and maybe it can help other people. but not for evil works.
[00:44] <pcspkr1> I am going to do it for the entire disk
[00:44] <pcspkr1> Mastodon, Twitter and publics 2017-04-24
[02:16] <whiteinge20> dmtucker: If it's mid-2010 or newer, it has Internet Recovery; if you were running 10.12.4 or newer, then Internet Recovery will grab the latest High Sierra, otherwise, it'll grab the factory-shipped macOS.
[02:16] <whiteinge20> Tap on 'solve' and it'll run again.
[02:16] <whiteinge20> there is COPY 618 and so on
[02:16] <whiteinge20> 16M, though I had to specify in bytes.
[02:16] <whiteinge20> unyu: A is your R-algebra
[02:16] <whiteinge20> I tried, it just create files.
[02:24] <bow9> the defined type is pam_mount::volume
[02:25] <bow9> i just tried it :D
[02:25] <bow9> from this here lady, https://images.amtsavisen.dk/42/266542_600_980_0_22_4626_2895_2.jpg
[02:25] <bow9> .unvoice rottensalty07
[03:06] <rory_> Fuchikoma: So what does the AC reading tell us?
[03:07] <rory_> I was looking at things like airsonic but it seems overkill.
[03:07] <rory_> my other identical system still works fine.
[03:07] <rory_> Admit it, instantly recalling years-old courses is better with a condensed reference manual...
[03:07] <rory_> would probably cause the functionality of the OS to slowly disintegrate
[03:07] <rory_> ah, it works OK after completing.
[05:41] <bartmantv21> some normal size co2 laser
[05:41] <bartmantv21> so we use struct on everything
[05:41] <bartmantv21> 10 is garbage
[06:40] <chad_> vague: like has karma of 0.
[06:40] <chad_> might be some weird transparent proxy issue
[06:40] <chad_> I think people are very susceptible to marketing tactics that put 32GB ram in a big colorful box
[06:40] <chad_> man the IANA has gone nuts
[06:50] <lucebac27> https://pastebin.com/SdF9iFcq
[06:50] <lucebac27> yeah. mancha has it right
[06:50] <lucebac27> no squire. not shortcuts, but custom actions on files and dirs, in the file manager
[06:50] <lucebac27> chron0: I trace it all in vector... I'm in contact with an art company that is working on the interior of a hospital in the USA and they may be purchasing a bunch of these from me... about $6k worth
[06:55] <Guest44078> and you can run 'hd' against your .eml file to inspec the line endings (or just 'file', should also tell)
[06:55] <Guest44078> a cache used by compsys
[06:55] <Guest44078> pax_rhos: See the guidelines: https://ubottu.com/y/gl
[06:55] <Guest44078> You have oils dribbling through the thing, and water evaporating
[07:45] <mrjangle22> To be honest, jim, that sounds like greek to me but nevermind :-P
[07:45] <mrjangle22> dolⅼar is ᥒοt dⲟіnɡ Alⅼɑh іѕ dοіnɡ
[07:45] <mrjangle22> /what should it do?
[07:45] <mrjangle22> I cannot wrap my head around this, how should I formulate the quary llua
[08:01] <roger_raymond19> there is no .txt help and the readme is garbage
[08:01] <roger_raymond19> I guess, assuming some other gear also lives there
[08:02] <roger_raymond19> Just get the shit job of moving the little wire bundle that the robots couldn't handle... repetitive crap work.
[08:06] <LeoNerd2> Or are you secretly an OpenIndiana user
[08:06] <LeoNerd2> yeah id use cifs
[08:06] <LeoNerd2> and then pass them into a function?
[08:06] <LeoNerd2> would be a real clusterfuck if the different deskops environments didnt follow that standard :D
[08:46] <Bonstra10> I had to get a copy of it to have a reliable source for a statement in my bachelor thesis. The Unix Group gave me a free PDF with the hell-something-over-1000 pages standard
[08:46] <Bonstra10> its like barely useable for me
[08:46] <Bonstra10> Boobie: a grammar
[09:01] <sknebel8> mezod: hrm, does the file exist at all? (the log file)
[09:01] <sknebel8> asymptotically: he doent know how to sign messages from a bitcoin address kek
[09:02] <sknebel8> Another guy was helping me out
[09:02] <sknebel8> freechoice: what?
[09:02] <sknebel8> no name up there just bars for data and wifi bars
[09:02] <sknebel8> Quarts is low component, stable, low power, etc.
[09:04] <phre4k23> but in theory you shouldn't even be close to the limit
[09:04] <phre4k23> lorimer4: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
[09:04] <phre4k23> but for some fucking reason, business would rahter spend on product than people
[09:08] <patsToms2> erll the function definition is tput_something() {...}
[09:08] <patsToms2> with a modifier you can change messages displayed, in place
[09:08] <patsToms2> I actually went that way on a recent project for work -- we have this language for specifying underwriting rules for mortgages, and initially there's a free monad with a handful of basic operations, and then when we interpret, there's an EitherT and WriterT and a few other things
[09:45] <Aleric11> *patiently waits in front of computer screen for text to appear*
[09:46] <Aleric11> think e.g. "using multiple different characters that all look like 'o'" type shit
[09:46] <Aleric11> Troll elsewhere.
[09:57] <r00t-err0r3> epony: its not a pkg
[09:57] <r00t-err0r3> [] is a special case of foldable
[09:57] <r00t-err0r3> the versions without the protection features are ever so slightly cheaper, eg https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1PCS-TP4056-1A-Lipo-Battery-Charging-Board-Charger-Module-lithium-battery-DIY-MICRO-Port-Mike-USB/32713383460.html
[09:57] <r00t-err0r3> the_document: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/ATORCH-150W-Constant-Current-Electronic-Load-200V20A-Battery-Tester-Discharge-Capacity-Tester-meter-12V24V48V-Lead-acid/2949143_32821877897.html
[10:20] <comptroller26> avu, do I have to run sudo laptop_mode to enable it?
[10:20] <comptroller26> hans_: BLOCK sizes or SECTOR sizes?
[10:20] <comptroller26> so [cos(2pi/18)*cos(4pi/18)*cos(6pi/18)*cos(8pi/18)]^2
[10:20] <comptroller26> Heh, yes, I have.
[10:20] <comptroller26> hi there again
[10:28] <Guest44301> they drink the academic kool-aid
[10:28] <Guest44301> so by default, audio was routed to the sound card, but after detecting there was no device attached, it switched off that signal until it detect a device is attached
[10:28] <Guest44301> Really, that's all.
[10:28] <Guest44301> ggVGc: These answers were assuming you meant Cabal the library btw
[10:28] <Guest44301> nitrix: short term
[10:28] <Guest44301> Eg. I would have no problem running CentOS on a photo editing rig based on its absolute stability alone.
[10:39] <mewshi10> I don't understand the colon
[10:39] <mewshi10> Y({}) is straightforward, no?
[10:39] <mewshi10> i use ssh with ssh keys
[10:40] <mewshi10> personally I find that harder to read
[10:40] <mewshi10> that sounds a bit ugly, but I'll try.
[10:40] <mewshi10> Discontinued
[10:41] <AEtherC0r322> thorsten`: create process returns values of type Handle, and there are functions in System.IO to work with Handle. In particular this allows you to check whether there is input available in a nonblocking way: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/base-
[10:41] <AEtherC0r322> then I could copy a link and reply from the same window
[10:41] <AEtherC0r322> People research more buy less.
[10:41] <AEtherC0r322> rajrajraj: so what's the actual C issue you're talking about?
[10:41] <AEtherC0r322> Clone f27->f28 run updates to make it f28. Change template.
[10:41] <AEtherC0r322> you could also do that if you know the first element
[11:27] <DarkMukke> SS7?
[11:27] <DarkMukke> Oh I'm not dead yet.
[11:27] <DarkMukke> yeah :-/
[11:27] <DarkMukke> I need an adult
[11:27] <DarkMukke> `zstat -A +size somefile` will put it in a variable without forking
[11:27] <DarkMukke> sayo- Resolving package installation problems is a step by step handwork
[11:46] <smb20> No, ` at the least is not an operator char in Lua
[11:46] <smb20> zwelmi: in wire-format as files
[11:46] <smb20> Not sure how I missed that
[12:45] <MassDebates_> /topic
[12:45] <MassDebates_> I have an atmega2560
[12:45] <MassDebates_> never worked well for me
[12:45] <MassDebates_> indeed. terminates instantly
[12:45] <MassDebates_> 1kg per liter. Close enough.
[13:32] <ammmze5> waterscale: time -f "%E" ls still gives the same output
[13:32] <ammmze5> https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/countryside/10064225/Cow-attacks-It-looked-like-they-wanted-to-kill-him.html
[13:32] <ammmze5> MrElendig: cput temperature sensors
[13:32] <ammmze5> unyu: when you get to cohomology, these are usually rings, some R-algebra over your coefficient ring
[13:32] <ammmze5> amosbird - looks like the author decided the recursive lambdas paper needed more work before being discussed, and I don't see an update, so it hasn't gone anywhere at this point
[13:34] <kolgas22> I press the tab key and it says indenting region but nothing moves
[13:34] <kolgas22> Ariakenom : the latter i call "(type) ascriptions"
[13:34] <kolgas22> just dont overload operator& no matter what
[13:48] <GravitaZ4> What is the channel name for hardware related stuff?
[13:48] <GravitaZ4> ...oh. Wait.
[13:48] <GravitaZ4> like yesterday i played x but he wouldnt tell me
[13:48] <GravitaZ4> regex101 probablt doesn't grok vim syntax
[14:08] <Niall25> I don't have any missing history so it really did only happen then
[14:08] <Niall25> .local is good mon.
[14:08] <Niall25> the folder might as well be named asdfg1 and asdfg2
[14:08] <Niall25> left/right = some very custom behavior that I don't think many users would want/need imho
[15:15] <sneyx124> hi. I did a "git rebase master" on an outdated branch and i resolved merge conflicts for about 80 commits, then i did a "git pull" because i was told my branch deviated from the remote branch. now all seems fine. But today i wanted to rebase master again to get the newest commits from master into my branch, but now git asks me again to resolve conflicts, but this time for about 160 commits.
[15:15] <sneyx124> I'm familiar with the author's other books though
[15:15] <sneyx124> cobax: some type classes might need more or less
[15:16] <sneyx124> Hi. Trying to render a texture with sdl2-image but stuck. I have a Renderer but SDL.Raw.Video.renderCopy says it wants GHC.Ptr.Ptr and I have no ida what to do about it!
[16:58] <voldern26> ?src maxBound
[16:58] <voldern26> They exist here too. Yes they add commission but some of them also tap into the local market of "nos" parts
[16:58] <voldern26> what => that
[16:58] <voldern26> with the software centre
[17:13] <kyentei7> bipul: how hard can it be to open the manual and look for "Brace Expansion" ?
[17:13] <kyentei7> alright, so i will keep an eye out for it, thank you PlanckWalk
[17:13] <kyentei7> why don't you get Mochi101 to send it to me, and i'll send it to you?
[17:13] <kyentei7> tolarz: sry I got dc
[17:13] <kyentei7> zincy: First we define bound variables.
[17:14] <kyentei7> boot1: the server is for headless systems. One works on it using cockpit etc
[19:08] <devlaf19> You are being rather obnoxious sveta.
[19:09] <devlaf19> so you want to find where, in a table, that an item is?
[19:09] <devlaf19> yep. this version is odd.
[19:09] <devlaf19> and fake bacon
[19:09] <devlaf19> TwistedFate: stuff I'm reading suggests payday 2 via steam for linux has hardcoded pulseaudio paths
[19:09] <Guest88267> tejr, yes, i tryed it, but didn't like. It was fine for show full descriptive method implementation of langage methods... but very slow and as you said, difficult to configure (and need to config for each langage...)
[19:09] <devlaf19> what is show Startup-config eq to CatOS?
[19:09] <Guest88267> cim209, How old?
[19:09] <Guest88267> how so ? :>
[19:09] <Guest88267> yet a lot of people supported gnu tools and a lot of them used them
[19:33] <TmvC> systemctl
[19:33] <TmvC> and XMPP without federation is little better than IRC
[19:33] <TmvC> some modifications have been made to the PostgreSQL schema. so, it will take a while to make the necessary changes. also, why don't you use QRS (for searching)?
[19:33] <TmvC> filеѕystᥱⅿ ⅾоes not ᴡrіte ᴡithoᥙt permiѕsion of allɑһ
[20:39] <andreyv20> kurahaupo: yes
[20:39] <andreyv20> meh, sounds like you've installed too mcuh different stuff and have no idea whats going on.
[20:39] <andreyv20> iCookie negative
[20:39] <andreyv20> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/840501/how-do-function-pointers-in-c-work see the example
[20:39] <andreyv20> leftyfb: using "d-i apt-setup/no_mirror boolean true" and "d-i apt-setup/use_mirror boolean false" seems to help, thanks.
[21:28] <somasis27> hope they also Switch from Lightning to USB-C
[21:28] <somasis27> that'll do, thanks
[21:28] <somasis27> Previously it would preserve the column for the cursor to the longer one (end of line if a line was shorter than that column). Wondering what option can change this back to the previous behaviour?
[22:07] <SFaulken9> if I turn off the check for 3D acceleration, then I see a log in screen
[22:07] <SFaulken9> you need to set a password like this
[22:08] <yankcrime0> my question is, if I use my structure does that mean the quantifiers can only use my set as their domain?
[22:08] <yankcrime0> you're going to like have to wrap/script that similar to how you would with dialog
[22:08] <yankcrime0> it assumes latency is the same in both directions
[22:08] <yankcrime0> dminuoso: yes
[22:08] <relrod1> mmm-hm
[22:08] <relrod1> they are (often) the same daemon but perform different logical functions
[22:08] <relrod1> Function isn't always useful in that case, though.
[22:12] <Dragonkeeper24> h
[22:12] <Dragonkeeper24> i c
[22:12] <Dragonkeeper24> I'm surprised they even bother trying to support C99
[22:12] <Dragonkeeper24> the_document, lots im sure
[23:31] <meder14> ioria: switch to disable , did alsactl store ... will it work after reboot:
[23:31] <meder14> dragons ftw
[23:31] <meder14> sybariten: no
[23:32] <meder14> do newer oscilloscopes use lcd instead of crt
[23:32] <meder14> they are all wrong
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