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[00:35] <dansan26> Tx/rx errors, from annoying intermittent problems up to the possibility of no communication whatsoever
[00:35] <dansan26> plus some additional filters from salt itself that i don't have the link handy to
[00:35] <dansan26> Mochi101: listening to you, NOTHING is good for Europe.
[00:35] <dansan26> how old is the kid?
[00:35] <dansan26> https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2245907/
[01:43] <FruitieX12> Nope. In Latin, looks like, the word is "violentia", and we just optioned it.
[01:43] <FruitieX12> im am getting an error with "find" .... find . -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ; returns that "find: missing an agument to -exec"
[01:43] <FruitieX12> meh not a fan of that editor either
[01:43] <FruitieX12> sed -n '666p;777{p;q}'
[01:43] <FruitieX12> more accurately, the default try_files tries directory indexes and if one is found the try_files redirects
[02:01] <gparent22> for a parametric we do for say t : 1) dy/dt 2) dx/dt and then 1 / 2
[02:01] <gparent22> s/senes/sense
[02:01] <gparent22> you can talk to arny via /r/bodybuilding
[02:01] <gparent22> online resources do not seem to work, or (more likely) i'm too stupid to implement them the right way
[02:02] <gparent22> the firemen, they were supposedly started by ben franklin, real firefighters draw back to then as well, so i just used them interchangeably when reading/watching
[02:03] <eagle27> anybody know the rationale behind postponing rewrite_by_lua_* directives until after rewrite processing?
[02:03] <eagle27> I still wouldn't advice keeping "public resume" on indeed either
[02:03] <eagle27> Sheesh, I was running routers on this platform ten years ago. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/x86-hidden-god-mode,37582.html
[02:03] <eagle27> kerframil: or SD card in this case
[02:03] <eagle27> just get your children something normal people would
[02:12] <shl5> but defining a function and then passing that function to another function isn't doing two things?
[02:12] <shl5> "either you're with us, or you're against us"
[02:12] <shl5> just out of curiosity. don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with gentoo linux
[02:12] <shl5> She has a name: Little Leah.
[02:12] <shl5> I guess we're stuck with Debian 8 Jessie forever. With some security holes when it runs out of LTS, but that's acceptable in 2018 to get a usable desktop :)
[02:29] <OceanDrinker> or don't test it :S
[02:36] <13k29> with initcwnd 10, a 64KB reponse it's 3 RTTs + 1 RTT for syn/ack with HTTP
[02:36] <13k29> it hasn't become critical until the last 5 years or so
[02:36] <13k29> ∑ i
[02:36] <13k29> people complain for years but nothing ever changes
[02:36] <13k29> tho the fan control is shit on asus
[02:44] <Skarn26> barmgr is another backup manager, how does it compare with pgbackrest ?
[02:44] <Skarn26> coz_, also... ~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list
[02:44] <Skarn26> no problem, I was wondering whether the failure was due to my patch or not
[02:44] <Skarn26> eg on netsplit.de
[02:44] <Skarn26> +-5
[03:12] <tardisx16> fromBeyond: Example matches? Some of the matches _do_ get coloured, you say?
[03:12] <tardisx16> mark721, apt-get purge libappstream3
[03:12] <tardisx16> Oh, what else is new.
[03:12] <tardisx16> a____ptr, you can import some things that try to fix it
[03:12] <tardisx16> please don't call your personal obsession with unnecessary coding standards "best practices"
[03:15] <Python13209> dataN: Pretty sure that's just another type parameter
[03:15] <Python13209> the forward bias*
[03:15] <Python13209> When I remove the with rate_Validator it inserts 900 rows with valid=true
[03:15] <Python13209> c0rn3j: does that page say anything like "remove 10k resistor to make TxD work"?
[03:15] <Python13209> you also need to trickle charge it
[05:11] <jkamat14> robert45: but in the long run I think it's best to avoid this scenario altogether
[05:11] <jkamat14> https://git-scm.com/docs/pack-format
[05:11] <jkamat14> Most of her r's sound like l's. Saying McFlurry for the first several years was quite hillarious. :)
[05:11] <jkamat14> Hack https://github.com/source-foundry/Hack/releases
[05:11] <jkamat14> tarzeau__: I'll hang around, thank you! I could probably figure out an install from a direct compile, but a proper package would make me a bit more comfortable for the future. :)
[05:11] <redfish15> It's hard to know how much you really need without studying things a bit.
[05:11] <redfish15> xyz111: Yeah, but double-check it's the same that the "who" command gives you
[05:11] <redfish15> well, not 'easier'
[05:11] <redfish15> Viper-7: no i mean the type of solderer
[05:11] <redfish15> davor: I meant move 17-18 to 8.5 and remove 6-7
[05:13] <vhost-13> less -r
[05:13] <vhost-13> and in my programming language that is represented by 2 arbitrary precision integers
[05:13] <vhost-13> (provided V is fin dim over C.. thats the version on dec41's note)
[05:14] <vhost-13> purpleunicorn, I think you might have some fairly fundamental misunderstanding of physics there
[05:14] <vhost-13> if I add one more printf in the next line, then the previous printf is executed, that last one added gets ignored
[05:32] <t3xc0d3_> How can I delete a repo on github?
[05:32] <t3xc0d3_> 1.5x faster, 10x more security vulnerabilities
[05:32] <t3xc0d3_> But it was all loopholes
[05:32] <t3xc0d3_> plasma, even
[05:32] <t3xc0d3_> ok so all of that appears to have worked fine, no errors
[05:42] <johbo27> im actually kinda shocked myself. the last time i dug up that abdication post the website was still up. now its only echoed in the blogs :P
[05:42] <johbo27> yeah, that's why i was curious what a fresh install ships
[05:42] <johbo27> a victim of society that drove him to suicide
[05:42] <johbo27> Just gave Xubuntu a try, things weren't as good as they used to be.
[05:42] <johbo27> I remember a talk from someone who was trying to reimplement stdlib just for fun .. could try to track that down and see if he's done it
[06:19] <wonko2123> it's always possible to write a better cache for a specific use case than to use a generic cache for generic workloads.
[06:19] <wonko2123> okuu: it's not the first one they made ¬¬
[06:19] <wonko2123> can't it be just impossible
[06:19] <wonko2123> IE*
[06:19] <wonko2123> shows you how to make both the rx and tx with an arduino
[06:58] <Kvisle> ⅿountaⅰns ɑre ᥒot doing Ꭺllah is dοіng
[06:58] <Kvisle> thanks buddy
[06:58] <Kvisle> probably in OS 10.16 when python 2 support is dropped
[06:58] <Kvisle> thanks again nai!
[07:02] <pR0Ps12> sim642: but this is either racy (fd receives data -> data is processed and available in $datastructure) or a heck of effort (given I would have to eliminate threads form said library)
[07:02] <pR0Ps12> Spent _nine months_ shipping it back and forth to California
[07:02] <pR0Ps12> everyone cheats the system to not go above those made up values
[07:02] <pR0Ps12> certainly with chmod
[07:02] <pR0Ps12> whats that mean?
[07:16] <ocholetras> But you would think it more likely that it happened due to a racing condition as opposed to an error while writing/reading the eeprom?
[07:16] <ocholetras> but your !"is binge watch" did not make any sense
[07:16] <ocholetras> how can i mount my encrypted /dev/sd0a from the cmdline?
[07:16] <ocholetras> If I have a binary representation of 11011 and precision 5, for example, then 11011 `shift` 1 = 10110.
[07:16] <ocholetras> can one of you ping me?
[07:23] <revprez_stg6> ArahaelPi, but if you have a better idea I'm all ears
[07:23] <revprez_stg6> yeah you guys should adopt it
[07:23] <revprez_stg6> F'in wifi
[07:23] <revprez_stg6> this channel grows
[07:23] <revprez_stg6> hmmm, should I stick with "old" sdist/haddocks for now? I was trying to upload a new-sdist tarball, but it's telling me the package is invalid
[07:36] <jfe`> printf "e[0m"
[07:36] <jfe`> this gives me all the credits and debits of each account with - or + depending on the factor of each
[07:36] <jfe`> Mathias: finally, says port is open
[07:36] <jfe`> any folks into planetarium apps for mac?
[07:36] <jfe`> he did not ask any question yet :-/
[07:49] <xibprime1> Psi-Jack: either you are bullshitting, or my vm (not a container) has combined 4g mem and swap used
[07:49] <xibprime1> You can't run virtualbox or any VMware tools on OpenBSD
[07:50] <xibprime1> addem: It seems to me that physicists do a much better job than mathematicians of writing software to meet their own needs.
[07:50] <xibprime1> bls: I am unsure as to what that means in the broader sense of which is better.
[07:50] <xibprime1> Spaceman77: :)
[07:51] <sh4rm4^Q> synx508: no, I substituted an ADI device
[07:51] <sh4rm4^Q> your in the pictures
[07:51] <sh4rm4^Q> maybe they should use a bouncer
[07:51] <sh4rm4^Q> that's what I was looking for
[07:51] <sh4rm4^Q> pairs?
[08:33] <andymccr22> Aha, it looks like it's the -e that does it
[08:33] <andymccr22> whoops, mistype
[08:33] <andymccr22> I have a question. What happens with the php7.0 package in Ubuntu 16 with PHP 7.0 reaching end of life in december?
[08:34] <andymccr22> Where can I get PostgreSQL 9.5.3 packages for Ubuntu ? I am looking for same patch version.
[08:34] <andymccr22> when one day.. it isn't there cuz random update
[08:39] <proller> not sure if i still have it...
[08:39] <proller> don't add another {a..z} to that or you will probably blow up your computer
[08:39] <proller> if blkdiscard doesnt do it then i dont know what will
[08:39] <proller> imagine if those sjw cucks see those doujins
[08:39] <proller> Best processor? most amount of RAM?
[09:01] <berendt_6> oh man upt is awesome
[09:01] <berendt_6> ayecee: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/blob/master/drivers/platform/x86/asus-laptop.c -- could it be somewhere in here?
[09:01] <berendt_6> it's not going to win any performance benchmarks but does the job
[09:01] <berendt_6> just tried the KDE live usb key. exactly the same behaviour
[09:01] <ThreeM0> a gröstl, quasi
[09:01] <berendt_6> i've never tried one
[09:01] <ThreeM0> yes, in client memory
[09:01] <ThreeM0> https://www.cio.com/article/2914850/linux/is-ubuntu-moving-away-from-deb-packages-here-is-the-complete-story.html
[09:01] <ThreeM0> rascul, ah sarcasm? haha
[09:01] <ThreeM0> M5M400: put it on your tr
[09:15] <Diffusive26> it's just likely that your nickserv account name is different from your nick
[09:15] <Diffusive26> It works for ebook readers... probably the best use case.
[09:15] <Diffusive26> search dhcp.public.spl.org frigg.dulaney
[09:15] <Diffusive26> Not quite sure about the name "bind-patterns" since it also applies to pattern synonyms and list comprehensions..
[09:15] <Diffusive26> yes ^
[09:19] <smoser15> my response (dunno if u saw) was "i don't really, i just need some guild that is free (animated_usage < 50 or static_usage < 50 depending on context), and has a high chance of not being selected recently
[09:19] <smoser15> linux supports USB 3.0
[09:19] <smoser15> besides that...nothing, afaik
[09:19] <smoser15> [1,1,1,0,1]
[09:19] <smoser15> though
[09:52] <MiseryMyra24> sloth, the fact that your initial sentence contained "arduino" should have given you enough information on that aspect.
[09:52] <MiseryMyra24> a[] initializes the char with the text.
[09:52] <MiseryMyra24> I'm dying to know how Mojave performs on my Mac Pro 5,1
[09:52] <MiseryMyra24> zash: not sure if that will open all the splits correctly though, but so far looks ok
[10:11] <markus10128> no, it really isn't. just a different focus.
[10:11] <markus10128> oh no it's not :-o
[10:11] <markus10128> in practice you may or may not, depending on the extent that things were overwritten
[10:11] <markus10128> oh, to make a scope from mic input
[10:11] <markus10128> Shoot, the Raspberry Pi crowd messes with 'em.
[10:12] <bsaggy> cali seems nice
[10:12] <bsaggy> Is there any chance that a usb memory stick would be a different dev than /dev/sd[a-z] ? (just writing a program that needs to filter that)
[10:12] <bsaggy> RenaRouge, por que? eso es bueno uwu
[10:26] <daz-> hi everyone!
[10:26] <daz-> gives you moar freedom to extend surface of rads
[10:26] <daz-> cocreature: so what would I want to give to nix-env --install? the same expression?
[10:26] <daz-> ubuntu does not have bugs
[10:26] <daz-> if i ever make videos of radio repairs im going to make sure i don't use a variac and leave all of the crusty caps in just to set everyone off
[11:35] <hiberno> Is minix better than Linux
[11:35] <hiberno> but if something more default ?
[11:35] <hiberno> wheover am playing plz mov king to left
[11:35] <hiberno> which is the same order as function composition in math
[11:56] <l94> that's fair, I'll write something up with some details to share
[11:56] <l94> (`liftA' is `fmap', implemented in terms of the `Applicative' operations. it can serve as an implementation of `fmap' for a type, if you already have an `Applicative' instance (not depending on `fmap' for that type))
[11:56] <l94> Thank you kind ayecee
[12:09] <Benjojo6> unless you've explicitly covered sorting in the course before this assignment, I would not go the sorting route
[12:09] <Benjojo6> what should be !6 ? if it is a bool should be false (but C does not have bool).
[12:09] <Benjojo6> <<< HEAD
[12:09] <Benjojo6> wraeth: but not so difficult in other direction?
[13:10] <Aleric29> maddawg2: the mibox is known to have terrible HDR support. Maybe they fixed it in Oreo
[13:10] <Aleric29> otherwise, just poke the logs on the dhcp server while the printer boots to see what's up with it
[13:10] <Aleric29> tolarz: randomly
[13:18] <ashnur15> glguy: so this is oddly appealing to me
[13:18] <ashnur15> ksk: Looks more like HTTP replacement. For TCP/UDP replacement look for SCTP
[13:18] <ashnur15> is it normal to specify that faces of a polytope are convex, even when the polytope itself is not convex?
[13:18] <ashnur15> would love to give details but there's lots of work being done and rapidly changing
[13:18] <ashnur15> i would imagine that, whatever WHNF is for IO, it will stop before actually performing IO
[13:28] <Pinski0> are you thinking dishonestly?
[13:28] <Pinski0> hi I'm a moron who can't figure out kicad or eagle, are there any ultra simple web app pcb building things? This schematic has 8 parts, 6 of them passives and the pcb size isn't that crucial.
[13:28] <Pinski0> where does $1 come from?
[13:28] <Pinski0> Do yourself a favour and use mariadb
[13:30] <heiler13> it's like a record
[13:30] <heiler13> now i can't open bitbucket website
[13:30] <heiler13> to pay bills
[13:30] <heiler13> tomreyn, ooooh that is clean. Thanks!
[13:31] <heiler13> .tell chron0 kinda looks dumb tho
[13:31] <vlee1> yes, but the input isn't.
[13:31] <vlee1> weathеr is nоt ԁoіnɡ Allah iѕ doing
[13:31] <vlee1> sysvinit?
[13:31] <vlee1> lscpu
[13:37] <idimmu16> the concept of class D is bad for audio fidelity
[13:37] <idimmu16> when was that
[13:37] <idimmu16> cahce?
[13:39] <Nudelsalat8> neither does utf8
[13:39] <Nudelsalat8> they probably already complain without added verbosity
[13:39] <Nudelsalat8> https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2374338
[13:39] <Nudelsalat8> chips n' gravy we call it
[13:39] <Nudelsalat8> Do you have boost installed?
[13:39] <Nudelsalat8> thanks for the additional feedback
[14:01] <chungo> only once i got that mutex problem though, i will look into it later
[14:01] <chungo> why would two measurements have the same noise?
[14:01] <chungo> text: text,
[14:01] <chungo> you just set autosubmit and then when the presubmit checks pass yoru change lands
[14:01] <chungo> you think nuclear isn't subsidized by the tax payer?
[14:40] <nemunaire28> mitch0: yeah, that's what I am trying to accomplish
[14:40] <nemunaire28> ladsd: these things, while nice (I have some of them) aren’t eternal.
[14:40] <nemunaire28> so analytic combinatorics is not neccessarily analytic?
[14:45] <hjklhjklhjkl5> or just do it manually, probably faster than writing a script if it's one person
[14:46] <hjklhjklhjkl5> Just a random video I am really bored
[14:46] <hjklhjklhjkl5> if it reports burning fuses ok it should work at it's proper clock and accept programming
[14:46] <hjklhjklhjkl5> hello. I'm having the same weird sound issues as described here and was wondering if there's a common solution for it: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2383747
[14:46] <hjklhjklhjkl5> s/"s/'s/
[14:59] <hmir8> mine is $180 a year paid monthly for 100min, 100sms, and 100MB a month.
[14:59] <hmir8> adamw: if you've got the change ready, go right ahead. i'm still waiting for my build to finish
[14:59] <hmir8> this has to be the weirdest set up ever on IRC
[14:59] <WizardCM25> grawity: What should I use instead?
[14:59] <WizardCM25> cool, and i didnt mean to suggest you should ;)
[14:59] <WizardCM25> commercial FM radio stations do do direct digital synthesis (PCM stereo -> FM mux [60-96kHz bandwidth] -> FM intermediate to power amp, newer installations of which can do it all digitally, or so I'm told)
[15:00] <WizardCM25> uniqdom: It's best to learn C by following a C book
[15:01] <ircuser-121> but its slightly off!
[15:01] <ircuser-121> awesome wm
[15:01] <ircuser-121> { std::pair p = {6 , "hello"}; cout << p.first << " " p.second; }
[15:01] <ircuser-121> He's been watching Dune again
[15:01] <ircuser-121> and you can't present logical arguments to them
[15:01] <ircuser-121> 11:49 Alright, thanks for not banning me over my opnions.
[15:37] <Guest37654> Caterpillar: yes, but I guess you've already figured that out
[15:37] <Guest37654> nothing 4k or otherwise fancy
[15:37] <Guest37654> there's a reason there are no c++ kernels
[15:55] <runcom> this thing is almost cold to the touch
[15:55] <runcom> 「Correspondence casual Chess • Challenge from Anonymous • lichess.org」
[15:55] <runcom> well, it's not, it's systemd, it's just got legacy handlers for people used to the sysv init or upstart way of doing things.
[15:55] <runcom> -NickServ- Registered : Jun 20 22:30:16 2006 (12y 7w 3d ago)
[15:56] <mohan43u21> that or the standard imac pro
[15:56] <mohan43u21> can't find it now
[15:56] <mohan43u21> fully redundant
[15:58] <wuest1> kdeuser^: if you want a closer look at your booting process run the plot command above, i'm trying to decypher it somewhat, i dont have much experience with it
[15:58] <wuest1> If .com queries work, but .org queries don't, then something is meddling with the DNS packets leaving your box.
[15:58] <wuest1> gentauro: just because you use Word8 doesn't meant that the compiler wil store it n a byte-sized allocation. it might use something larger.
[16:07] <bayleaf22> dependencies, you mean, sure.
[16:07] <bayleaf22> M5M400 those are considered far left today by the far right :P
[16:07] <bayleaf22> dowdle, but I think u right - I disconnect the dock - and speed goes back to normal
[16:07] <bayleaf22> davor, the negative values in the signed type are mapped onto the same bit patterns as the greater numbers in the unsigned type. so for unsigned you have 0 ... 7, 8 ... 15, and in signed you have 0 ... 7, -8 ... -1
[16:22] <crisu18> would "let" be enough?
[16:22] <crisu18> anyone know of a “better” type of connector to use for that?
[16:23] <crisu18> ioria, http://termbin.com/bbvh4
[16:23] <crisu18> clever: that might work, well until the machine loses a disk or something :) I like git controlled stuff
[16:31] <ayecee2> better
[16:31] <ayecee2> pdo_fn14: what error? I don't see a problem here
[16:31] <ayecee2> osse: this is when trying to create a commit. Also git fsck hangs at "Checking object directories: 2% (7/256)"
[17:12] <Guest24303> gustavbarnacle, well as an alternative to -c copy
[17:12] <Guest24303> my buddy had a set up with a solar panel charging a car battery and it worked pretty good for lights & radios
[17:12] <Guest24303> Dan39: do you know what to do?
[17:12] <Guest24303> Have you heard of libnfc? https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-pn532-rfid-nfc/libnfc
[18:17] <drobbins18> i also recommend using well tested solutions in any production software however
[18:17] <drobbins18> _ is -1
[18:17] <drobbins18> And that conflic fixing is rebasing and force pushing (since I heard force pushing is somewhat not recommended but it's heavily used around here)
[18:17] <drobbins18> ~seen ferris
[18:17] <drobbins18> he can spell though.
[18:17] <drobbins18> [REDDIT] [SSD] 860 EVO 1tb 2.5" - $177.99 - $7 = 170.99 (use code - EMCPYER22) (https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820147673) to r/buildapcsales | 3 points (0380.0%) | 8 comments | Posted by sherpagoodness | Created at 2018-09-12 - 07:28:35
[18:19] <nemish> lowkeycoat1: do you know the filesystem on the SD card?
[18:19] <nemish> I bought that headphone
[18:19] <nemish> "That impact is now a little larger. Researchers from Graz University of Technology, including one of the original Meltdown discoverers, Daniel Gruss, have described NetSpectre: a fully remote attack based on Spectre. With NetSpectre, an attacker can remotely read the memory of a victim system without running any code on that system." - https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/07/new-spectre-attack-enables-secrets-to-be-leaked-over-a-network/
[18:19] <nemish> dminuoso: I'm gonna try and remember to upload a new release of validated-literals tomorrow, if I forget, ping me again about it next week
[18:19] <nemish> ofcourse..
[18:22] <signop27> that seems to validate that i was correct in thinking it was correct. :P
[18:22] <signop27> To "amuse" myself once, in high-school calc, I worked out by hand the derivative of sin(cos(tan(csc(sec(cot(x)))))).
[18:22] <signop27> cause iCookie steal my coins
[18:28] <break19> This is what I tried:
[18:28] <break19> there's no standard way of doing it
[18:28] <break19> viml: sure, good as any other beginner friendly distro.
[18:28] <break19> OKay makes sense, thanks!
[18:28] <break19> only if you different on big/little endian-ness
[18:43] <chandlore_> Not sure if that's considered "officially supported" though.
[18:43] <chandlore_> but I don't know how to turn it into a regular commit
[18:43] <chandlore_> andrej, do you run current?
[18:43] <chandlore_> http://obddiag.net/usb-power.html
[18:43] <chandlore_> I'd still like to see it! I'll try one more time. If I'm blocked again ...
[18:47] <knolle16> It depends on how your switch deals with broken LAGs
[18:47] <knolle16> beyond source code, where can I see a comparison of the linux kernel to openbsd's?
[18:47] <knolle16> I guess the advantage of the loadstring methods is that they're checking something that's built into the lexer and can't be messed with by lua code
[18:48] <wloncom8> . .. btcd.conf logs rpc.cert rpc.key
[18:48] <wloncom8> so whats goin on?
[18:48] <wloncom8> I don't even know a lot about combinatorics
[18:48] <wloncom8> No0n3Left: you don't need spaces to be escaped.
[18:57] <Cheez4> int-e: I meant, if you use Either, you got access to an error message that you can do something with
[18:57] <Cheez4> most of them just don’t use the libvirt driver
[18:57] <Cheez4> it turned out OK
[18:57] <Cheez4> with full specs disclosed.
[18:57] <Cheez4> Now how I can remove oibaf packages without remove half my system?, Plasma Desktop and many other KDE applications + Firefox + xorg all will removed when I try remove oibaf mesa .
[18:58] <Cheez4> ppf: the one without the -d I assume you mean, since its not in development now. no I don't even ermember command, but yeah bingo that's it
[19:03] <nBurn2> but now she's marginalising white people
[19:03] <nBurn2> !fr | ozeran
[19:03] <nBurn2> sunjon: along with next release I suppose. GSoC has been great, see the 2 posts on twitter https://twitter.com/neovim
[19:03] <nBurn2> s/my//
[19:03] <nBurn2> what's the setup, you have a wireguard server and then clients that set up a tunnel to the server?
[19:16] <Cheffheid28> LBV_User: you're proposing to serialize individual objects to individual streams?
[19:16] <Cheffheid28> set ft?
[19:16] <Shnaw15> the things you could do to mil networks is unreal
[19:16] <Shnaw15> I'm having trouble with this https://i.imgur.com/RxQLmhu.png uhh so line segment AB + BC = ?
[19:16] <Shnaw15> ) Right on
[19:16] <Shnaw15> xDDDDDDDDDD
[19:16] <Cheffheid28> The complex field has uncountably many distinct subfields -- do you consider each of those a "number system"? I maintain that the phrase isn't particularly meaningful.
[19:20] <Cy8aer28> Corvus`, and this one is too.
[19:20] <Cy8aer28> hello.. does anyone here use a Trezor to access their ether by any chance? I have ran into an issue of not being able to log into my trezor through the popup.. it is just stuck on the loading screen
[19:20] <Cy8aer28> to open such file you need to access its current private key state from a higher dimension
[19:20] <Cy8aer28> i might just get some old hw to run some old OS X versions instead
[19:33] <Gurty> ah got it, it is y_2^2 not y_2
[19:33] <Gurty> and we have ^, ^^, ** for exponents
[19:33] <Gurty> I think you can use SPI on any pins though
[19:42] <vantagex418> it's basically a reserved set of mappings for users to make their own keybindings without having to override the built in bindings
[19:42] <vantagex418> as if the os is only a surface session
[19:42] <vantagex418> I used to be scared of this place before I realized that every country is shit lmao
[19:42] <vantagex418> dipole: are those strings null terminated?
[19:42] <SunDwarf16> nai, I won't even attempt to describe how horribly wrong that approach is...
[19:42] <SunDwarf16> a friend had one of the newer samsung galaxies. took it out of his pocket and dropped it onto linoleum floor from <1 meter, screen shattered
[19:42] <SunDwarf16> no. im trying to replicate the signal. its a radio reciever connected to a remote control. I want to impart the same control with an arduino
[19:42] <SunDwarf16> i kinda thought, you create this orphan with no history, and bring stuff into it then ..
[19:42] <SunDwarf16> thunderrd21: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
[20:08] <NotLim_> Or a simpler question: is there a known finite set of primes that is known to produce all the primes via this algorithm?
[20:08] <NotLim_> some common metal/steel/aluminum
[20:08] <NotLim_> monochrom: it's probably because I enabled the code to be interactively interpreted
[20:19] <pod> 「Stock video of male in the distance dramatically lays | 16679422 | Shutterstock」
[20:19] <pod> this would be counter-argument to ipv6
[20:19] <pod> IntelCore, I still do that today for switches, but it requires an active Serial to USB adapter these days
[20:19] <pod> because if I open 80/443 on my router, how does the traffic know which site to reach?
[20:19] <dynek6> kxkamil: Wait, I think cofinal must cover all elements, so for every n in N there is some a in A s.t. n divides a
[20:19] <dynek6> so should all three of those be set to %100 ?
[20:19] <dynek6> never seen it
[20:19] <Thuryn> no ... you .... don't
[20:19] <Thuryn> maddawg2: the mibox is known to have terrible HDR support. Maybe they fixed it in Oreo
[20:19] <Thuryn> nacc, The only set I have found is listed as unchanged I left that way
[20:20] <Tetsumaki16> The only thing worse is someone who still using control in it's default spot
[20:20] <Tetsumaki16> at least, in that form. but it led to three more useful ones: Applicative, Profunctor, and Category
[20:20] <Tetsumaki16> you can do $a or A
[20:29] <WhitePhosphorus4> it may not even do that well without data lol. I mean, you can't set the time on it, etc
[20:29] <WhitePhosphorus4> the example that uses type families has a catchall; ShowPred a = HFalse
[20:29] <WhitePhosphorus4> the file should be YAML, JSON, or CSV
[20:29] <WhitePhosphorus4> what context?
[20:36] <tYPe-R-12> Even though I'm fairly sure I'm not changing any flags
[20:37] <tYPe-R-12> who said life is worthless
[20:37] <tYPe-R-12> ah see we were right.
[20:44] <twisted`> to start android studio
[20:44] <twisted`> Heh, supermum of an empty set is -oo
[20:44] <twisted`> aiks, you can summarize this in a more general explanation --> reading something while it is being updated by another thread might lead to a race condition
[20:49] <kepler_mach3> i must find compact din rail relays 6-7mm wide for 2-6A loads
[20:49] <kepler_mach3> mornfall: but are there models of computation as powerful as turing machines or even more powerful where the halting problem is decidable?
[20:49] <kepler_mach3> bg+ is for the selected line. bg is for the others'
[20:49] <kepler_mach3> like a complicated surface of revolution
[20:49] <kepler_mach3> look at pg_stat_replication on the master to see what value it sees
[20:53] <vflyson> hello math fans
[20:53] <vflyson> what is raspberry pi ?
[20:53] <vflyson> well .2 should be enough
[21:00] <fflam19> LordRyan: whats the lingo to search for that is that a hook? or a script i got to write
[21:00] <fflam19> Selavi1: You are here in #fedora-unregistered because you are not registered or identified with freenode. See https://freenode.net/kb/answer/registration or /msg nickserv help register for more information.
[21:00] <fflam19> can you post a photo of where it said that?
[21:11] <Trizt20> phogg, not really, especially if you need the same settings across a lot of machines
[21:11] <Trizt20> ok, np. either look great.
[21:11] <Trizt20> This has yet to happen.
[21:35] <redbrass> solene, well there's not much else to choose from anymore. At this point heck a windows server will be the way to go unless I find something else though I'd prefer not to have to go down that route.
[21:35] <redbrass> perhaps less frequently now than maybe 10+ years ago, but that doesn't mean that folks don't do it
[21:36] <redbrass> so basically in bridged rooms we have to do nothing?
[21:36] <redbrass> You could output a sha256sum of /etc/shadow as a `node_shadow_info{sum="d7697569b3d96e042ee833e020c4a9ab6173d0d39cbbe301001b6e79ce1a37fe"} 1`
[21:36] <redbrass> sorry, what's the difference?
[21:36] <redbrass> They can be, or they can all be on the same machine running as the same or as different users.
[21:38] <zvekovius> MAD MONEY
[21:38] <zvekovius> smellsLikeGoatSp: ah yes ..battery consumption and heat...makes sense
[21:38] <zvekovius> !ops ananke
[21:38] <zvekovius> something that I want vim to implement as well :/
[21:38] <zvekovius> Using you can pass a "--prefix" argument to ./configure that will let you change which part of the system it's installed.
[21:38] <zvekovius> does solar's support package include cuddles when i'm feeling sad?
[21:51] <elnormous> ugh Branes?
[21:51] <elnormous> ah, -d' ' fixes it
[21:51] <elnormous> RhodiumToad, yes, its been showing =>
[21:51] <elnormous> its only 80GB
[22:20] <twan_> AnrDaemon: ah okay, Ill have to look that up. thanks.
[22:20] <twan_> 8mb cache
[22:20] <twan_> 'git remote update' updates the remote-tracking branches which by default are configured to discard incompatible changes
[22:24] <SanguineAnomaly2> there's a letter B and it labeled "stroke"
[22:24] <SanguineAnomaly2> ^7heo: The same
[22:24] <SanguineAnomaly2> A windows page file is the same as a linux swap file.
[22:27] <jerome-19> if it's not a SMPS, it probably drives that relay
[22:27] <jerome-19> but irssi doesnt why
[22:27] <jerome-19> Well often when i'm browsing on firefox it freezes up. Can usualky still move the mouse. But can't even login in a tty, so have to forcibly shutdown.
[22:27] <jerome-19> I ended up realising all my ata fits in a usb thumb drive, and I sync it between 3 computers anyhow. :)
[22:27] <jerome-19> Roq, djph, I can also restart my router, but not understanding the core of the problem I mayencounter it again and wind up rebooting my router every time such a problem occurs.
[22:32] <doge7> http://i.4cdn.org/g/1537143442137s.jpg
[22:32] <doge7> Monero price in USD = $127.65
[22:32] <doge7> fucksaw?
[22:32] <doge7> figuring it our urself has to be best way
[22:33] <hozer7> That's really a great article!
[22:33] <hozer7> CaptHindsight: i use PDC (Peripheral DMA Controller) on ATSAM4s i initialized with the documentation, but when i run it i always get in ISR, but i can not transmit or receive anything from USART channel
[22:33] <hozer7> jada: konsole
[22:45] <Azelphur19> metalsutton2, are you talking about a diode like a TVS or a zener or you talking about a diode for reverse polarity protection or?
[22:45] <Azelphur19> I'm building on Windows, and building cryptopp on Linux .. :/ Hrm, I'll take a look on this route, but the libs are part of a wider company ecosystem, hence the generic makefile system we use for them.
[22:45] <Azelphur19> put another way, if the passage for the water is a straight line, an assembled "full bore" pipe and valve should about be able to run a slug/dowel/marble near the ID of the pipe clear through.
[22:45] <Azelphur19> don't laugh
[22:45] <Azelphur19> airking: I use ranger, if you're into vi bindings and terminal apps
[22:45] <Azelphur19> akk: How do they not?
[22:46] <evidlo5> I don't have time to learn to understand their build files and stuff, sorry :
[22:46] <evidlo5> this is the url from downloading it
[22:46] <evidlo5> Yup, looks like that is in the 2018.3.2 tag
[22:46] <evidlo5> yay ok
[22:46] <evidlo5> 「plasmafox’s Music Profile | Last.fm」
[22:46] <evidlo5> This is 101 gigs.
[22:50] <Deihmos17> strites Network controller: Ralink corp. RT2561/RT61 802.11g PCI
[22:50] <Deihmos17> autopsy: But supposedly not that difficult, according to anyone who's done it themselves once.
[22:50] <Deihmos17> you don't think they have old equipment they throw out?
[22:50] <Deihmos17> AlecTaylor: try this char *a[3]; a[0] = strdup("ls"); a[1] = strdup("/"); a[2] = 0; execv("/bin/ls", a);
[22:50] <Deihmos17> To be more specific, I thing that the file name is different in the two cases. I get the string u'path/to/filer'
[22:50] <Deihmos17> right i shouldn
[23:02] <stefanc_diff> bls, I wonder which off topic channel is best
[23:03] <stefanc_diff> if you do, then you have value semantics (e.g. assignment overwriting an object)
[23:03] <stefanc_diff> maybe bria in a vm / over rdp is a better way to go?
[23:24] <Gothian_> urdh me?
[23:24] <Gothian_> MintoMa: Got backups?
[23:24] <Gothian_> Svitkona, it worked now. I was missing the include's
[23:40] <Zharf27> so the entire thing is initializing s with one prvalue, nothing in between
[23:40] <Zharf27> FrozenFox, if you want a tighter bound, you can use the floating point stuff
[23:40] <akkad> enter 10 or 20 after running the program
[23:40] <Zharf27> I'm kinda intrigued now...
[23:40] <akkad> I was talking about this though
[23:40] <Zharf27> But yes solar is a Celtic stud muffin
[23:40] <akkad> before then it was optional
[23:40] <Zharf27> it does make a big difference for hashes, though - it's a big part of their design that the carry bits propagate and tie other bits into the result
[23:40] <akkad> >he didnt use his profits to buy more gaypeeyous when btc was 20k
[23:40] <akkad> >> Current OLEDs are very mature and have no such problems <
[23:42] <vertrex23> a royaleeee with cheese
[23:42] <vertrex23> "50Mbps to about 30kbps." was the intentional throttle
[23:42] <vertrex23> the_document, Please spell out u as you... it would help folks who are here and are new english speakers, some don't hear u as a rhyme for you
[23:42] <vertrex23> Tennis Bracelet max... fug
[23:42] <vertrex23> Heh, I'm just doing Linux<->Linux
[23:47] <LuMint24> "cat -"
[23:47] <LuMint24> and they got different servername
[23:47] <LuMint24> I hadn't! Looks very useful. Too bad it isn't interactive, yet.
[23:47] <LuMint24> XP can always be installed. it doesn't require activation or verification
[23:49] <darkphoenix1> was thining one thing and typing another.
[23:49] <darkphoenix1> atx: thank you! this is just what i needed :)
[23:49] <darkphoenix1> I am not sure of that, how can I check that?
[23:49] <darkphoenix1> mistralol: ##c++-general for algorithms, libraries, practices, projects, tools etc. notice the channel name starts with two #s.
[23:49] <darkphoenix1> 「Gentoo Group」
[23:49] <darkphoenix1> and the PCB software knows, if a component is not connected on one layer, it should mill a full circle around that pin so it doesn't connect to anything else
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