Logged Conversation (all times UTC)
[16:21] <watered> hi
[16:22] <watered> Is it possible to earn some XLM just by keeping coins in the wallet?
[16:22] <watered> I'm pretty sure I read this somewhere
[16:22] <watered> not sure if it was for stellar
[16:23] <watered> hence the question
[18:04] <Pharonax> .calc
[18:04] <Pharonax> !calc
[18:05] <Pharonax> .val 0,00336294 btc usd
[18:05] <Pharonax> .val 0.00336294 btc usd
[18:05] <Pharonax> Shit, wrong channel
[18:06] <moriarty> http://bitcoinist.com/ripple-vs-stellar-coin-will-win/
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