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[16:01] <fust> hallo, is this channel active?
[16:24] <fust> why doe sno one talk
[17:52] <watered> hi
[17:52] <watered> Can I buy stellar using ethereum?
[17:53] <watered> Poloniex accepts min 0.5 deposit of ethereum
[17:53] <watered> I have less than that
[18:20] <steerio> watered: for example on stronghold you can
[18:20] <steerio> https://stronghold.co/
[18:20] <watered> I used shapeshift
[18:20] <watered> I tranfered as doge
[18:21] <watered> now I'll buy stellar
[18:21] <watered> phew!
[18:21] <steerio> well, keep this in mind for the future then :)
[18:21] <steerio> this is a distributed exchange, an example of what stellar is really good at
[18:22] <steerio> (it's actually running on stellar)
[18:33] <watered> will do
[18:42] <watered> steerio: Is stronghold like a normal exchange?
[20:25] <steerio> watered: define normal?
[20:45] <watered> steerio: Does it have the candle stick graph and alot of coins to trade with?
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