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[15:39] <proteusguy> Do stellar contracts execute on the block chain nodes themselves?
[21:42] <fust> hoya
[21:42] <fust> best way to buy xlm in europe?
[23:49] <fancyfetus> Hey! I'm working on something like brainblocks, except for stellar! Is there a way to generate unique public keys on the fly that lead to the same account?
[23:50] <fancyfetus> The idea is that when someone submits a payment, I need to be able to distinguish who it was that sent it.
[23:53] <fancyfetus> One way I could do that is by generating a unique hash and putting it into the memo.
[23:54] <fancyfetus> But ideally, I would just have the user send the correct amount to some sort of newly-generated public key, without having to create a new account?
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