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[08:08] <marmulak> ACTION just wants to use stellar to send money abroad
[13:40] <marmulak> OK so there are 100B total XLM and only about 17B in circulation
[13:41] <marmulak> and the value of XLM is around 67 cents
[13:42] <marmulak> wouldn't it make sense, that once XLM goes above $1, that gradually more are put into circulation to inflate the currency so its value returns to $1
[13:43] <marmulak> using this method the price could stabilized for some time
[13:44] <marmulak> which would improve adoption
[18:22] <watered> Hi
[18:22] <watered> Is there any way I can buy stellar with FIAT currency?
[18:23] <watered> I do not want to purchase through bitcoins due to the rediculous transfer fees
[19:06] <marmulak> you probably can
[19:06] <marmulak> and you might be able to purchase with a lower tx crypto
[19:06] <marmulak> like litecoin or something
[19:39] <aegis> Anyone want to play Cards Against Humanity?
[19:41] <moriarty> https://www.9news.com.au/national/2018/01/13/17/42/bitcoin-what-you-need-to-know
[19:41] <moriarty> "Kane Ellis, 25, has arrived in a bright yellow luxury Maserati, which he purchased from a Sydney dealership for a cool $200,000."
[19:46] <aegis> Anyone want to play Cards Against Humanity?
[20:29] <chrisml> guys
[20:29] <chrisml> has blackwallet.co been hacked?
[20:29] <chrisml> i created a wallet earlier, transferred my lumens to it, now i can't login
[20:30] <chrisml> and there has been a withdrawal of most of my lumens to another address
[20:30] <chrisml> other people are reporting this too
[20:49] <moriarty> https://news.bitcoin.com/japans-virtual-currency-girls-idol-group-performs-first-crypto-educational-concert/
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