Logged Conversation (all times UTC)
[09:24] <holyY> hoho
[09:26] <holyY> is it bad to buy now?
[13:36] <marmulak> nop
[13:36] <marmulak> is there ever a bad time to buy lumins
[14:57] <marmulak> man I just discovered the dashboard
[14:57] <marmulak> I have to say I'm impressed by this and the web wallet
[19:31] <CuriousErnestBro> If stelllar is 200$ then I retire
[19:36] <moriarty> lol
[19:36] <moriarty> fuck all that econometrics? :)
[20:49] <CuriousErnestBro> hahahahaha
[20:49] <CuriousErnestBro> Nah then ill probably see the world (retire), get bored, and start a quant hedge fund
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