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[13:57] <Jackneilll> hey
[13:58] <Jackneilll> i logged in in launch.stellar.org, and i need to upgrade. it asks to back up my secret key, but it doesnt display it, or some hover over where it can be visible.
[13:58] <Jackneilll> what to do?
[14:43] <aegis> Any idea what's going on with Stellar pricing?
[16:50] <b1tchcakes> the korea thing. warran buffet. my mom is pissed. all three created the perfect storm.
[18:51] <moriarty> https://www.cnbc.com/2018/01/11/ex-financial-regulator-wishes-he-had-invested-in-bitcoin-sooner.html
[23:48] <b1tchcakes> "the massive price fluctuations have since "mellowed out."" << what kind of crack is he on?
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