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[01:33] <g0atf4ce> hi
[01:33] <Elmo40> hi
[01:33] <g0atf4ce> ;}
[01:34] <g0atf4ce> im sure there is a bunch of smiling faces in here
[01:34] <g0atf4ce> i am here to join you
[01:34] <g0atf4ce> ACTION lines up and smiles too
[23:24] <koinnnnz> why aint stellar anonymously?
[23:49] <Guest88675> Hi - is there an issue with recovery keys being invalid for accounts created in 2014?
[23:49] <Guest88675> I created an account in 7/14 and when I try to recover my username / password - I'm unable to. Stellar thinks I don't have an account even though I clearly do have emails from Stellar during the account creation flow
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