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[12:40] <rebab> 5000 satoshi?
[16:21] <DJ3ffect> guys
[16:22] <DJ3ffect> can someone tell me how to mine stellar
[16:27] <Elmo40> "The Stellar network does not have a mining-based currency."
[16:27] <Elmo40> it is all pre-mined
[16:27] <Elmo40> just buy some and sit...
[16:28] <Elmo40> lol, i didn't notice they left.
[17:56] <stevenola> )
[21:52] <Elmo40> typical n00b IRC mentallity.
[21:53] <Elmo40> wanting a reply NOW
[22:02] <iSRAELi> D
[22:02] <iSRAELi> its not irc mentaliity
[22:02] <iSRAELi> its web-irc mentallity
[22:04] <Elmo40> true
[22:05] <Elmo40> irc is lovely for asking then waiting for a reply.
[22:05] <Elmo40> if you need instant, call someone. ;-)
[22:06] <iSRAELi> ok
[22:06] <iSRAELi> im waiting FOREVER for my BTC
[22:07] <iSRAELi> i have 0.11 that i'm gonna spread on XRP stelar and verge
[22:08] <iSRAELi> in the meanwhile finally found the php bug i had that killed my scripts with timeouts :D
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