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[20:37] <ap4lmtree> hi
[20:37] <ap4lmtree> i would like to mine stellar
[20:37] <ap4lmtree> can i do that with my rx 480 gpu card?
[20:37] <ap4lmtree> what is the miner program you use
[21:27] <ap4lmtree> i guess is it true that you dont mine stellar or ripple that all the coins are already in circulation?
[21:32] <iSRAELi> ripple - true
[21:32] <iSRAELi> not sure exactly what is stellar all about just yet
[21:33] <jeebz> Yeah I'm thinking about getting stellar but I need to understand it better
[21:38] <iSRAELi> planning on getting some coins tomorrow
[21:38] <iSRAELi> need to research about it a bit just to make sure its not some sort of
[21:38] <iSRAELi> "cannabiscoin"
[21:38] <iSRAELi> |
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