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[02:03] <gentil> hello
[02:03] <gentil> anyone here?
[02:07] <jeebz> hi
[02:10] <gentil> im considering buying 200k worth of XLM
[02:11] <gentil> tell me in a few words why I should
[02:11] <gentil> how is it different from Ripple
[02:16] <jeebz> why not diversify your portfolio and do a bit of both?
[02:16] <jeebz> a more balance portfolio can help you (potentially) lower your risk in case one coin goes south and the other goes north
[02:18] <gentil> no, im a gambler
[02:19] <jeebz> lol
[02:19] <jeebz> ok
[02:19] <jeebz> well to be honest i ahven't done a lot of research on steller but i am thinking about getting it
[02:20] <jeebz> i bought ripple today
[02:20] <jeebz> i've had my eye on ripple for quite some time now
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