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[09:40] <stellar-slack> Great work stellar team ! Playing with stellar-sdk, it works flawlessly... stellar will be huge for local communities.
[14:55] <stellar-slack> thanks regisg27. what are you thinking of building with it?
[15:33] <stellar-slack> I'm building some kind of web toolbox for little towns in France. For many of our ideas, transaction costs, guarantees management are a big barrier. For me stellar seems to be the right tool at the right time.
[15:43] <stellar-slack> For example I want restaurants to be able to make an offer "On Tuesday, when I haven't got many customers, if X people reserve a table at restaurant, there will be a YY % discount". I want to manage a guarantee if someone doesn't respect his promise.
[16:01] <stellar-slack> cool sounds interesting. let us know as you are building it if you need any help.
[16:01] <stellar-slack> thanks.
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